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Let's pray for Dad/Grandpa

Remember how our Dad/Grandpa ran more than 30 marathons, 17 in Boston?
Remember how he had a full story done on him in the Sports Illustrated back in 1989 for breaking the record of his age division for the 24 hour race?
Remember how in 1996 he joined in for the 50 state run, and Mom rode in the car along side him? He would run about 50 miles a day and they would both sleeping on high school gym floors at night?

Remember how he sat by our mom continually for over 4 years taking care of her every need when that horrible Alzheimer's set in ...when the rest of us couldn't console her, couldn't endure those long hours with her?

Well this Monday he will begin another hard battle. This one is for prostate cancer.
He will begin radiation, 5 days a week for 8 1/2 weeks.
His doctor said his prognosis is good. We just hate the thought of him going through this.

We love you Dad.
We are here for you. We will pray for you.

Below is an article that appeared in the Ensign about him in 1991. …

3D Ultrasound of the twins

I got to see my twin grandbabies today.
Take a look.

First we have the boy. He has very full lips. Either he was pouting in this picture of his bottom lip is extra full. Either way, I think he is adorable.

And here is our little girl. I can really see Amy's daughter Kylie in her....can you?

Here's a little reminder of what Kylie looked like when she was a bit younger.
Can you see the resemblance?
She looks a lot like Amy.
The babies are both head down and snuggled up against each other. But like Logan said today, "What choice do they have?"

They will be born wanting lots of body contact. Now if they can just both stay head down, Amy will have a chance at avoiding a c-section, which is what she prefers. She has even invited me to be at the birth!

It was a great morning. Thanks to Lynn, a very sweet lady Logan works with, we were able to see our babies today. She volunteered to pay for it! I wanted to take her picture to put on my blog but she did not want that.

Very inter…

A Cadillac Dad

It is Mike's birthday today!
He is the husband of Dennis' daughter Kris.

We call him the Cadillac Dad. If his kids are anywhere around him, they are on him, over him, playing with him. I remember when Jessica and Katie were tiny, Mike would be in our pool with them for HOURS at a time. Then he would come inside, change them, play with them some more, feed get the picture.

Jessica, Rachel, Mike, Jacob and Katie in front.

Mike is so incredibly easy going, so fun to be with.
We love you Mike and we know your family will give you such a nice birthday today!

Check out this very short video. Kris filmed it back in June. Mike was just getting back from a business trip. Do you think his family was excited to see him, or what?

McKay and McKenna snow shoeing

Dennis Part 2

I can't believe what I did last night.

I had a nice card to give to Dennis...he and I both love I hid it under my jacket to bring to the restaurant with us. So I smoothly take it out, put it on the table and said, "Happy Birthday" Den opens it up and says, "Isn't this the card the office gave me today?"

I brought the wrong card with me!! I left the one from me at home!

Here he is at the restaurant looking at his office card.
Can't you just see it on his face...he's thinking about his crazy wife.
How romantic.
Isn't he so cute?

Den's daughter Kris had the following on her blog yesterday. He was so touched by this that I wanted to put it on my blog too:

"Monday, January 26, 2009Happy Birthday, Dad! I want to take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes and share with you why my Dad is so special in my life.Kim and I were the first to be born in our family. As you can imagine, having twins is a giant leap into parenthood to hav…

Happy Birthday Honey

Why do I love Dennis?
Let me count the ways.

1. Most mornings he unloads the dishwasher before going to work.

2. He still opens the car door for me, and any other doors he can get to.

3. He makes all the money so I don't have to.

4. He is a great problem solver. He can almost always come up with a solution.

5. If I walk into the room he is in and if I even look like I am going to say something, he will put down what he is doing and look up at me, ready to listen.

6. When I was Relief Society president he was always ready and willing to help me with ANYTHING.

7. In those nearly 5 years (see above) he would appear after Enrichment night every month to help me clean up.

8. He would also come and help me set up and serve at every funeral luncheon except for the one time he was out of town.

9. If I ask him, "Would you do me a favor?", he usually answers with, "Anything for you."

10. If I say I am going to the store or where ever, and it is dark outside, he will say, "…

What a thoughtful boy

Yesterday afternoon we found this note on our porch, put there by a neighbor close to us who we have not met yet.
He also had his address, and 2 phone numbers left under his name!
Den and I were so impressed by his consideration for us and the rest of the neighbors as I'm sure he must have left this same note on the houses all around us.

This reminded me of a party my son, Logan (age 17 at the time) had in our backyard back in 1997. Over 100 people showed up to hear the live band, and have food. He also passed out a similar note to our neighbors.
June 1997
The "band" used my bedroom window for their grand entrance.My10 year old niece Ashley made sandwich after sandwich for the crowd in our backyard.
Is it any wonder she grew up to have a job with BYU catering?
Back to the notice above, I think I will make a copy of this post and take it to our new neighbors, Ryan and his family, to show our appreciation for his kindness.

Pauline Memorial Service

Today brought the Pauline children together.

Jonah, Jenny, Robbie, and Joey
It was a memorial service for their Uncle Robert, who passed away last month. Robert lived all his 70 years with Cerebral Palsy, due to complications at birth.

