Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob Dennis!

Our grandson Jacob is SIX today! Wow.
He is the son of Dennis' daughter Kris and her husband Mike.

How proud Grandpa Dennis is that Jacob was given his name.
Actually Dennis' middle name is Dennis...his first name is George, but that's another story.
So Jacob and Grandpa share the same middle name.

Jacob is such an interesting little boy.
For example, here is a little happening last September, in his Mom's words:

"Yesterday Mike and I were sitting at the table, opening up bills and talking. Mike opened up the city bill in which a North Logan newsletter is included each month that tells of city happenings and other items of business. Mike was reading the newsletter and said to me, "Oh, North Logan is getting a cemetery."

Jacob piped up from doing his homework and said, "I think you guys ought to go there. No worries- you can just get us a babysitter."

Jacob with his Mom and sister Rachel
Here he is on top of Uncle Tyler's shoulders
along with Karen, and his sister Katelyn.

We love you Jacob!!
Have a very Happy Birthday!
We hope our gift makes it to you today.

Want to see something really sweet?
Take a look at this.
Just minutes after Jacob's birth.


Rebecca said...

What a cute little boy! I liked the video, I especially loved how the "big sisters" were waving to him in the nursery window!

Grandmother Fairy said...

You are wonderful blogger...I love reading your entries....

Anonymous said...

This was so darling. Jacob is lucky to have this little video of himself. It is pricless.

Tell George hello for me!!

Kathy said...

What a cutie!

Dad and Susan said...

This was a breath of fresh air! The music with the video was especially sweet. What a magical family you and Dennis have. Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

That is so sweet & so beautiful. You're going to have to show me how to create that kind of video to music. What a treasure! Very beautiful Happy Birthday for Jacob Dennis!

grandmapeg said...

Kris and Mike have such beautiful children and Jacob is such a handsome boy. The video of him is so cute! It's fun for us both to have a grandson whose name is Jacob and whose middle names are their grandfather's names! Once again our lives parallel :-)

Jill said...

OH that's right, Jacob Craig and Jacob Dennis. :)

Dennis said...

Jakey, Jakey....Happy, Happy Birthday to you. I'm singing it to you right now.
I miss you.


Kris said...

Jill! Thank you so much for posting this about Jacob! We've had a busy day and what fun it was for me to show this to him this evening. Wow, seeing that video sure had me choked up. It seemed like it was just yesterday.