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Kindle Matchbook Program

Did you know that for many books you bought through Amazon during the past 18 years you can get the kindle edition for less than $3.00 and some even for free? Apparently it's a new program they have started. I need to tell Dennis because he often wants to read a book I've ordered…so then he will buy it again full price for his kindle.

I don't think this program works for all books, but many are included. It's worth checking into. 
Go to Kindle Matchbook and it will actually show you which books you have personally bought that are part of this program.

The McKs on a Monday

While we were in Oregon two months ago, we stopped by at the end of one day to say goodnight
to McKay, McKenna, Grant, and Scarlett. And since it was Monday, this is what we saw.
This is what they do every Monday. This is what all my sons and their families
do nearly every Monday evening.

To me, it was like heaven on earth.

I know it sounds like McKay is saying "parents kind of dear"  but he is meaning to say, "parents kind and dear" just thought I'd clear that up. :) Princess Scarlett, in case you missed it on Facebook. I can see both McKay and McKenna in her.

What it means to a 4 year old!

I promise I didn't plan it this way, and I promise I didn't take video through the entire lesson.

My favorite part is when Jonas suddenly comes to life when he realizes some of the kids are talking about Halloween costumes…
(This shouldn't surprise me since he actually kissed the Scarecrow on the mouth a few weeks ago as I took it out of storage from the garage!)

Oh, and he really thinks that's his name.

I've got my life back!

Den got home late last night from Logan, Utah. 
What a beautiful sight he is to me!

Watch this slow mo with the grandchildren.

So happy he came home with pictures…
Jessica, Rachel, Mike, Jacob, Kris, Katelyn
I wish he would have come home with a picture of Kim and Ryan and their 3 kids, too!

Sunday dinner with the family and Kris and Mike's house

Den and Robby

Really? Rachel is shooting?
Grandpa Den is getting so thin he is  practically disappearing amongst the grandkids. Jessica, Jacob, Emily, Rachel, Katelyn, Robbie, and Matt
And our favorite part are the love notes Den brings back with him.  This time it was from Rachel, (the 6 year old shooter above) I asked Den why Rachel wrote Please and Police in those two little boxes. 
He said she had asked Jacob how to spell police and he thought she said please.
I guess the police represents who grandpa use to be.

But my favorite part is the post-it note she wrote and attached to the back of his envelope:

Rachel's just making sure her Grandpa Shelley…

Some of us were born to cut and paste.

For my third birthday my mom gave me a pencil box and school desk. The box was filled with scissors, paste, pencils, and a ruler. I still remember because she gave me that same gift many times over. My Mom always knew what I wanted.
I am not a crafter, at all. But I do love to cut and paste to this day. Funny how we are who we are.
I guess that explains why I am having so much fun with my little Smash book...take a look: (and no, that is not me in this video.)
If you don't like the book idea you could always dance to the great music!

I fill my Smash book with home decor DIY ideas.
I'm starting another for recipes I want to try.

On another note:
Is it just me, or does my head look out of proportion to my body in that picture above? don't answer :)
I hope I've outgrown that.

This make me think of how my Dad use to say just about every time the Ed Sullivan show
was on back in the day, "His head is too big for his body."
He'd say that about Andy Williams, too.

Not the evening we hoped for, but all is well.

It was going to be a grandgirls only night with Grandma Honey,
finally watching Anne of Green Gables!

We'd never seen it and my friend Allyson highly recommended it....
so 5 of the grandgirls and I thought we would turn the night into a movie/slumber party.
 Sort of the warm up when they all first arrived.

 When I called the pizza guy back after he was walking to his car
and asked if I could take his picture, Elora suddenly walked away saying, "Oh my gosh."
That is a sign I need to be more careful. I don't ever want to be one of these Grandmas she is embarrassed by.
Hope I'm not too late.
 Laurynn and Macie love this punch and often request it....
so even though I knew they couldn't possibly drink all this,
I went ahead and made it for them. Because that's what Grandma's do.
(and you would not believe how little was leftover)
Cami ate 2 slices of pizza (cheese-less for her and me) and 3 servings of pineapple!
 The evening was going well so far....


This makes me angry

Remember a few posts back about my grandpa Romeo's sister,
Dollie who only weighed 1 1/2 lbs at birth and no one expected her to live?
How they put her in a shoe box and her Mom nursed her to health.
She grows up to marry what turned out to be an abusive man,
and had a little baby boy who died shortly after birth.

Then she was only 29 when she died!...and this had been a mystery to me.
I finally got her death certificate in the mail this week, and it looks suspicious, considering the times and all.

Dollie died of "psychosis with somatic disease"
Then below it says, "recent attack of pneumonia when admitted to hospital"

Den and I both shook our heads when reading her cause of death
because history has shown it was a man's world back in 1927.
According to her niece Margaret, Dollie's husband use to take delight in pinching and abusing her.
Then when poor Dollie sought help, perhaps her husband covered it all by saying Dollie was mentally ill.
In all fairn…

Crockpot Chicken Pasole

So easy, and so good.

15 oz can white or yellow hominy (drained)
14 oz can Rotel (I like the mild)
14 oz can Chicken Broth
10 oz can mild green enchilada sauce (I like Las Palmas)
2 yellow squash, sliced thin  (or you can substitute 2 carrots, sliced)
1 med onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 t cumin
1 t oregano
3-5 chicken thighs (depending on how meaty you want this)

Put it all in 4 lb crockpot on high for 3-4 hours.
Serve with crushed tortilla chips, avocado, cheese, cilantro....whatever you want.

