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Those two can COOK!

First a little recap of yesterday...
We got to eat breakfast with this very cute couple.

Then they were off to see the movies with Brock and Elora.
Erin was marathon shopping with her Mom so we got to watch
sweet little Camers.
After a shopping experience at Trader Joes,
Karen and Tyler came home to make us dinner.
And what a dinner it was. These pictures don't do the meal justice.
Listen to this: Talipia baked in macadamia nuts, Pina Colada rice, steamed broccoli and carrots with garlic and onion, and rolls. Loved it!! I will have leftovers for lunch. Then they were off to play games at first Brock and Erin's home,
and then on to Amy and Logan's.

I will be so sad when they fly back to Provo tomorrow!
Thankfully that will not happen until after we get to take them to church with us in the morning.

Thanksgiving 2008

I knew this was going to be good
as I watched Tyler's girlfriend Karen fold the napkins, turn the goblets up side down
and put the relish tray together like art work. She works for BYU catering, and it shows. Left to right:
Karen, Tyler, Logan being camera shy again, Amy, Austin,
and Amy's mom Karen. Amy and the twins are a growin' at 18.4 weeksLogan has never liked the camera.
Even as a little boy he would not smile while it was on him.
Another thing, when I hugged him tonight I can really tell he has been working out.
Oh what muscles!!!
BTW, he shaved his head right before dinner.
He has never in his life been this bald, even at birth.
I know, I was there.

See Logan as a baby...
put a beard and mustache on him
and he would look just the same as today!
Brock and Logan 1979
And while I'm at it,
here is Logie on his first Thanksgiving with his Grandpa H

Showing off Austin and his fabulous hair.
He says he washes it everyday, complete with hair rinse.
It is so clean, it glisten…

Tyler and Karen and the fire at Mrs. Smith's house

Den and I were standing front and center at the airport...waiting, waiting....watching the family reunions all around us. No sign of Tyler and Karen. So I turned to Den and said, "They've run out of people. There are none left." The long isle in front of us was totally vacant.

I was beginning to wonder if this was just too much for Karen, meeting us.

Then we saw them...slowly walking towards us. I was immediately struck by how cute they were together, how happy.

About an hour after we arrived home Brock and Erin and the girls arrived.
Elora was shy for about the first 15 minutes and went into hiding. See her there under the table?
It's almost freaky. She soon snapped out of it and joined us. Then I had what I thought was a great idea. Let's play Life Stories.
This picture makes it look like they were not too thrilled...

But then the game really took off. I love this game.
We just all took turns going around the board answering questions about our childhood,…

Just thinkin' about TOMORROW!

Finally....tomorrow....we get to meet my son Tyler's girlfriend!!

They will be stepping off the plane in the late afternoon,
coming from Provo,
and we get to spend 4 days with them both!!!

Hope you have time during this very busy week to look at pictures of them....soon.

Go ahead, be like us and sing along!

A Day to Celebrate

Years before my first son Brock left on his mission I prayed I would find a good friend through one of his companion's mothers. I actually prayed for this, because I felt if I could bond with one of the moms who had a son on the same mission, we would both be able to cope better with the challenge of having a son gone for 2 years.

First of all, the blessings of having sons on missions far outweighed any challenges. I also discovered that the challenges were actually lessened when he was on his mission. But I didn't know all this back then.

So Brock left on his mission in January of 1996. After getting through the first 5 days of shock that my first born was actually gone, and I would not see him for 2 whole years...I then started looking for the answer to that prayer. Each companion Brock would have I would ask for his mom's email address, or her home address....not everyone had email in 1996. I wrote to them all. It just did not somehow click right with any of them.

The day he died

Please know that this was 12 years ago and we have moved on from this.
This was a defining time that would change our lives forever.
Yet, we have all been blessed immeasurably, and many great and wonderful things have occurred since this day.
Since it is part of our history, I wanted to include it.

Believe it or not, I did shorten it, but it is still very long...

