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Let me tell you about my Dad

My father is 78 years old today.
Born May 30, 1930.
He was the youngest of 6 children and his mother died when he was only 6 years old.

He is the baby in this picture, with his Dad Romeo, and his 5 siblings.
He married my mom in 1951 Here they are in their dating days. and together they had 8 children.

Here we all are as adults, at Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary.

He worked 32 years as an Allstate Insurance agent.

When I was growing up I didn't understand why he was gone so much. In my grade school years he'd often come home only to eat dinner and leave again, often returning after we were all asleep. When I became an adult I was able to appreciate that fact that he did all of this for keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We were able to have a full time mom at home with us because of the sacrifices he made.

On my Dad's 37th birthday, in 1967, my mother gave birth to their 8th and last child, Christopher.

Happy Birthday Chris!

When Dad was 32…

They have arrived!!

My Provo boys got here about 9pm.
Was I ever excited to see them and meet Rachel.

On the way here I asked McKay over the phone what Rachel likes to drink. He said he has only seen her drink water. Then I heard him say to her, "Rach you just drink water right?" And I heard her say, "It's like I'm their pet."

She's even prettier in person.
We like her already! She's great to talk to.

Tyler already on the computer.

Won't sleep much tonight!

May I just say that we are very anxiously awaiting tomorrow evening?!
My 2 youngest sons are coming home from BYU!!

Obviously they still don't look like this or I would have never let them go.

I have not seen them since Christmas!
They will just be here a week.
Besides themselves, they are also bringing home Rachel, who is McKay's girlfriend. They have been dating since January and we finally get to meet her and spend some time with her. Brock and Logan and their families are looking forward to their arrival also. Lots of good family time coming up.

I have their beds ready and waiting for them.

I better remember to turn off the batteries inside the dolls.
They tend to randomly coo in the middle of the night.
Just ask my niece Natalie.

Expect some pictures of them. I will start taking them as soon as they arrive.
I can't help it.

The Beautiful

Land of the Free

"We stand as a Nation that is strong and deserving of praise. Yet we are humbled, because we remember that the wealth of this Nation's heritage, the strength of its ideals, and the extent of its freedom came with a tremendous price.

These treasures were purchased with the lives of American service men and women, a cost borne prominently by several generations. We are humbled because so many bright futures, hopes, and dreams were sacrificed for the abundance of opportunities we now fully pursue.

We honor the final sacrifice of our service men and women by dedicating our own lives to peace and the defense of freedom. For these ideals they fought, and for these ideals we continue to strive.

May we stand with diligence and with humility on the broad shoulders of those whose brave deeds and sacrifice we memorialize today. Let all of us commit this day, whether in public ceremony or quiet reflection over a single grave, to remember them in fitt…

A Reflecting Weekend

Dennis and I went to the Redbank Cemetery here in Clovis tonight to see the flags they place on the graves of Veterans every Memorial Day weekend.

You need to click this picture to see the tiny flags on the graves.

We also visited family graves which are all very close together, beginning with my first husband's grave, and the father of my 4 sons:

My Mother's grave marker is still not in yet although we are told it is ready, thanks to my sister Robin's efforts.
For now, we have this:
Robin Groff, my niece passed away from leukemia just this past April 11th. Her sister Natalie filled in her marker with glitter last week. I thought it was such a sweet touch until we get her permanent marker in.
If you click this picture you can see the glitter. And then of course our little Romey, my nephew passed away when he was just 18 months old:

Dennis and I listened to music on the way home from the cemetery tonight. We talked about all our wonderful blessings of this life. How this lif…

A Year of Crockpotting

There is this woman. Here name is Stephanie. I have no idea where she lives or really much else about her except that she loves her crock pot. She claims to have an unnatural obsession with it. Stephanie made a goal to use her crock pot every single day for this year and she posts daily about her latest slow cooking adventure. She also shows a picture of the ingredients, and one of the final project. Then at the end of each post she gives the verdict. She is very honest about how it tastes, whether her family liked it or not, or even if they would eat it. For example after one crock pot adventure she wrote:

"But don't eat it.
That bowl up there might look pretty, but...
it tastes like dirt.
Maybe it was too much quinoa? Not enough sugar? I'm not sure exactly, but it was not good.
we had waffles instead."
Many of her verdicts sound so good I can't wait to try the recipe. Such as what she wrote about today's recipe, Cream Cheese Chicken:
(Too bad we don'…

The sisters

This is another practice run on my video taking skills, or lack thereof some may say. This time the lighting is better but I think my battery must have been running low. I love though how this shows Elora's love and protection for her little sister.
Just 75 seconds long

It didn't work

Today as I was driving suddenly this song came on that brought me back 9 years. One of the first things I would do each morning back then after I got up, was to play this song.

It became my morning ritual for months while getting dressed.

I was dating Dennis. I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't suppose to marry him.
After all, I was still raising my sons.

Was I wrong!
Either that, or this "crush" I have on him just keeps growing through the years.

Dr. Laura's email of the day

Had to share this.
Dr Laura read this on her program last week, which I just heard yesterday:

"I have always felt sorry for my sister. She has 4 kids, a 3 BD house, no career, and a sweaty hubby. I on the other hand was lucky. I had 1 kid, a career, a 4 BD house and a suit and tie hubby.

That all changed for me one summer afternoon I went to visit my sister. I watched her kids play outside with friends and eat homemade popsicles on the porch. I walked with her and the kids to the store for flour so she could make her husband's favorite dumplings for dinner. The whole way there all I could think was how bad she must have it. On the way back I saw a neighborhood full of kids riding bikes and playing ball. I could smell dinner cooking from the open windows of the houses we passed by. Later I left for home so I could feed my family dinner.

