Thursday, December 11, 2008

A recipe and a performance

Sometimes I just want to make Dennis extra happy.
He likes beef and pork, and I rarely make either one.
He also loves Stove Top Stuffing.

So I tried this simple recipe tonight that is HIS kind of food.

This is not my picture.
I found this recipe in a magazine but I can't remember which one.

Just 3 ingredients. Put them in a 9 x 13 and bake 40 minutes.
I served it with spinach and corn, but you could serve it with whatever.
Doesn't get much easier than this.

Then my extra happy husband took me to see Elora's 1st grade Christmas performance.

See her waving at Grandma Honey.

I couldn't even pick up her friend can she??

She loves her teacher.

We had standing room only.
However a kind soul found Erin and Camers a chair,
on the front row no less.
After all the darling singing, Brock came over and ate the leftovers.
He said they were great.

Then Den and I were off to a birthday party.


Susan Rozier said...

Yummy! I had pork chops last night too that were really good. I got the recipe from the cooking class a lady in my ward gives each month. Orange zest, juice of the orange, soy sauce is what they are marinaded in and then you cook them in a hot skillet for 4 minutes on each side. Amazing how moist and tender they are. But, this recipe sounds even yummier. I'm going to try it next time I have pork chops.

I love Elora's teacher. I would like to be a Levi's person no matter the occassion as she appears to be.

Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

This sounds really good. I could probably even make it. I really don't like to cook. Don't tell my mom.
The Christmas performance looked like fun. I love those kind of things. I am just wondering if they called it Christmas or not. They called it Winterfest at our school. How sad huh?
It sounds like you are getting to be a girl about town. Dinner, a show and then a birthday party. Wow! I am glad you are having fun. Keep it up.

grandmapeg said...

This recipe sounds great!!! I think I will try it for Hailey's birthday dinner on Sunday. Thanks for sharing it. Elora and Cami are sure cute in Christmas colors and of course Erin always is cute! Brock must feel very lucky to have these three beauties in his life!

Dennis said...

Apple pie and pork chops...mixed together. It was great.
I am very spoiled.


Nate and Julie said...

It sounds and looks great! I might just have to try it!

Ronnell said...

Elora cannot possibly be that old already. Where has time gone? Have we been that busy? She is beautiful.

Kathy said...

That looks delicious. I'll have to try it. It looks like everybody had a good time at the program. Kathy

Rebecca said...

Yummy, this looks good and easy too. I will for sure be trying this one!