You can see how the Pauline children have grown in numbers.

Jonah, Jenny with her son Phoenix, Robbie and Katie with Charlie and Avery, Joey

Jenny and PhoenixI love these older pictures sitting on the table up front.

Ernie and Deedee
(our lives have not been the same since she passed away in 2003)
Robbie, Uncle Bob, Jenny, and Joey
Jenny, Deedee, Ernie, Robbie, Jonah, Joey, and Uncle BobAnd of course Ernie Pauline who was our bishop in the 1990s
along with his wife Christi After his brother's sudden passing, Ernie prayed for comfort. He shared with us this evening some thoughts and images that he feels a loving God placed in his heart. Here is a brief part of Ernie's thoughts in his own words:

"...Robert reluctantly turned and walked briefly into a…

Family Health Update

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and concern, and comments!!

Brock is recovering very well from his surgery and went back to work today. Yah!!

Little Camers, (along with Erin who would did not leave her side the entire hospital stay)...came home yesterday (Tues) and is slowly getting her strength back. Erin called this morning to report that Cami slept all night which definitely sounds like she is on the mend!

This was taken a few months back.
I love this picture...She is such a sweetheart.
Sometimes when I am with her, I fear I will kiss the skin right off her face.

Elora is still coughing but we sure enjoyed having her stay with us this week. Monday we took her to see Marley and Me. There were a few questionable scenes for a 6 year old so I had some explaining to do. Dennis however, who was with us, said he will never take her to another PG rated movie again.

It was worth it though on the way home when Elora said to me, "I liked that movie even better than a trip to Haw…

McKay's DC trip

A couple weeks ago McKay opted to leave nearly 2 days before the rest of his BYU math group sohe would not miss church. He traveled alone in the middle of the night to Atlanta, then Baltimore, then a shuttle to a place where he knew no one, and had never been before. I wouldn't even want Dennis traveling alone in the middle of the night.

This also explains why he starts off this video taking pictures of himself, which makes him look a little distorted.
I like it though. It gave me a feel for his trip.
It's short, just 2 minutes.

32 years ago today...

I became a mother!
Brock, my first son, was due on Dec. 30, 1976.
I thought we would be having a competition with Santa that year.

I found this cartoon when I was pregnant with him, and kept it all these years.

However, he did not arrive until Jan. 20, 1977.
Exactly 21 days late.
21 very long days to me.

The 2 pictures you think they look like the same baby??
The first one is of Brock as a newborn.
The second of his daughter, Elora.
Brock 1977
Elora 2002

Brock was a very interesting child to raise. He was opinionated from the time he was quite little. He loved to argue even,
and challenge many ideas and plans.
Made for some lovely moments as his mother.
Brock and Logan

In preschool he was the only child in the class who hid under the stage during "graduation". He wanted nothing to do with that ceremony and tried to tell me for weeks, but I thought for sure he would change his mind once he saw the rest of his class cooperating.

In kindergarten they had "hat week". E…

Our Sunday

Our little Camers, my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, is in the hospital with pneumonia tonight. Brock called to tell us as we walked in the door today after church.

So we now have Elora with us.

Elora has a cough and some laryngitis, so she has resorted to writing notes all day. I looked through her notebook of today and this is one of my favorites. She wrote this apparently early this morning:
(I will translate below.) It reads:
"Is my tooth ready to be pulled out yet?
Mommy, is Grandma Honey awake yet?"
(I'm impressed that she was thinking about me!)

As soon as she got here she did manage
to find enough voice to say to me,
"Mommy said I need a bath sometime today.
I have not had one since November."

Of course we know that is not true, should you wonder.

So she read herself a book after we got her tucked into bed
Brock, unfortunately lost all his post op nursing care when Erin left to take Camers to the hospital.

He's recovering well from his surgery I suppose but he…

Listen to this one Dr. Laura call

Wednesday evening I had a little fever so I went to bed, and took Dr. Laura with me. This one call made me laugh. Dennis was in the other room reading his book wondering what I found so funny. At first it might not make a lot of sense but just hang in there.
I loved her advice. Do you agree?

There must be a better way to bring this audio to you, but this is the only way I know.

So Brock will know...

what his 2 little sweethearts were doing while he was having his gall bladder removed...

Camers was heavy into La La Land.

Elora was watching Leave it to Beaver with Grandma Honey.
We got a good dose of those 1950s morals.
The first episode was all about telling the truth.
The next was about Beaver wearing the suit Aunt Martha
bought for him so he wouldn't hurt her feelings.
Love that show!
Elora read me the book, Miss Nelson is Missing.
I remembered reading this book to her Dad so I looked at the copyright date.
1977...the year he was born!
While Brock was in recovery the 2 sisters snuggled up close. Look at their intertwining hands.
These pictures were not posed.
While Brock's pain was escalating on the way home,
Erin slipped into Target to get his prescription,
while Elora posed for this one.

We hope you become pain free soon Brock.
I am so thankful Erin is such a sweet and devoted wife to you.
I always hoped (and prayed) you would marry someone like her!