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Thinking about marriage

Marriage has been on my mind a lot the past few months. 
Then today, Tyler sent me this:
"Married couples are tried by temptation,misunderstandings, financial problemsfamily crises, and illness, and all the whilelove grows stronger. Mature love has a blissnot even imagined by newlyweds." —Boyd K. Packer, from "The Plan of Happiness"
I felt like putting my right thumb high up in the air as I read it! I remember shortly after 
marrying Dennis, as exciting and wonderful as it was, longing for the day when we would 
no longer be newlyweds....because I knew, having had a 22 marriage before this one, that 
love only grows. 

Then I remembered today an article Tyler had published back in 2010, in our church 
magazine, The Ensign. I wish every couple contemplating marriage could read it. 
It's all about taking it slow and figuring it all out....before jumping.

And I want to add....his very last line is my favorite.
Trusting the Lord to Be My Guide For me, getting a confirmation a…

Family Camp Lip Syncing Videos

In case you haven't seen these from the lip syncing contest up at Family Camp, here they are....

I will show them in the order they came to me, because how else do I decide.

1. Our DIL Amy with 4 of their kids, Laurynn, Chandler, Macie, and Austin.
Turn down the music though. Just warning you.

2. My niece Carly and Enoch's 6 children. How does 2 year old Mara stay SO focused!

3. My sister Peggy with some of her kids....Jake and his wife Katie, Sam's husband Brian, Ty
(who arrived home from his mission the day before they drove up there!), and Kaidy, and one girl I don't recognize (sorry)

4. My niece McKenzie with Elora and Hailey. 

5.My nieces Tess and Kate.

Letter to the editor

Den saw this in today's Fresno Bee... Thank you Leslie Knudsen!

Lately, some of my favorite products

I thought I'd tell you about some of my latest favorite products, and why I like them

First on my list is this stuff:

McKenna turned us to this, as she puts it in her fabulous stew. Den kept raving about it so we
thought, hey, if it's good on stew how about trying it on other things…  Slowly we don't even use 
regular black pepper anymore. Just Montreal Stake. What's in it? coarse salt, spices including
black pepper and red pepper, garlic, sunflower oil, natural flavor, and paprika

A friend told me about this deodorant and I've loved it ever since. My Mom use to worry about how 
deodorant put under our arms goes directly into our lymph nodes and our blood stream. So I
was forever looking for something natural. And this one came along.

It has none of the junk in it. No petrochemicals, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicone,
synthetic dyes, sulfates, or paragons. It's the cleanest deodorant I've found….and it smells wonderful.

Love this liquid han…

Two announcements

Keep in mind as you watch this....most of the time no one was aware that I was even filming. Plus,
when Richie gives a message to my Dad that was totally his own doing. I didn't prompt him or even
suggest he talk to him.

This was from our trip to see our grandkids and their parents in May....but with the new iMovie 10, it
took me a while to learn how to do this.

Also, one more disclaimer....
None of this is planned, (that's just the way I am) if it seems I focused more on some than others,
I didn't mean to. Some moments were just easier to pull the camera out than other times.

The announcements are at the end....

grandchildren in Washington plus 2 announcements from Jill Shelley on Vimeo.

Some relatives you've just got to love them the way they are

Since it's Family Camp week up in the mountains, that means guess who is in town?  My brother Richard.
So he drives Hailey and Elora up there, then comes back to Clovis and sends me this text:
"What's for dinner Tuesday night? Chinese Haystacks?"
It took me until the next morning to figure out he was inviting himself to dinner,
which is fine with me. So I finally responded:
"So are you saying you want Chinese Haystacks  tomorrow night?"
One word text back:
Chinese Haystacks seems more like party food and I wanted more than just the 3 of I invited a
few others. At first they said yes, and then something came up and they had to cancel.
So then I told Richard we would rather take him out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Yosemite Ranch.
We agreed to be meet there after his golf game at 4:45. At 4:27 we get a text from him that reads:
"I've got a table right where you requested."

He's 15 minutes ahead of us I tell Denni…

Not a good week for Dennis

It started Friday night at a party. Dennis said he felt like things were "just a bit off." But by the time
we got home that evening he said his vertigo from last March was back. 
By the time Monday afternoon came he asked me to make him a Dr's appt. I don't know that he's ever
asked me that before. So I did, and the next afternoon we were at Kaiser.

 The Doctor in Clovis sent us right to Fresno to see a specialist in audiology.  I called before hand with questions, and luckily found out our appt time was wrong had already passed! Luckily I mean since we didn't drive all the way over there for nothing.
But we were also left with nothing. No help for yesterday. Last night he got really bad. At one point I didn't think the vomiting would ever quit. 
But it did. And we made it through the night okay. This morning I took him here:
Den pretty much takes his towel with him every where we go this week.  Which, lately, is not very far.

  We even got to see …

A key to resolving conflict

I think this question would be excellent in 
any relationship during a disagreement!

Reunion with the 6 buds and their wives

Who needs to be formal when you are meeting high school buds from 17 years ago...
We arrived 3 hours later than everyone else....
I love how Amy and Logan invite us.....the oldest ones there.
We walked in and found this.....proof of a good time.

Then stepping out into the backyard....
This group had 3 more babies born this year.  Robby held little Piper the entire time we were there, even though she belongs to Travis and Brittany. 

Back in 1998, the day Logan left on his mission. Travis, Robby, Logan, Brad, Brice, Ryan
Brice, Logan, Robby, Travis, Brad, Ryan. (They now have a total of 20 children)

The wives and one Grandma taking pictures. We have long history with this group. .

Logan shows a video they made back in high school. They were all drama students.
I should have brought the videos I have of these 6 guys back in the day. Next year! It was just a really good feeling being with them all. Brought back so many stories in my head.  Even some of the not so good memories of those day…