12 Years ago TODAY,
It was a Saturday, just 5 days before Thanksgiving...

Bill left early, about 6am, planning to participate in the annual "turkey shoot". Our son, Logan age 17 at the time, had planned on going with him. However, he had promised his friend Robby Pauline he would help him with his Eagle project that same morning. Logan loved to go shooting with his Dad and it was rare for him to miss out.

I still had my fever all day so when Logan got home about 5pm after Robby's Eagle project, I sent him to the grocery store for me.

While Logan was at the store, and McKay (12) and Tyler (10) were playing baske…

The night before he died

12 Years ago TODAY, this came in the mail:

Bill, my first husband, said, "We aren't going to wait till Christmas, are we?"
And I said, "Of course we are!"

Bill never got to see this.

Our oldest son, Brock, drew this while on his mission and sent it to us as our Christmas present. Of course none of us knew Bill would not live till Christmas. In fact he died the day after this arrived in the mail.

I had been running a fever all that day. I went to bed very early, about 7pm, while Bill stayed up playing with the boys, ages 10 and 12. Logan, age 17, was out with friends. (Brock, 19, was on his mission.)

I had chills but wanted to keep sleeping so I called out to Bill. He came in the bedroom and all I said was, "I'm cold." He left the room and came back with 2 extra quilts he had taken off the boys' beds. He put them both on me, patting them around my body so I would warm up quickly. I didn't even open up my eyes.

Next thing I knew …

Happy Birthday Susan!

When I first began emailing with my dad's soon to be wife...
before I met her, she sent me this picture of "herself":
(And BTW, I'm sure this woman above is a very nice person,
just does not look like my Dad's type.)

For a few seconds I thought...what was my Dad thinking?! So I learned right off that she DOES have a sense of humor!
Thankfully she does not look like this at all.

But if she did, we would still love her because...

She makes my Dad happy, and we are not only happy because he is,
but we love having her in our lives, too.

Susan is fun. She is an excellent listener, and laughs easily, so she is fun to share things with.

She loves music, family gatherings, books, people, chocolate, movies, traveling, home decorating...I'm learning more about her all the time.

I remember when Dad told me he was going to marry her. We all thought he was nuts. (Sorry, Dad) He did not know her very well...that was our concern. My mom had only been gone a short time. B…

The reason I have not been here

You may or may not have noticed that I have not written a lot this past week.

I have decided to face some things this coming weekend, and I have been preparing for that.It has been 12 years since my first husband passed away. I don't talk about it much, and I have only written about it in my journal. But it is part of our history and I feel it needs to be recorded for my grandchildren who may have questions in years to come.

If this is something that bothers you, or you would rather not read about, then you might want to skip this blog on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm also going to cook my very first Thanksgiving dinner in 12 years next week. Being he died the week of Thanksgiving in 1996, I have related that day to those times. I know this probably does not make sense to those who have not gone through the death of a close loved one. It doesn't even make sense to me at times...especially considering I am very happy with Dennis and the life we have created together.

A thera…

This one's for Elora

I was remembering a conversation I had with Elora last year about this time, when she was 5. I looked it up in my journal and sure enough it was there. I want Elora to someday have this, so here it is for memory sake.
First a few pictures down memory lane.

Uncle McKay and Elora
McKay is the only one who won't be home for Thanksgiving next week :((

"Conversation with Elora, age 5
Nov. 9, 2007 I was driving her to my home after picking her up from school. Elora: My sister broke her leg. Grandma Honey: What?! (in shock) Elora: Cami broke her leg and it is really bad. It is swollen and red and it is so bad. Grandma Honey: Oh you mean, she had her muscle biopsy yesterday. So how is she doing? Elora: Not very well. She can’t crawl. She can’t walk. She went to Frans San Cisco but she broke her leg after she got home. Grandma Honey: She did? She really did break her leg? Elora: YES! Her leg is broken! It is BROKEN! It is SO bad! Grandma Honey: Well why didn’t anyone tell me t…

Gift Cards

There was a warning in our newspaper this morning (or was it yesterday?) about giving gift cards this Christmas. How we should think twice before giving them as Christmas presents. How many retailers are planning on going out of business right after Christmas, with no warning, yet are selling gift cards nonetheless.

