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The Bug Zapper

Den may look like he's just waiting for our carpets to dry, but no, he's waiting for a fly to come by.

I gave Den that electric bug zapper for Christmas. He really likes it. So much that a few weeks ago he put it so safely away from the grandkids, that he forgot where it was. 

Finally he found it today, and he's determined to get this fly he saw earlier today. 

So he's there just waiting. He says it works instantly. 

What is it about men and killing bugs? Have you ever seen of a female exterminator? I haven't. 

Btw, if you are looking for a good local carpet cleaning company, we found one! 

Some things I didn't know about my Mom

I learned a few things about my Mom last Friday that surprised me!

While I was growing, unfortunately for us, Mom talked very little about herself, but she did often mention her best friend Betty. 

I knew that growing up they would often wear matching clothes, 
but in different colors. 

They actually met in middle school, probably around 1942. They stayed close through Roosevelt High and then through college too. 

Mom on left, Betty on right
They still stayed close as young marrieds, but soon Betty had 2 children, and Mom had just the logistics of that kept them from gathering often. 

But they did meet for lunch occasionally through the years, 
and they went to their school reunions together. 

Since Mom died I have kept touch with Betty a little here and there, and even more so since my Dad died last February. 

Last Friday, Den and I went to see Betty. 

Her husband Marvin built this house in 1958 and they had lived there ever since. (Marvin passed away in 2016.)

Betty will be 90 this yea…

A discussion at church

Recently at church in our Relief Society meeting (which is the gathering of our women) we had a wonderful lesson on how to build a spiritual fortress for our family. 

Or in other words:
how to have a loving home, 
a haven from the outside world, 
a "safe place to fall", 
a Christ centered home. 

Our "lessons" are more like a discussion. Such a great exchange of ideas and feelings. 

So from our latest "discussion" I made a list of what some had to say about "building a spiritual fortress in their home": 

1. One woman of small children says she keeps a journal that she writes in about every month ("or once a year," as she laughs) about the attributes of each of her children so they can look back on them later, and maybe even in their teenage years when they are no longer talking to her. (She's a young mom, she will find out teenage years are not usually so bad.)

2. A mom of 4 says she prays to keep out the evil in their home and then she noti…

Back to The Home

We went back to this place 2 1/2 weeks ago.

My Dad and Susan lived here from 2012 to 2014. It was called Yosemite Gardens back then, now it's Solstice.
While they lived there, I made a few friends,  but only one of them, Annette, is still there.
And I call her now and then.
I heard on the news they had a fire and evacuation one evening  so I called Annette the next day to see if she was okay. 
She said she was terrible. Not from the fire, but because she was diagnosed with a horrible cancer.
The day before she was due to go to Santa Clara for a major cancer surgery, we went to see her. 
After we arrived, I couldn't remember which room was hers,  only that was on the 3rd floor. As we went down those familiar hallways....
We soon spotted this door,  Den announced, "We've arrived. This has got to be her door."
And it was!
We had such a nice chat together.
On our way out we noticed how much the place has changed.
They now have a check in desk. Progress? Not so sure.
And the lovely dini…

About a Mom who is trying to get the word out.

These stories just keep sadly coming every year.

This time it's from a Mom who didn't know the stats on childhood drownings. She didn't know how quickly it can happen. 

She wished she had known more. 
She so wished someone would have told her!

But even I, who is far far from being a new Mom...even I hadn't realized drownings are THE number ONE cause of death for ages 1-4. 

And, the number TWO cause of death ages 1-14. 

Did you know that?

This is the story I'm referring to:
Last Summer My Son Drowned and here's what I want you to know about it.

Heart breaking, most definitely. But she wants to get the word out. Please read it.

It's all about saving children, because like she says, these deaths are 100% preventable. 

I've been on this subject here before:

Oh, the baby shower.

The Very Sad Part of Summer.

The Italian Dressing Challenge

Our family (minus Dennis) has this thing about Italian Dressing. 
Most of us crave it on our salads, but it's very hard to find one we like, unless we make it ourselves which is not always convenient.
So Logan stopped by yesterday  to not only wish Dennis a Happy Father's Day...

but to give us the results of his Italian dressing challenge. 
I hadn't even realized he was doing a challenge,  but I was interested.
So he explained he went to Walmart about once a month and each time came home with a different Italian Dressing.... until he had tried every brand they sold. 
One by one he would try them for about a month each  (or however long it took to finish off that bottle). 

Obviously this study took him severalmonths to complete. 

But he said it came down to not one,  but TWO winners, and here they are:

So there you have it!
(Logan said he judged the dressings mainly by taste,  but also if it had oil in it and not so much sugar... in other words it sounds like he stayed away from lite ver…

Sweet perfection

We got to take care of Cami a few evenings ago. 
She comes right in and sits with her legs crossed,  politely waiting for whatever is on our agenda.

