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A birthday surprise from Tyler and Karen!

Tyler made a video for Den's 70th birthday...but this is not it.

Below is actually the trailer for that video! 
We were SO excited to watch it the morning of Den's birthday.

If you would like to actually see the video he made, 
send me an email or message me on FB, 
and I will see what I can do about sending you the link for it, okay?

The beginning of Den's 70th birthday weekend

Dennis was sitting here clueless yesterday. 
He had no idea what was about to happen...

I said, "Hey do you mind if we just have leftovers tonight?" He said, "Sure. That's fine." 
Time passes, he's getting hungry  and he's not seeing any leftovers being heated up. 
Our surprise still has not arrived so I said,  "How about we just go out to dinner?"
He says, "Sure, let's go"
More time passes.
It's now 5:15 and he asks, "Uh when are we going?"
So I say, "Let's go at 6:00."
He does not look happy and sighs, but in a discouraged way.  So I can tell he doesn't know what's up. More waiting. Then....
Unbeknownst to him, 
his kids and grandkids flew in to spend 
his birthday weekend with us!

They brought a little happiness.

A few nights ago when I came by to bring my Dad's laundry,  and Susan's daughter and grandkids were there with him. 

I think it was the happiest he's been 
since Susan died on Christmas Eve. 

Perhaps, with some of Sue's family around him, 
in a sort of way it was like having her back a little.

And they even did this to his fridge before they left...

It's the little things that are big things right now.
And by the way, he loves company!

Susan's Memorial Service

Susan was the oldest of 4. I always thought it interesting  how her siblings were all 5 years apart. 
I wonder if her parents planned it that way.
It was sad seeing this empty chair  next to her siblings at her viewing.  Spencer, Corinne, and Dale
There's got to be a story behind this picture below,  but I haven't learned what it is yet. 

I hadn't even noticed anything wrong with this picture at Susan's Service until my granddaughter Elora found me and said in a panicked sounding state, "Did you see that picture of Susan? She has 3 hands! Why does she have 3 hands?" 
My guess is Susan preferred this picture. She loved to laugh.

Her kids did a most excellent job speaking about her life. Story after story about how Christ like she was.

But it was also pointed out that so many of her virtues were developed through the years through her numerous trials, perseverance and softened sweet heart. We were reminded that she didn't just arrive on earth like this.
Susan had a very t…

How he copes with his grief

The head of our church, President Russell M. Nelson, lost his 2nd daughter just 2 days ago. This is how he is coping. 

A sad day


Trying to go forward

Since beginning the journey to help our ailing parents 15 years ago, my biggest fear was the day my Dad would be alone. Loosing our Mom in 2007, and now Susan, last week, that fear has arrived. 

Having Dad 40 minutes from our home, and in a facility that was not very attentive to him, we couldn't leave him there without his Susan. 

But what to do? 

We all prayed. A lot. 

United prayer is powerful. Love and prayer combined could solve all of the world's problems, is how I see it.

So beginning on Christmas morning we began looking for a new home for Dad. And to make a long story short, we moved him in 4 days later!

I could feel the prayer working. I think we all could. 

I'm thankful to be a Rozier!
This was a nice touch the first day at his new home.

It took a village to get him moved in there!
The new facility treated our 8 family movers to lunch. 
Some were still working while I took this picture.  Robin for example. Den says she works so hard,  "That girl's a machine!"

I …