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She asked for the recipe 19 years later.

My niece Natalie texted me last week asking for my recipe of  Taco Salad... "the one you used to bring to family potlucks" 
I DO remember throwing that salad together years ago, and bringing it to the family potluck. 
I guess I made it a time or two, maybe three,  but that was about it.
So I went to the Salad recipe book that I started in 1999... and there it was on the 4th page.
Oh my, NINETEEN years ago.
Natalie and I both remember it also had ground beef in it!
Made my day she still remembered it!

15 things I learned at church last week

Here's what I learned, or re-learned, at church last week.  Most of these aren't exact quotes because I can’t write that 
fast, but they should be pretty close: From the opening song, Improve the Shining Moments:
“…Promptings bringeth softly blessings rich and pure.”  “We cannot be grateful and envious at the same time.” “Instead of scrolling, look around and notice who needs a hug or to be noticed or needs
help. “We are all given only so much time in this life. We need to cut down on distractions so
we can better serve the Lord by better serving the people around us.”  A suggestion was made during the first talk in Sacrament meeting…."if you are say,
searching for a recipe on the internet, set the timer for 5 minutes. If you have not found
it when it goes off, set it for another 5 minutes. I guess this keeps one focused on the
task and will keep us from becoming distracted elsewhere on the net with no real
purpose." "We need to remember that 'We’re all just wa…

The 8 year old saved the 7 year old

My Dad called to tell us about an 8 year old 
saving his classmate from choking on a gummy bear.

It happened on Valentine's Day in Fresno, 
a town 5 minutes from us.

I especially thought it was sweet that my 
Dad wanted to share this with us:


I was too affected by this not to share.

The niece of a very close friend of mine knows two of the girls who 
were hurt during the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week. 
She is the Young Women's President of their ward in Parkland. 
I got permission to share what my friend's niece wrote on Facebook 
a few days ago about the girls. 
"I’m not sure what I have to say will be coherent, but I’ll try. These last 2 1/2 days have been beyond surreal. There have been a lot of tears and a lot of prayers, and a lot of grief. I can’t believe it happened in our small, quiet town. Two of our girls were victims of the shooting this week. Maddy is currently in the ICU recovering after three surgeries fixing her injuries from multiple gunshot wounds, and our sweet Alaina did not make it. As the Young Women president at our church, these are my girls. They are my responsibility to help, along with their parents, strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, help them prepare to make important covenants in the temple, guide and love them …

While on the subject of Valentines....

I remember as a little girl going through my Mom's scrapbooks and 
always finding this Valentine card from 1944...

It would intrigued me because I would open it up  and there was no signature. 
But she assured me she knew who it was from.  His name was Bert. They were both 14.
Finally I found this paper she had apparently written 
for her bookclub in 1991.

(Not quite sure what she meant in her last paragraph.)

But the part I loved the most was finding out that it was her 14 year old boyfriend Bert who taught her to make 
Johnny's Casserole! 

We grew up with that casserole! 
And I use to make it for my boys. 

We should have been calling it Bert's Casserole.

Mom on the right with her best friend Betty.

I sort of now wonder if Mom may have been thinking  about her 14 year old self  whenever she would make Johnny's Casserole. 
Well maybe for a few seconds.  She had 10 people to feed every night.
Wow, now that I think about it, what an accomplishment!
I think having dinner together as a fam…

I think she struck again....

Last Valentine's Day we found this on our driveway...
Even though the homemade gift was sitting right next to our paper,  we had our doubts that it came from our delivery lady. 
Realistically how could she make all these gifts for  each person on her paper route?
I should have pursued it, but I never contacted her.
Then look what we found this week INSIDE our paper.
I have some serious thanking to do. 
I need to find out TODAY how to contact her.
My mom would have known what to do. She would have found a way to give her a Valentine back!

Valentine's Day 1935

My Mom is the cute little blonde front row left. Her brother Ted is to the left of her, and brother Don top row 3rd from left. Along with cousin Helen
I think they all went to school together. 

