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Mc & Mc , Car Dancing

McKay and McKenna
Turn your sound up and take a look.

Aren't they cute?

Update on McKay's car: He has none.
Finally, State Farm declared it is totaled. He and McKenna, along with Tyler and Karen returned the rental car to Salt Lake City last weekend.

Happy milestones

They were having a race to see who would get the first tooth.
And guess what?

It's a tie!!

My grandtwins both got their 1st tooth on the same day!!
What are the chances of this??

Jonas does have a way with women, already.
They swarm around him.
Amazes me the way Amy has no problem holding both babies.
My back hurts just watching her.

Moving on to the next family...
Cam Cam is learning to feed herself. She is doing so well!

Sometimes I have to go back

"The past is a foreign country.
They do things differently there."
L P Hartley

When I go to my Oral Surgeon's office, as I did today, I go back to my old neighborhood. I see the house where I raised my 4 babies. And I see the school that 3 of my 4 sons attended.

I had a different husband, a different home, and although my sons were the same people, they sure looked different back then.

It's made for a rather emotional drive.

I use to park right by this gate waiting for my kindergartners.
I was nearly always the very first Mom there each day. A fact that use to embarrass me, but I am proud of now. Funny how that works.
As I drove by today I could almost see them.
I love my life.
But somedays, just somedays, when I allow myself, I go back.
I don't think a Mom can ever let go of those days completely.
I miss my babies.Don't you just love the quote at the top of this? I found it today in a magazine at the OS's office.

How to raise Shy Children

I don't know who wrote this, or where exactly it came from, but I like it. I think it would be a good list to follow for all children.
Wish I could change the spelling of the last word.

I was not too good with #7.

Amy's signs

Last night while I was in Amy and Logan's bedroom playing with the babies, I saw this sign posted to the wall right next to the bed:I asked Logan, "Who is that a reminder for??"

He said, "Amy made that to remind herself."
Then he added, "She has a different one in the kitchen. Did you see that one?"Yep, I'm impressed!

Rebecca Leonard

There has been a page devoted to Becca Leonard updates on Facebook that anyone can join. Just go to Rebecca Dorfmier Leonard and you can click to join. It's difficult waiting and not knowing what is going on. The letter below, writen by her husband (earlier this evening I think), is printed there as well:

"Well, I think that most of you know at this point about Rebecca. For those of you that don't I will give the lowdown of the last week.

Tuesday-Friday Rebecca was complaining of being sick. It didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary so we just went about our day. By Friday she was feeling extremely ill and asked me to take her to a walk-in clinic. At the walk-in clinic the doctor told us that he was very concerned for Rebecca and felt that she needed additional help at the hospital. So, the doc called an ambulance to have her taken to Clovis Community because she was too weak to walk. She arrived at CC about 10 AM. By 2 PM they determined that the problem wa…

They need our prayers

Becca Leonard (the Mom pictured above) is a long time friend of ours. She had gall bladder surgery Friday night and was air lifted to UCSF on Saturday. She is not in good status.

Please pray for her and her beautiful family.

An Awareness Test

This came from a friend's blog which I got permission to share. She heard Sheri Dew speak last night at Time Out for Women. The writing below is hers.

"Interesting, huh? This was meant to be an ad awareness test, but Sister Dew reframed it a bit by making this point: "What you focus on determines what you see." Her point is that if we focus on the world, we will not see the adversary and his antics. That's why we should focus on the Savior, not the world."

You can read the rest of her post HERE.

5 months old... AND high school

Before I show you what Jonas will look like in high school at the end of this post, look how the twins have grown...
I could just kiss those little feet!

Téa is looking more and more like her Mom.

They look so little in their new high chairs!

They have had nothing but Mommy's milk until now.
Twice a day they also get oatmeal!

I was feeding Jonas tonight (Miss Téa was out with Mommy and her sisters) and I had forgotten how babies open up their mouths like little baby birds. He made me laugh every time!

Sorry for the mess but Jonas got a call right during his dinner.
It was Great Grandpa from Arizona!!

Logan sent me the pictures below, or otherwise I would not be showing them. According to, this is what Jonas will look like in highschool.

Of course we are NOT counting on this.
High school, yes.
Looking like this, NO.

Or, depending on the hair styles in 2027...

Dr. Laura #6

Dennis said this is true. Do you agree?

Cami's unfortunate adventure

This happened last week, written by my son, Brock.