But it was not long before she decided to make herself  completely at home.

Oh Cami, we are all better people for having you in our family.

Everyone loves you. And you love everyone.

You cry if you are very sad.  Or if someone you are attached to leaves for a bit. 

You get upset if you are hungry, or if you are in pain.

But you have no guile, no bad feelings about anyone, ever.

You are incapable of doing anything wrong. 
You have never hurt anyone's feelings.  You are incapable of doing so.

I find myself wondering who you are inside,  or what did you do to come to earth so perfect. 

Teaching Your Children Values

I ran into this video a few days ago on Instagram....It's about 1/2 an Oprah program way back in 1993.

Richard and Linda Eyre were on that day with 6 of their 9 children, promoting their book Teaching Your Children Values. 

After this program aired, their book sold out in bookstores all across America. (back then, bookstores were about our only source for new books.) 

It soared to Number 1 in the Best Sellers List....first time a parenting book had made it to the top of that list in 50 years.

My neighbor and I would sometimes watch Oprah together while our kids played....and I remember seeing this episode 26 years ago!

I find it sadly interesting, how a few children in the audience answered some of these questions about honesty. If you don't want to watch the beginning....just go to 55 seconds.

I've heard the book is still available but now they have something that helps even better, they claim.
They've developed a series of audio adventures that teach these same 12 values.…

She went from 3 boxes to this!

So one day I get this call from our 9 year old granddaughter asking if we have any boxes she could have. 

I said, "Sure come on over." 

I found 3... 

and she said she would take them all.

She said something about doing a project with boxes she saw on youtube. 

A few days later we were at her house, when Téa casually mentioned she finished her project, and would we like to see it.

I asked Den to get this camera out, not knowing what to expect. Unfortunately filming is not his strong point because he mostly left Téa's head off.

However, what she made is so sweet I wanted to show this anyway....

Last Sunday at church

I sometimes wonder what church is like in different religions. 
I've been to many in the past, but not recently.

I'll give you a bit of an idea how church went for us last Sunday. 

We don't have paid ministry at our church. And once a month, we all have the opportunity, if we choose, to share our beliefs or testimonies. 
So last Sunday I took some notes and here they are.... Not exact words, unless I will put them in quotes. 
And I leave much out...this is just a small glimpse. 

I'm only identifying the speakers by initials.

MM: He said he was so glad to see all of us and that he loves us.  He has found no happiness greater than living the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
TS: She is grateful for the knowledge she has of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Families are given to us for a purpose. She is grateful for the impact each family member has been on her life.
NG: She announced this would be their family's last Sunday in our ward.  The past 5 1/2 years she has appre…

Hurray for Aldi!

Yesterday on the way home from the dentist....

I spotted this......

For you locals, it's going in at the corner of Herndon and Fowler.

I was SO happy to see this!

I have friends back east who rave about Aldi. I've heard about it for years but never thought we'd get one here.

I'm passionate about grocery stores anyway. I love them all, even the ones I don't like. When we travel through towns that's what I first look for...a grocery store.

Aldis will be fun to learn and explore. 

So I've been reading up about it and this is what I know so far:
* They pay their employees more than other grocery stores, but hire less.
*You have to pay a quarter to release the bar to get a cart but you get your quarter back when you check out. (this is suppose to cut down on stolen carts)
*90% of their products are their own. I'm excited about this because it means we will get to explore new products. Reminds me of Trader Joes. Which by the way, Albi's is in someway related to Tr…

I could feel it..

So Den and I had our yogurt and vegetables piled in our cart at Sprouts, and we were ready to check out. Two lines to choose from. 

Den veered our cart towards the shorter line at first, but I said, "Hey, can we go in this other line instead? I want to watch this family." 

A woman at the front of the line, with long blonde hair, had with her, 4 adorable children of various races. 

I watched as the oldest little girl, about 6, pointing to something in the cart asked,  "Mommy can I drink this when we get home?" 

And another asked, "Mommy can I have a sticker?" 

So I guess rather than foster children, they were hers. Adopted maybe, but hers. 

I could tell by watching the Mom interact with her kids that she genuinely enjoyed them. And she looked so happy! They all did.

It was just all so endearing, I could hardly take my eyes off them. I wanted to say something to this Mom but all I could get out was, "Your children are all just so....uh, so sweet, and so cute!…

The Juice Story

I'm a big fan of Gretchen Rubin...and here is one of her favorite stories from one of her favorite parenting books. 

I think this is worth the 4 1/2 minute listen. 

The Juice Story

What would you do if you had one more day?

This video drew me in, so I had to share it here.

I like what the older woman said best! (the first older woman)