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Den's stroke at Vons

So this is how it happened. 
(If you don't like details, this is not the post for you. 😊)

It was Monday morning, Aug 19th. I was busy cleaning floors so I asked Den if he'd like to go to the store and pick up a few things.

Our 8 days of precious time with Karen, Tyler, Richie, Leo, Juliet, and Daisy had just ended 2 days before, and we needed to replenish some food.

When Den returned and was carrying in the groceries he casually mentioned what while at the store he kept "stumbling." That sounded odd and like nothing he had mentioned before. He said it kept happening. I said that doesn't sound right. He said, "I'm just out of shape. I need to get more exercise."

Then as he was walking from the kitchen to the family room, he stumbled and nearly fell about 3 times. 

I helped him sit down, and told him not to move. 

He then told me that he had a hard time lifting his right foot off the gas pedal and onto the brake on his drive home. Of course I said, "Wh…

Sometimes you just have to join them...

Going back in time about a week or so....

I think Leo (on the left) was the one who chose the music, 
and asked Alexa to play it. 

Then Richie and Juliet just had to dance. 
But Leo holds back for some reason. 

But then, love it how I see Leo's little shoulders start to move until 
he can contain it no longer and just has to join them....

Sometimes you just have to dance, 
even when you think you're going to sit that one out. 

They can't help but dance... from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

A letter to Daisy

Dear Daisy,
I know you are our youngest and littlest grandchild.... you weren't even 8 months old last week when you were here.
But one of those days when I was going to see  your Grandpa Dennis at the hospital,  I noticed they already have a parking place  with YOUR name on it.
I quickly texted your parents to let them know  this great news!
And this is what your Mom texted back to me:

You'll get there little girl. Just keep trying.  

Nope, not a coincidence

I have to write about what happened Wednesday evening.

So after we were all packed and ready to go home from the 
hospital, the Dr came in and announced that Den had to stay 
because his echocardiogram showed a possible blood clot in his 

It was scary news to go home with, plus I was tired, so tired. I just 
wanted to get home and go to bed. But I thought I better stop and 
get gas in the car because my tank was near empty.

Problem is, I've pretty much not pumped my own gas for the past 
20 years, since I married Dennis. He takes care of all that for me.

But it had to be done and I thought how hard can it be? 
So I stop at the gas station near VONS, where we often shop. 

I started to pull up to one of the pumps but then I realized I didn't 
know which side of my car the nozzle goes in. So I drove off to the 
side to open the car door and take a look. 

Then I drive into one of the lines. Finally it's my turn so I pull the 
car close to the pumps. I get out and look everything over,…

It's been a long 3 days!

Dennis had a stroke on Monday morning, but he is recovering very well! 

He's still in the hospital and was suppose to be transferred to a rehab today. However, since he's made such great progress in such a short time, they canceled the rehab and instead he will have some PT at home, and then rehab later as an out patient. 

We are so hoping he gets to break out of the hospital tomorrow! 

The Dr thinks it will take about 6 months, and then best case scenario he will reach 95% recovery. We'll take that! 

We were actually all ready and packed to go home today, when the Dr appeared and said he needs to stay another night. Something on his echocardiogram does not look quite right. Hopefully it's nothing. 

We appreciate all the prayers that have been offered by many. Thank you SO much!!!!

A unique baptism day

Tyler and Karen packed up all 4 of their children,  including 7 month old Daisy  and drove about 12 hours all the way to California  so we could be at Richie's baptism. 
No small task that trip was! 
And that's not all.
Karen's mom and her husband Jay flew all the way from Texas to  California so they could be here too!
To say Dennis and I felt grateful,  just does not express it enough.
Richie's baptism day felt sweet. Really special. 
And since he was the only one being baptized that day, it also had a feeling of a very homey FHE (Family Home Evening.) 
His cousin Elora lead the music.

His cousin Violet gave a talk about baptism.
The littlest baptism speaker I ever saw.
She told how very happy she felt when she was baptized  just 6 months earlier.

After Richie was baptized by his father Tyler,  and while we were waiting for those two to get dry  and dressed again, we listened to piano music.
But that was not good enough for Richie's 6 year old brother Leo.
He took it upon himself to le…

He explains how....

Last Sunday our Bishop quoted from the song, 
"I'm gonna hire a wino to decorate our home."

"I came crawling home last night, like many nights before:
I finally made it to my feet as she opened up the door.
And she said, "You're not going to do this anymore."

She said, "I'm gonna hire a wino to decorate our home.
So you'll feel more at ease here, and you won't have to roam.
We'll take out the dining table and put a bar along the wall
And a neon sign, to point the way, to our bathroom down the hall."

As our bishop said these words of course I'm thinking, 
where is he going with this?

But hold on, it makes sense.

He said we need to decorate our homes spiritually, by finding joy in our families so we can feel happy in our homes.

He said the way we do this is by going to the root by increasing 
our faith in God and then we will come to desire more peace, 
argue less, and hold our tempers. 

He also explained that in the home he grew up in they…

We're a little busy around here

I'll be back in a few days. 

Nothing could keep him away for long

Dennis has told me this story a few times through the years. 
And every time he does, I can see the emotion in his eyes, 
and hear it in his voice.

Back in the days he worked at LAPD, it was 60 miles from his 
home. Since it was LA, there was much talk about earthquakes, 
especially at the police department as you can imagine.  

He was concerned that a big one would strike while on duty and he 
would need to stay there working much longer than normal.  His 
concern would be his children back at home. 
(Kris, Kevin, Kim...Keith must have been with the one taking the picture.)

So one day he sat them all down and told them....If all the roads 
were closed and he could not get home by car, he would walk

Even if it would take him a few days
he wanted his 4 children to know that he would come home. 
He would eventually be there for them.

Then a couple weeks ago I heard this song on a Christian radio 
station. I doubt she's singing about earthquakes or coming home, 
but from the very first time I he…

We are understanding them a little better....

Ever since we moved here, Den and I have prayed that we would get to know our neighbors. 

I may have mentioned this before on here.

We have been here nearly 3 years now and not making much progress.

Or so I thought. 

Last Sunday our air conditioning suddenly went out. It was 107' outside that day and it was heating up quickly in here. I am such a wimp when it comes to being hot. 

I could go all winter with no heat and be fine, but it's hard for me going even one day without A/C. 

I decided to go to our Benchmark FB page...which is just comprised of our neighbors in this little subdivision.  

I explained our problem and asked if anyone had experienced anything similar with their A/C...since all our homes (and A/Cs) are about the same age. 

The response was overwhelming! 

One neighbor after another talked about how their capacitor went out last week or last month, etc. I practically was in tears reading one suggestion after another.

One good neighbor had an extra capacitor and came over a…

Were our visitors sad or happy?

I'm fairly certain these pictures were candid. I don't think they had a clue I was taking them.
And I know they don't care. 
So that's why I kept snapping away with no volume.

Why do our visitors look like this? 
Was it something we said?

We were happier when they perked up.

Sometimes we would lose two of our guests  as they went searching for cookies.

After the cookies, Téa made her own entertainment, apparently.

Sometimes they just need to sit on the floor.

My guess is Logan was talking politics in this one.  He does have opinions!

3 out of 4 happy is not bad!

We love our family just the way they are. 

Gotta love those eyes.