Happy Valentine's Day!
Update: I called the Fresno Bee and asked for our carrier's phone number. They were not able to give  it to us but said they would send my message to her, and she would include her phone number (if she  chooses) alon…

A special new weekly vlog

While I was not fond of her book,

There was nothing wrong with it,  but it was a bit wordy, and just didn't draw me in.

However, her vlogs, which she just started 3 weeks ago are whole different story!
She puts a new one out every Monday morning.

Just check them out. And yes, I know they're nuts, but just go with it, it'll get better.
(The montage at the end of each, is my favorite!)

Week 1Getting Braces and Going to the Temple Week 2 My trip to the ER and Cali Week 3 I had Surgery

Favorites from January

Gretchen Rubin, from The Happiness Project, suggests we 
"Keep a running list of your favorites." 
So I thought I'd try this for January.
(I do wonder how many times I've forgotten something good that I've discovered. 
This year, hopefully, will be different.)

RX Bars Maple Sea Salt….

Don't worry, Den says the no BS stands for "no brown sugar." It's like having a mini meal in my
purse. RX Bars have other flavors, but this is the only one we've tried so far. Den says they make
nice church snacks. Beats Tic Tacs.  Nutritional Yeast

I've heard about this for years but it just didn't sound very appealing to me. Finally I brought
some home. This makes just about everything taste better! I’ve had to be dairy free for over 20
years but I finally found something that tastes like cheese, plus who doesn’t need the extra
vitamins. I put it on salad and vegetables, so far. Homemade lentil soup My friend taught me the best lentil soup is made with just w…

Some pictures I'm thinking about lately

Gotta show this one first.....

Our granddaughter Emily, with her Dad....last Wednesday she entered the MTC for her 18 month mission to Cape Verde.

Even though Emily was just with us, we still see her like this.....

McKay's roommate Chris from his BYU days came to visit them in Massuchusetts.
And this time brought his wife, and children. Interestingly, he married a girl from Clovis. Same town McKay grew up in. 

Den and I drove by my old childhood home on Fairmont  not too long ago. It looks so sad and forlorn  (a word my mom often used for sad people or things. This house qualifies.)

I never thought Elora looked like her sister Cami, until this picture!

Den's daughter Kris, sent us this side by side.
Den, and Elder Dallin H Oaks 
And next is one of the sweetest texts ever. The people who bought our home on Filbert sent it to Dennis.
(For some reason photos would not allow me to crop just pay attention to the message Jerrod texted in the middle of this:)
Could we have found n…

Our Dinners for January

Have you ever thought of keeping track 
of what you eat for dinner every night?

Maybe there are dinners you discovered and love, 
but then forget all about them?

I decided to see if I could do this for the entire month of January. 

Not sure I can keep this up all year, 
but I'm going to try.

So here it goes: (or there it went)

Mon, Jan 1: Celebrated the New Year @ Sequoia Sandwich Shop. I had the greek salad and Den had
the Cobb Potato

Tues, Jan 2:  Trader Joes GF chicken nuggets, broccoli, black eyed peas, grapefruit

Wed, Jan 3: My turkey/vegetable soup (spinach, potato, carrots, celery, 1/2 lb ground turkey, 32 oz
chicken broth, 1 T parsley, 1 t oregano, 1 t salt and other seasonings...I make it different every time
depending on what I have) tortillas with cheese-less cheese, grapefruit

Thurs, Jan 4:Baked Cod with Lemon Butter, steamed broccoli/carrots, baked white sweet potato,

Fri, Jan 5: Leftover turkey/vegetable soup, tortilla with cheese-less cheese, grapefruit

Sat, Jan 6: De…

No disrespect meant to the Queen

No offense to the Queen of England, 
but she's never been anyone I've wanted to read about. 

But nevertheless, tonight, I will begin this.

I have not read one word yet of her story,  but I LOVE it.

It's all because of the little sweetheart  who gave it to me for Christmas. 

And it's all because of what was written on the inside cover: 

And if the Queen's life gets boring, I will just go back to the inside  cover, and read that over and over again. 

This book is a keeper. Forever. 
Thank you Violet!