She wouldn’t eat her french fries. I should’ve known something was up when the fries just sat there on her plate and she demanded rice. Who the crud prefers rice over fries? Certainly not Cami. Not ever before that night.

“She didn’t get much of a nap in today,” Erin explained.

“No?” I was surprised. Cami uses up twice as much energy as the rest of us doing the simplest of things, like walking and being super cute. She needs her beauty sleep.

“No, she didn’t nap at all, actually.”

“That’s weird.” Weird, sure, but it did explain why she was now eating so lazily. She was nearly nodding off at the table.

I left the restaurant full and guilty. It had been at least two years since I’d eaten one of those pounds of death (supposedly also known as burgers) by myself and I wasn’t very hungry to start with. On the way I home, Erin and Elora decided to watch WIPEOUT before bedtime. Cami was obviously exhausted, so there’d be little tr…

Do you see something unusual about this picture?

I have no idea who these people are....
This was in today's paper.
Which means this picture was taken yesterday.
Which means this baby was only hours old.
Yet she is smiling and looking at the camera! (or so it seems)

Even though we don't know the family above, this reminded me of the day my nephew Colt was born. He is 20 now and on his mission, but looking back, this is how he made the news:
Update on a post I did a few days ago.
Paul Cardall got his new heart this week!!

Homework Help. Here it is!

If you haven't read Den's daughter Kris' blog, and if you have school age kids, this is for YOU! I think this would totally work! Read on...

Taken right from Kris' blog...

"School is now full-steam ahead, and homework is now a reality...a far cry from our summer of "notta-lotta." So when I browsed through my most recent issue of Family Fun magazine, and found this FABULOUS idea, I knew I wanted to give it a try!

It has worked out SO WELL. Mom wants to do cartwheels! Having your own homework space does wonders.

Last weekend I went to Walmart and purchased those simple, 3-fold boards. You know, the kind that we used to do science projects with! I then just set out a bunch of crayons, markers, glue sticks, and stickers that I already had on hand. They went to town!

I also purchased a thin sheet of corkboard for each of the kids from our local office supply store. They attached them to the boards and now I have a place to leave them notes with a thumbtack such…

A tribute to honesty

McKay drove last weekend to Billings, Montana with McKenna, a sweet girl he is dating now. While staying in her family's home...someone ran into his car late at night.

So they woke up the next morning ready to drive back to Provo,
to this:
But the amazing, incredible thing is, whoever hit his car left him a note! He was able to contact their insurance, and their insurance provided him with a rental car for 2 weeks. Plus their insurance is fixing his car or paying for it.

McKenna sent me a picture of the note, and while I would like to include it here, I wouldn't be able to block out info, so this is what it said:

"I am so sorry.
I spilled my pop, over corrected and hit your car.
My #__________
My name Jenni.
Policy #_________"

We are all thinking it is totaled, but maybe not. What do you think? We bought him this car used from the missionaries here, right after his mission. So it has served him well for 4 years.

We are so thankful McKay and McKenna were not…

The Amish Newspaper

I recently subscribed to the Amish newspaper, "The Budget."
A 119 year old weekly publication!

I've always been intrigued by the Amish. Living with no cars, no electricity...not only how do they do it, but what are these people like? No TVs, radios, and certainly no cell phones, IPODS, or computers.
I thought their paper would be 2-4 pages at most. Wrong. The first issue that came last week is 53 pages! What kind of news would they have? Well here are a few excerpts:

Imagine the disappointment when he didn't get his S'mores!

I waded through lots of news about baby births, accidents, canning ideas, injured animals, weather reports in those 53 pages. Back to such simple times. The days similar perhaps to my grandparents' time.

They look after one another:

Through out the newspaper there are little sayings of encouragement. Such as this one:
"Rely on God's care, he never disappoints."
or this one:
"The cross you carry may be tied to you with…

Making Money for being cute

What is it about twins that attracts total strangers?

My daughter in law, Amy, took me to Olive Garden for lunch today. This older woman came up to the babies and acted totally smitten. She even said to them, "Oh I love you." Her granddaughter who was with her was trying to move her along. Wasn't working.She said her name was Patrina and told us what area of town she lived in. Oh, and she gave us her last name. I think she even wanted to give her address but her granddaughter said they had to go. I wish I did have her address. I would love to send her pictures of my grandchildren, if it meant that much to her.

What a sweet lady! I wanted to take her home with me.

She gave the babies each a dollar.
She told Amy to put it in their Piggy Bank and tell them someday that it's from Patrina.