Note: Just before serving take the chicken out, and cut it up and put back in.
I also sauteed the squash in coconut oil and didn't add to the soup till the last 30 minutes,
so there was a bit of a fresh crunch to the soup. Not that you have to do it this way.

I took a picture but it did not do this recipe your imagination is better.

I blame my Dad for this

Ever since the big hiking adventure Logan and Amy went on....
you know, the one where they almost didn't come out alive?....
well, I think Logan has it in his blood now.

Look what he did last weekend...

This time he took one of his fellow RN co-workers.
I guess this is how guys camp? Women would stay in the same tent. But then what do I know. It's not like I'm camping every weekend. Or ever.

Looks just like a postcard.

Since when did Logan learn to fish?

I have to say he's very cute. Amy would agree.

Snow? Really....just how far up did they go? 
It's in the 80s around here.
Thank you Logan for sharing your latest adventure with me. 
I'm just glad you didn't tell me about it until after you got back.

(Amy started to, but I changed the subject. Sorry Amy. I've just barely recovered from your last trip.)

One Light Still Shines

Do you remember the horrific news story back in 2006 about the milkman
who went into an Amish school house and shot 10 little girls, killing 5 of them?
He then turned the gun on himself.

The "milkman's wife" refused all interviews and news stories. She would allow no cameras around her 3 children and totally avoided the media. Good for her!
Then she decided this year that she could see some good in telling her story, so she wrote a book and it was released 10 days ago, on the 7th anniversary of the shooting.

I just finished reading it last night. It's uplifting, how the author realized she still had the choice to believe in God, and how there could be joy after darkness.
However, I also have some issues how she told her story. I'm certain it was very difficult to relive this through writing, but I think in her trying so hard to focus on the good, I found some parts of her story unrealistic.
According to her book they had a nearly perfect marriage. Her husband &quo…

Did you know this?

I don't  know where I've been lately, but I just found out cursive writing is no longer
taught in elementary schools. Did you know this?? At least this is true here in our area.

And when did this all start coming down?
I need to know so I can start printing my notes and letters to people under a certain age.
I need to know what age this all started (or rather ended.)

I have the ability to change with the times. Remember how I use to double space between sentences?
I try to live by the philosophy: when I know better, I do better.
But really, is getting rid of cursive writing "doing better?"

How is this new generation suppose to sign documents?
What if they want to quickly takes notes at a class or seminar
and don't have access to a laptop or Ipad or whatever it is they use?
Printing takes so much longer because you have to lift your pen up after every letter.

And how will this generation read legal documents, like that Declaration of Independence?

Is Austin able t…

What I like and don't like.

In trying to decide what color to paint our kitchen cabinets,
I've been going through decorating magazines.
Sure there are LOTS of pretty kitchens out there, and I know what I like.

I also know what I don't like.....please forgive me if you want a pink kitchen.

I really could not face this kitchen several times a day. All I see is Pepto Bismol. The woman who owns this kitchen is probably a very nice person. Some things I just know.
Then I came across this gem:

Wouldn't this be the sweetest way to grow up.....all snuggled between siblings? I wonder though how long it would take these little guys to make their bed each morning...
or if it would even be possible.

Then I worry about the parents raising this baby.  Something just feels so wrong about this "nursery" like they are 'fitting' the baby into their lives....and just barely.

Then we have something that has nothing to do with decorating, unless you're making a cake. A Nibble Cake pan.
You get to try…

So if you are interested in learning more about your past,  or your relatives from way back, consider going to  Put a name in, narrow it by certain years.  If it's a rather odd last name like Rozier you will most likely be related to most all you find.
Like one of my latest Dad back in November of 1953.....5 months before I was born.
It's just weird for me to think now.... that while my Mom was making food for this bazaar at the Presbyterian church,  and my Dad was practicing with that auctioneer hammer,  I was swimming around looking about like this. I paid $39. for a year's access to  but I think they have free trials to begin, if you just want to check it out. 
If you find anything interesting, let me know.

Our tomorrow

Den and I stayed home most of today just loving every minute watching General Conference.
This is where we receive counsel and direction from our leaders that is prevalent to our lives right now.

Tomorrow we get to see more.

It's great having a laptop. I just carried conference all over the house with me today.

Even Dennis liked this one

When I ask Dennis to watch a video his first question is usually, "How long is it?"
So when I told him this one was 9 minutes, he gave me that look.
So I told him, just watch it for 30 seconds, and if you are not hooked, turn it off, it's not for you. 

Well once he got past the first 30 seconds, he sat there glued.

But there is one thing wrong with this video...the title. So just ignore the title. It's misleading.
Instead, I would call it "The sacredness of the rush hour."

I'm for anything that inspires me to aim higher and do better.

"If we could look into each other's hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care."
~ Marvin J. Ashton ~

He didn't murder him after all

This poor man. 
For all those years people thought he killed his friend 
who had disappeared!

San Francisco Chronicle Nov 20, 1902
Since this man's name was Rozier,  and since he was from San Francisco,  we are probably related.  But with no first name it is rather hard to figure out  where he fits into our family tree. 
Maybe someday.