Wednesday, December 10, 2008

VO5 Shampoo

When Karen and Tyler were here recently we all went out to dinner one night at an Italian restaurant. Den and I were the first to arrive and as soon as we walked in I could smell something strange. It smelled like a home perm, but not in a good way.

Being my kids think I find something wrong with every restaurant we go to, I kept my opinions on this to myself. But I did ask Dennis, "Do you smell something strange?' Of course he said no. He always says no to those kind of questions.

Soon Erin and Brock arrived, along with Karen and Tyler. Then here came Amy and Austin. (Logan had to work) No one mentioned anything, so I still said nothing, not wanting to even spoil the evening in the slightest.

Then suddenly Amy says very sweetly, "I smell something like a..... uh, a home perm and it's giving me a headache."

Then Erin pipes in, "Oh thank you. I'm glad it's not just me. Yes, I smell a home perm there a salon next door?"

I said, "I don't think there is a salon next door...even if there was wouldn't they be closed down at 6:00 on a Saturday night?...Perhaps the cooks are giving perms in the kitchen?"

Amy puts her hand to her head and says, "It's hurting right here." as she rubs it.

Okay, that does it. This time I am not complaining for myself. The pregnant woman rules. I went to find a waiter. "Excuse me, but there is an odd smell in here and it is making my daughter in law sick and she's pregnant." (I even left out the part about the twins.) "Do you know what it could be? Are they perhaps washing the floors in the kitchen with some kind of chemicals?"

The waiter said she would go back in the kitchen and ask around.

She soon came back to our table, walked around to where I was, and then sort of whispered to me, "It's not our floors, I asked the manager. But ever since those 2 older ladies over there (sort of motioning with her head across the room) came in here this placed has smelled like this. Would you like to all move to the bar area?" That would be a no, thank you.

So I whispered the message to Erin and Amy and the rest of our family sitting there. Amy quietly said, "Well older ladies get their hair permed and then they straighten it out. They think it gives their hair body. So maybe they just had it done before coming to dinner."

Oh, that is what older ladies do? Oh no, I do that! I get perms and then straighten my hair too. I didn't know, uh, it's an older thing to do. Okay, well, that's beside the point.

So Erin quietly walks over to where the ladies are sitting and looks at the Christmas decorations next to them, then comes back to report to us, "Yes it's them!"

So we wait it out. The sweet looking innocent ladies eventually finish their dinner and they are out the door. The home perm smell goes with them. We eat our dinner and talk and have a good time together. Soon we are all parting ways.

Den and I are the last to leave. As we walk up to pay the bill, the manager says to us, (obviously knowing all about our dilemma), "We never use any chemicals on our floors. You would not believe what we do clean our floors with."

Okay, tell us.

"VO5 shampoo. It works great!"

I look down and around the room. Yep, those floors are clean looking.

So guess where we went after that? To the store to buy some V05 shampoo. The following Monday I decided to put a little in some warm water and wash my kitchen cabinets. It worked amazingly well. Not only are they clean but they feel so smooth and slick, with no soapy residue. It's got to be less toxic than regular cleaners, after all people use it to wash their hair. And it was only 99 cents a bottle!

We haven't tried it on our tile floors yet, but we will.
Den has been too busy lately.
I am certain we will love it.


Brock said...

I was there and yet this post is still funny to me!! I think you should have put the pic of the ladies and fuzzed out their faces to protect their identity!!! I can't wait to go and buy some V05!!!

grandmapeg said...

I sure feel sorry that you guys had to suffer through that smell of perms. I can't tolerate for even just a few minutes, let alone try to eat something while smelling it. I've never heard of the VO5 used for cleaning but it is sure worth a try. Thanks for sharing the tip!

Lisa said...

You are so funny! Vo5 huh? Well...not only do you have adventures as grandma, but I'm sure if Dennis blogged, His BLOG would be titled="Adventures With Jill!"

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Who knew? When you say "VO5" to me, it conjurs up the gel. I used to use it lightly to give my hair some sheen. So when you said they washed their floors with it, I was thinking the gel. I invisioned your being able to slide across the floors like being on ice. Obviously, I'm not aware of what the current VO5 is all about. Thanks for sharing. Love, Dad and Susan

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I've been censored! I thought it was my best comment to date and it was pulled. I guess there is no room for good comedy.


Jill said...

We love your comedy Logan. Dennis and I were both laughing as I deleted it. You just went a tad bit over the edge with that last sentence.

Rebecca said...

Wow VO5, who would have guessed? I usually use Murphy's Oil Soap, but now I want to try the V05 thing. As for the old ladies........that is awful. There is nothing worse than perm smell, except for that acrylic nail smell, uggggg. I won't go to a salon that uses that, it smells so bad.

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, now you have my curiosity peeked. You must e-mail me and tell me what Logan said that you felt you had to delete, otherwise, I will be awake all night trying to figure it out. I promise not to judge!L.O.L Kathy

Anonymous said...

this was good. It is amazing how something that was meant for one thing-like washing hair- is good for washing the floor. My grandmother cleaned everything with vinegar and water and used a newspaper for the rag. It worked great.

Jill said...

Well that is what I use on my wood floors, just water with a little white vinegar.

Ammy said...

When I was growing up we used VO5 on our hair, as it was cheap. Then when I got older and went to get my hair colored a lot (I started going gray at 16) my hairstylest told me not to use VO5 or PertPlus because it strips your hair of all of the essential oils that it needs to keep it healthy. I never thought of using it on my floors but it makes sense to why it would work. If it strips oils from your hair, it ought to strip grease and dirt from your floors.

Jill said...

Exactly, I think you are right Ammy. That must be why it works. I wouldn't use it on my hair but I will use it on my floors.

the Rich girl said...

Hahaha... I started giggling as soon as I saw the picture. That was such a fun night. I loved that after Erin got up "to see the lights" behind the women Elora had to see them, too.

And I'm using that shampoo right now! But just until I can go get my regular stuff. At least it smells good...
Even if it is destroying my hair...