I also heard on the radio this past week that Sharper Image sold gift cards right up till the very day before they went out of business. How cruel is that?

I guess I naively thought every store would be like Mervyns...they would announce their departure months in advance.

It is estimated that shoppers could lose as much as $75 million from store and restaurant closings in 2008.

By the way, did you know that 25% of gift cards (of all stores) are never redeemed?
I learned that too.

My Headache Remedy

I don't get headaches very often, but when I do, Peppermint Oil is my favorite remedy. I spread it across the top part of my forehead, and then I add more where it hurts. I just make sure not to get it too close to my eyes or they will water and burn, but even that is temporary.

It is so soothing.

It takes about 20-30 minutes after I apply it for the headache to go away, but it does work for me. I've read that it opens up the blood vessels. Whatever, I love it.

Last night we were out with our friends Bev and Brent, and while we had a fun time together (we always do) I had to resort to Tylenol because I didn't want to smell like toothpaste. But at 4am when the pain returned I put my peppermint oil on and less than 30 min later the headache was totally gone. And Dennis lying next to me says it opens up his sinuses.

I originally found this cure years ago in the book, "Miracle Cures" by Jean Carper.

Elora's nightmare

My granddaughter, Elora, had a nightmare Tuesday night. She said it scared her and she woke up. She tried to go back to sleep but she kept "seeing it". She was noticeably upset by it.

I asked her to tell me about her nightmare.

She said she was running a race with one of the Veggie Tales. She did not tell me if it was Squash, or Tomato, or who it was. But she did not win the race.

Then these 2 "really big" girls came up to her.
She thought they were 10 and 14 and they said to her,
"You are a slow little runner."

It's rough being 6.

My problem

I have a problem that I can almost guarantee no one else has. Normally, no matter what I am going through at the time I can console myself by saying, "Well others must have this same challenge." I think I might be alone in this one.

You know how we cannot control what we do when we sleep?
Well I curl up my right hand into a fist, and bring it right up to my mouth, and it presses on one of my front teeth. I've probably been doing this for years, in my sleep.

How do I know this? Well I have had off and on pain in that front tooth, that has progressively become worse. One morning recently I even woke up with my lip swollen right above that tooth for the first couple hours after I woke up. My dentist has taken xrays of it and says it has gone through trauma of some kind. Well I know what fist.

And I don't think it has helped that I use my front teeth to open zip lock bags when I am packing Dennis' lunch each day. Just bad habits that I didn't k…

Elora's special day

Elora was chosen as Sparthenian from her 1st grade class.
A few moments before this picture was taken, her little friend Katelyn was crying because she didn't get an award. I saw Elora put her arms around her. I couldn't hear (from where I was sitting) what Elora was saying to Katelyn but I could tell she was consoling her. Elora kept patting her back in such a loving way.
You can tell Katelyn has still not quite recovered from her tears.
Proud Mommy and Elora I filmed the remarks Elora's teacher made about her, but the audio did not come out very well. So instead, I have printed out her teacher's words. I did this so not only will Elora have record of it later, but her Grandpa Dale and Grandpa Dennis, who were out of town today, can read it:

"Elora was a very easy choice this quarter. She has all O's on her report card. She excelled in every area academically. She mastered the DRA level 16 reading test the first time she took it. She received her readi…

Lots of family time

Sorry for the long post again, but...

It's been a great couple days.

First we got to have my brother Richard from Alpine, Utah come stay with us for a few days. There is just something nice about having my brother sleep under the same roof as me after all these years.

We use to share a room growing up and we'd practice our spelling words out loud, and then he would tell me to turn off the light so we could go to sleep. And I would say to him, "He who wants the nut must crack the shell." I think I saw that in some book I was reading.
Then I would lie in bed and listen to him crack all his knuckles. Yep, I'd go to sleep listening to the pop, pop, pop.

I wanted to take a picture of Richard sleeping like I do my smaller guests, but I decided to settle on this picture of him watching the BYU game with Den, Mondel, and my Dad.

Dad, Richard, Dennis, Mondel
Our furniture has still not arrived so we have a menagerie
of chairs we took from other parts of our house.