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My cell phone life and Jessica's first stake dance

I don't turn on my cell phone every day. I'm just not a cell phone person. Maybe every 2-3 days I use it. I carry it with me for emergencies but I just turn it on when I'm making a call. Basically anyway. Sort of.

So I tend to miss things. Texting sometimes has a day or 2 or 3 between messages. So sorry if anyone thought I was just being rude. Or that I didn't care enough to text back before 48 hours went by.

So, I'm not sure when Kris sent these 2 pictures to me....but they were so fun to see as I was sitting in the dentist's office this afternoon. I try to find ways to cheer myself while there.

Jessica's first church dance!  Makes my head swim. I remember the very first time I met Jessica (when Dennis and I were dating) and she was only TWO. And I still feel like a newlywed. 

So Jessica is on the far left, and who are her 3 friends?  I'm hoping Kris will see this, and let me know.  I'm trying to think of what 3 names would go with Jessica.  I'm a l…


It's about a couple, Carolyn and Sean Savage,  who learned that their fertility doctor had transferred the wrong embryos into Carolyn's body and she was now pregnant with another couple's child. 

So what did they do? They decided almost immediately that this baby belonged with it's rightful parents, and not them. As the pregnancy progressed they both loved this baby, and they each had nightmares about the day they would have to give him up...even though they knew it was the right thing to do.

To me, a very powerful story about "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you." Carolyn thought often of this other mother, and how she would want and expect to have her baby, if the story had been reversed. 

Her doctor tried to encourage Carolyn to have this baby aborted, to save her more pain down the road. She refused, again thinking of the baby's parents, and believing it was her duty to give this baby life. 

It's a story about doing the right thing …

News about the babies coming in September...

I know I have shown these pictures of McKay and Tyler before.  But I just had to again, today. Do you want to know why? Because not only will Tyler and Karen,
and McKay and McKenna  become parents in September. But they are both having BOYS. 
And last I heard, they are due the same week!  McKay and Tyler were inseparable growing up.  If I wanted to know where one was,  the other would most likely be right there, also.
I have this feeling these 2 little grandsons will be close, too. 
How could they not be?

*** Don't forget to watch our girls, Kim and Kris on Rachael Ray today!

Toddler Harnesses and the Rozier Easter Party 2011

 I will explain first so you won't think I'm a mean Grandma.  
Since the yard was so huge and the pool unfenced 
(my brother and his wife don't have small children), 
Friday night Dennis and I bought harnesses for the twins.  
We didn't have high hopes they would work for the Saturday party, 
but it was worth a try. What surprised me is they actually have so much more freedom with them on.  They choose where ever they want to go,  rather than us trying to hold their hands and guide them.
See how happy and grown up and 'free' Jonas is walking?
They had their hands free to pick up Easter Eggs  or pet the dogs (which were all unleashed). See how independent and free they can be?  No one saying, "Come back" or "You have to hold my hand."

Jonas was even able to play a game of tennis. Okay, not really.

Téa was able to stop by Jason (Hailey's Dad) and shake his hand. 

See the picture below? 
Good thing they were attached to me while I was hugging Hailey...
see …

Grandpa Heasley's funeral and an Easter message

I saved Grandpa Heasley's funeral pictures from earlier this month, 
to show during this Easter weekend.

But first, I have 2 old photos I came across recently and thought they were so sweet.  It's with Logan in 1982, age 3,  who was often Grandpa's little shadow.  
William Henry Heasley June 13, 1923 to March 26, 2011  One of the very last times I saw him.
I love this message! Easter fills me with such hope and peace. 
"We can die no more."

Guess who will be on Rachael Ray!

Why of course, Kim and Kris!

will be on the Rachael show this coming TUESDAY, APRIL 26th!

You can check HERE for the time it comes on in your area.  3pm is our time. 

Meanwhile, take a look at these pictures of their recent trips. Both girls with husbands and kids went in TWO RVs  to:
Goblin Valley, Arches, Canyonlands, Moab, Mesa Verde, Four Corners, and Lake Powell!

Can you just picture their side by side RVs? 
Well here they are
Looks like it's in the middle of nowhere.

Ryan and Kim with Robbie, Matt, and Emily

Kris and Mike and Rachel, Jacob, Katie, Jessica

Love Rachel's expression!! It's like she is saying, "Sure, I will do whatever you say, JUST LET ME ON."  (or 'in'...not sure what they are signing up for here.)

All 7 kids in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all at the same time!
Or try this one. Rachel in all 4 states by herself. 

Don't forget to set your DVRs for this Tuesday.  We are already planning our TV party for that day! 

I don't know w…