happy birthday mommy

I hadn't called her Mommy since I was a little girl.
But when she was in our home the last 3 weeks of her life, that was her name, especially when I was alone with her.
The night before she died Dennis told me that if I stayed up to give her meds at midnight, he would take care of her after that. So after Dennis went to bed I stayed up and talked to her.
She was unconscious, yet I felt she heard me.
At least her spirit did.

How does one thank their mother?
There is no way, but I said the words to her.
I thanked her for raising me.
I thanked her for the person she was, for the love she had for all of us.
I told her I was very blessed to have her as my mother.
All my words seemed so shallow. Like there were no words that would do justice to my feelings.
Then I said, "Goodbye Mommy."

She would have been 79 today.
She passed from this life just 19 months ago.
I MISS her. A lot.

I feel so tremendously thankful for her.
I listen to Dr. Laura enough to know that not everyone had a childhood like mine.

Take a look at this excerpt from a video Den's daughter Kris made about my parents' life together.
It starts in 1952 at her first baby shower...and then you watch as her family grows to 8 children. Then it shows her as a grandma, and how her family just keeps growing. At the very end will be a spotlight on each of her 8 grown children...starting with the youngest Chris, who died 5 months ago, to her oldest.


Anonymous said…
First comment! I miss grandma too. Sorry but this post gave me no room for snide/sarcastic remarks. I hope I didn't let any of my fans down.

Ammy said…
I feel the same way about my Mom, Jill. No words can even come close to telling her how thankful I am for her.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for putting this up. It was so good to watch. Didn't Jason and Robin put this together? Anyway, your mom was a great lady. We all miss her very much. I know my mom does. She told me that Gaynor was very special to her.
Susan said…
Dear Jill,

This is so beautiful. I've watched this video 4 or 5 times and I'm always so touched by what a wonderful woman your mom was. Just the other day Terri told me how much she misses Gaynor. This post is a lovely tribute to her. As a mom myself, however, the lives my children live is the best tribute to me. From this perspective, you, and your siblings, are giving her the best tribute ever. I'm sure she is smiling from on high at her faithful, productive, generous, and serving children. Love, Susan
grandmapeg said…
This is such a beautiful video. Kris did a great job! What a very nice tribute this is to your mom. I still remember as if it were yesterday, when she and I first met and then how welcomed she made me feel when you took me to your parents' home. Such a grand woman. There is nothing like a mother's love!!!
Rebecca said…
This made me cry! How tender. And what a legacy your mother left. I loved watching it. Thank you for letting us see it. And how sweet of Dennis's daughter to put this together, she did a good job. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person, I wish I had known her.
The Gage Cage said…
I hope I can serve my Dad and Step Mom the way you were able to serve your mother before she died! Next to Jesus they are personal saviors to me...not to put that term lightly at all. they have done things for me that I can't do for myself and I too am SO SO SO SO thankful! I am glad I still have them around. I think I need them more now then ever before. It's true when they say the work of a parent is NEVER done! they are huge source of strength and happiness in my life!
Kathy said…
What a wonderful tribute to your "mommy". I will always hold a very special place in my heart for you mom. She always made Leonie and I feel so at home when we came to visit as kids. Even as an adult I always felt that your mom was happy to see me. Cousin Kathy
Lisa said…
My eyes were all welled up when you were talking to your mom in what you thought the words were shallow.. I felt the Spirit Jill. I mean it-then the video does that thing where your heart & throat are all swelling up with the LOVE that is YOURS through your mom & dad & all that family means....Very beautiful post. It is all so lovely. thanks for amking my day!
Anonymous said…
Sorry Jill, I am not real observent. I just read this again and saw who made the video. There was another one of them that I saw that Jason and Robin did. Where is that one? That was really good too. I am glad Kris made this. It is so great to have.
lindsay lark said…
Jill, thank you so much for posting this. It brought back so many happy memories of Rozier family functions. I don't know how I got so lucky to be born into this family.