On the way home I stopped by our favorite take-out. As I drove past my neighbors' homes it looked like a ghost town; where were the kids …

They Need Us

Although I was not able to attend the LDS Woman's conference in Utah earlier this month, I was able to watch some of it on the BYU channel this week. I was particularly impressed with the talk by Sheri Dew. I don't even remember the title of it, but I would like to share some thought provoking excerpts from it.

"...No one has more influence on their husbands than their wives, or on their children more than their mothers, or on young men, than young women.

Show me a woman of any family any community, and I will show you the characters and the soul of that family and community.

...From the beginning Lucifer has worked with a vengeance to distort the very definition of womanhood and to confuse everyone about us, including us. Here are just a few of Lucifer's lies:

*That men are smarter, have all the power and are more important SO if we want to have influence we should be more like them.
*That marriage and family are confining.
*That motherhood is menial and a waste o…

Black and whites

My daughter in law Amy has a new camera. Check out these pictures she took of her 5 beautiful children:



Don't Wear Too Much Makeup

I finally saw Enchanted!

Yesterday it was 102' outside and the air quality was in the red zone.
Elora, my 5 year old granddaughter and I decided to stay inside and watch Enchanted.
After it was over I asked her if she would like to tell about it on video.
 I've asked to take video of her before but she usually says no.

Well yesterday, she quickly agreed.

As you can tell by watching, she had something to say.
She starts rambling a little in the middle but bear with her because she is trying to make a point.

(If you have not seen Enchanted, this video will probably not make sense. And sorry this is a little dark, I'm still learning.)

Not up to celebrating...yet

Our granddaughter Kylie is 11 years old today!
She also has mono. Poor baby. She was diagnosed on Monday and she was miserable but she's getting better. We want to take her out to dinner, just the three of us, to celebrate, but that will have to wait.

Watch her grow.

Kylie Paige
born May 16, 1996 around 10:30 am
She weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz

First day of school:

Kylie's baptism day:

Here is a message from Amy to her daughter:

"Kylie has always been so loving and sweet. She is very much a girly girl. Loves to have her toes and fingers painted, makeup, jewelry, cute clothes. She has a natural artist ability in that she can look at something and then go and paint it. Kylie has very creative imagination and skill. She loves to dance, play soccer, cheer leading, swimming, almost anything active. Kylie is going to be a great mother when she grows up because she is so loving and nurturing. Always wanting to take care of babies. We are so glad she was sent to our family. She br…

Guess who's back?

Two nights ago I was doing some paper work when I heard a bunch of noise coming from the front porch. It sounded like Dennis was bringing some boxes towards the front door. Then the noise got louder and it sounded like he was throwing boxes at the front door. I kept thinking I should go look at what he was doing but I knew he would come in soon enough and tell me. Then I heard the shower turn on in our bedroom...wait a minute, how can Dennis be in two places at once??

I looked out the window to find an injured bird sitting right there on the ground by our front door, and feathers everywhere. Oh no, not this again. Den tried to get the bird to fly away and ended up scaring it into the bushes. (This was after his shower and he got dressed first.)

We also noticed an egg back in that empty nest. Perhaps that injured bird had just laid it there before another bird had attacked her. Whatever.

So the next morning Dennis calls from work to ask if I knew how the injured bird in the bushes…

The Malls in Utah

Back in the mid 1980s, I would often listen to the radio while nursing my babies to sleep. There was this one station I could get out of LA if I waited til it was dark and if I tuned the radio in just the right direction. It was the Dr. Laura show.

No I do not agree with everything Dr. Laura said back then, or all she says now.
Yes I do realize she is very controversial. She also can be quite thought provoking.
I like that.

Listeners call in with their various problems and Dr Laura preaches morals, character, and taking responsibility for one's own life. She preaches taking the higher road, doesn't matter to her if it's the harder road.

I also listened to her when Fresno use to carry her program back in the 90s. I would have her on in the car each afternoon when I would pick up my boys from school. Then one day she disappeared from this town.

Dennis heard several months ago, that I could possibly get Dr. Laura back using "streaming". He looked into that, p…

Look who is THREE!!

Kaylee Shelley is 3 years old today.

She is the daughter of Dennis' oldest son Kevin and his wife Karina.
They all live together in Arizona.

Kaylee and her Mommy Karina
Here she is with her Daddy Kevin

From her Mom:
"Kaylee is very girly. She loves The Princess Mermaid and Cinderella. She loves to dress up with fancy dresses, shoes and purse. She also likes to paint and draw. She takes music classes so she loves to sing. She takes her own microphone to the class. She plays the harmonica, too." Kaylee and Grandpa Shelley. He so enjoyed seeing her at a family funeral last January. We both had funerals on the same day. I had one in Clovis and he had one in Logan, Utah.

This next picture is so endearing to us. We have it framed and in our family room:

Happy Birthday Kaylee!! Love, Grandma and Grandpa Shelley

What a man

Okay, so we were all ready to leave on our little trip. Car packed, pulling out of the driveway and then Dennis looks at me. I know what he is thinking....what did she forget this time? He had just told me a few minutes before, "I have the cat in the garage." (Meaning: He doesn't want to go back in there again or she will escape and then he will have to coax her back in, etc etc)

I said, Nope,I'm not forgetting anything. Oh wait, I forgot my perfume. I can't go away for a weekend with no perfume.

So my ever to be patient husband says, "Okay, wait right here. I will go through the front door and get it for you. Which one do you want?"

Any one is fine.....uh, think small. Just get a small one.

He goes back into the house and brings back a bottle of Shalimar.

No, honey...not that one. Uh, I need one that sprays. (Actually a man friend before Dennis gave me that as a gift. I can't wear that one.)

He goes back into the house and brings me …