Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa through the years

Is he not the most depressed looking Santa you have ever seen?
My brother Richard and I were from the baby boomer generation.
The line of kids was most likely huge.
I wonder how much he got paid by the hour back then.

So here we are about 20 years later.
My oldest son Brock and his cousin Robin.
They seem totally uninterested in Santa.
My guess is they are looking at bags of treats they are hoping to get.

I asked our mailman, Louie, if he would dress up as Santa for us and the neighbors.
I went with Santa Louie to 8 other houses and got pictures of our neighbors that night!
He was such a good sport.
I wonder what ever happened to him.
Logan and Brock soon as Santa took Brock onto this lap,
Brock looked up at him and said,
"You aren't Santa. You're Louie the Mailman."

Tyler about 1990 or 91
This Santa looks great but his mouth is hidden so who knows.

same year as above
How sweet the way Santa is holding his hand.

Katelyn, Emily, and Jessica as Santa.
Pretty cute!

Elora 2002
Have you ever seen a more relaxed baby on Santa's lap?
Her arms could not be more limp.
Santa is holding her like exhibit A in a science experiment.
But look at his face. I think he's the real one.


Brock said...

I LOVE this post!!!! I love all the pics with Santa!!!! I Loved taking Elora that first year to see Santa, but you are so right he is totally holding her like some sort of exhibit!!! I love this particular Santa, he is at Fashion Fair mall every year and he is the best. I should take them this year.....

Lisa said...

Those are CLASSICS! Funny & Cute all at the same time. You ought to get these framed and put 'em up every Christmas along some long wall-that would be cool!

Heidi Garvin said...

these are too precious!
i remember when tyler though his dad was THE santa. he came over to our house to tell everyone, of course.

Rebecca said...

That cracks me up....Santa the Mailman!

Dad and Susan said...

How cute! I thought it was interesting that Richard still looks the same today--Tyler and McKay too. Elora looks like a little rag doll she's so relaxed. Fun, fun pictures. Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures.

Anonymous said...

Brooke took one look at Richard's ears and said,"I think he is one of the elfs" but then she said, "don't worry he grew into them." I'd have that picture on my mantle it is so cute. Hey, I'm wondering why I have no pictures with Santa - probably the fourth child syndrome but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, my place in the family came with plenty of perks.

Jill said...

Hey Robin, now that I look at that picture again, Richard does look like an elf. I never noticed his ears were so big, but they do fit nicely on him now.

Kris said...

Oh, what fun pictures to see! What a sense of nostaligia looking back over the years. I didn't even remember taking that one of my girls- what a surprise! But I love that one because I do remember now the giggles and giggles that were so cute as they came out to show us what they had dressed up in! And Elora is so teeny there! What a cutie.

grandmapeg said...

I know I'm a day late in commenting but I was out of town. I love all of these cute pictures! I love it when you post old pictures. This is so fun to get to see all of your family pictures when you and your siblings were young!

Kathy said...

The evolution of Santa! What great pictures you have. It makes me want to dig through all my old photos. Merry Christmas, Kathy

Richard said...

big ears? Mom probably ordered them that way from the plastic surgeon we were all seeing.
I remember that event with Santa in 1956. John had just been born and wanted a pocket protector. As I recall that was the year Santa told me a pony was coming, then you started your crying and Santa said we could forget getting any animals for at least another year.

Dennis said...

That is too funny Richard. Especially the pocket protector and the pony,
Oh...Thanks for calling about the game. I didn't call back because I was recording it on the DVR and didn't want to know anything about it. I was afraid the tone of your voice might give me a hint and spoil watching it later.


Jill said...

Richard, you sure do keep Den entertained. I was in the other room decorating the tree when I heard this hysterical laughter. He was reading your comment!