Friday, June 20, 2008

Three Little Princesses came to live with us

Our granddaughters
Katelyn, Jessica and Emily!

A little FYI...Katelyn and Jessica are sisters, and Emily is their cousin.
at the Bakersfield airport.

Katie and Emily waiting for their luggage.
Katie told me later, "It's a good thing it stopped so I could get my suitcase!"

Katie especially loves the playroom with the little kitchen and all the dolls and dishes. Emily has already started working on her loom, busily making a hat. Jessica especially seems so grown up! It is 106' here today so they also have enjoyed the pool. We are amazed at what good swimmers they are.

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight. Katelyn was excited till she saw it. In her mind spaghetti is plain noodles with butter and parmasean. Thankfully I had some extra plain spaghetti noodles, so the day was saved.

Emily was telling us about her little brothers, Matthew 6, and Robbie 3. She said that Matt needs to learn how to control his temperature. I asked if he was sick. No, she said, but when he gets mad he looses his temperature.

As I write this Jessica is curled up on the couch with Grandpa Dennis near by watching the game, while she is working on her loom. I think she is still cold from swimming because she has a blanket over her. It is 7:30pm and it has only cooled down to 105' so far.

It is so fun having them with us! They are all SWEET, POLITE, and WELL BEHAVED.
They reek of good parenting.

Of course I had to interview them about their flight here.


grandmapeg said...

Such cute girls!!! It looks like they are having quite an adventure and it's only the first day!! It looks like you and Dennis and the girls are in for a lot of great memories.

The Gage Cage said...

What darling little girls. They are going to have so much fun with you! I love the "Aloha" and dancing at the end of the video. How nice that their parents have you so they can forget about parenting have have a care-free vacation! Have fun Grandma Honey and Grandpa Dennis! I'm excited to see the girls on Sunday in primary!

Miranda said...

Super Cute!!

Kim said...

Oh!!!! How sweet this was to read and watch tonight! We just got in and it's 10:15 Hawaii time, but on "our schedule" it is 2:15 am. It has been a long day, but this blog post was awesome to read. Thank you Grandma Jill! ;) And thanks dad for being so extra cautious to leave to the airport as early as you did! We know the girls are in such good hands! Have fun girls! We know you will!!

Carly and Enoch said...

Oh my goodness those girls are sooo beautiful!

Kris said...

Jill, Thank you for sharing these cute pictures and video! What a thrill it will be for us to check this during the week and see what the girls are up to! I got a text message from Jessica today saying how excited she was to go swimming with her new cousins! That was just the neatest thing for me to read. We sure love them and miss them!