Monday, December 29, 2008

Is this cute or what?

Dennis' daughter Kris surprised me with such a CUTE gift.
She MADE all this herself.
First, an apron and "Grandma Honey" chef hat.

Click to see the little jewels on the pocket.

AND a matching apron and hat for my assisting smaller chef!
Kris knows how I love to cook, and how I also love my little helpers in the kitchen.

And wait, that's not all.
She also made me a little cookbook.

A page by each of our 15 grandchildren! Their picture and recipe.
Here is a sample of what's inside. This one by Kris' daughter Katelyn, in Katie's own words.

I will cherish this forever. Not only can I have fun with it now, but it will be so fun to look back over the years to come and remember their little recipes and pictures and how they 'use to talk'.

Look what Kris was making on Christmas Eve...
A doll for each of her girls.
She had to call it quits at 4:30am, so she didn't get the hair put on yet.
Instead she put bandannas on their heads
and placed them under the tree.

Here they are all ready to come down the stairs
on Christmas morning.

Kris and Mike's children.
Katelyn, Jacob, Jessica and little Rachel in front.
Is Jacob the proud brother or what!
Thank you so much Kris! You are so thoughtful and I can't tell you how much this means that you would do all this for me.


Rebecca said...

What a cute idea. Is this the same daughter that was on the news with the children's clothes? I saw her on our noon news here! I swear these are the most darling children!

Jill said...

You did? What day was that? That may have been her twin sister Kim who has the website
I know she was on Good Things Utah again right before Christmas. Kris manages the website

grandmapeg said...

Kris is so very talented!!! These are such cute and precious gifts that I know you'll remember always. I love the cookbook with the recipes and the pictures of the grandchild whose recipe it is. Great job Kris!!

Lisa said...

That is AWESOME! It blows my mind to think of how talented your "people" are. I pray for a daughter in law like Kris someday! Really...she's super incredibly talented. Really AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Jill this is so wonderful. Of course it is because Kris is a wonderful person. You are so blest to have all of Dennis' family in your life. I just love gifts like this because they are so personall and she put much thought and love into it.
Kris- when are you coming to Fresno again? I would like to get together with you and Kim.

Dennis said...

It was a very creative gift...and to think of making scarfs for the dolls because she didn't quite have time to finish the hair. Those kids always know how to pose for photos.

I'm eager to try the recipes but I first need to find my hammer. ; )


Kris said...

Oh, wow! What a fun post that was for me to see today! I'm blushing- you're all way too kind. Thank you! I just loved making these things because I just knew how much Jill would love them. I guess that's the fun part about giving a gift. I wrote a note to attach to the gift and then forgot to send in the mail, but had she received it, it would have read, "To a grandma...who loves being a grandma." I think that says it all. We love you!

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, You really are a super grandma. What a thoughtful daughter-in-law! And oh so talented. It is a joy to watch from the outside how much joy you bring to others and they in turn give joy to you. Loved the post. Susan and Dad

Amy Nielson said...

What great gifts! Ones like this mean so much more because so much thought and time went into them.