Friday, December 19, 2008

I got to see the twins!

Does she look happy or what?

My sweet Amy (my daughter in law) invited me to her 7th ultrasound of the twins yesterday. This was way more exciting to me than watching the best movie. I kept looking at those little tiny babies swimming around in there and kept thinking, "Those are my grand babies!!"

I could not even see these stretch marks until I saw them on this picture. They are obviously a lot lighter in person.
She said she didn't mind that I showed this :)

It's good it was dark in there because I started to cry. But then as I was wiping the tears I accidentally poked myself in the eye, and that stung. I don't remember ever poking my own eye. But then I was a little distracted.

I was so excited last night that I said to Dennis, "I can't wait to see my babies tomorrow!" He looked at me kind of funny and then I said, "This is just the best way to have children. I don't have to feel any of it, only the joy part."

Oh, and it was discovered that the "girl" is definitely a girl. So she is having both a girl and a boy!

Here are some other things we learned:
Boy 143
Girl 166

Boy: 14 oz
Girl: 15 oz

Amy is 21 weeks and 4 days, but here is what they measured:
Boy: 21 weeks. 4 days
Girl: 21 weeks. 6 days

I just find this all so fascinating.

Everything looked really good according to the tech, and also the nurse practitioner. Amy was given some pictures and they were able to capture a really good profile of the little girl. I really think she has Logan's nose!

As Amy and I were walking out of the doctor's office I just turned to her and said, "We are so blessed." I couldn't help but remember how hard it was to get to where she is now. All those surgeries, Invitros, shots, pills, not to mention $$$, disappointment after disappointment, and all the anxiety to go with it...and look where she is now.

Afterwards Amy and I met Logan at the Olive Garden for lunch. I looked right into Logan's eyes and told him that his daughter looks like him. I wish I could have gotten his wide grin on my camera but Amy said if I had tried he wouldn't cooperate, so it's just as well :)

This picture was taken before I told him anything.
Candid shots work best with Logan.
These pictures just do not do Amy justice. She is beautiful but my camera does not like her for some reason. Let the picture below remind you how she really looks:


Dennis said...

As special as any baby is, it's even more special to have twins (I do have a little experience in this area). I just have one question...why is one two days more developed than the other? We all know when the magic moment occurred.


Amy Nielson said...

How fun for you to get to go see the twins! There's nothing quite like seeing babies growing inside someone. Such a miracle. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought she looked fine in all of the pictures. She is so cute.
I have a question too. How come we didn't get to see the babies????
To answer Dennis- girls mature faster than boys. Girls rock.
Any names picked out? I think Logan for the boy and Jill Karen or Karen Jill for the girl.

Lisa said...

When I see Amy in these pictures, I marvel at how BEAUTIFUL she is. SHe just "glows" and looks at peace. I love being able to read about what goes on with her & Logan. It's all such an amazing and incredible process!

You are one luck woman to have Amy for a daughter in law! What blows me away is how insanely beautiful she is let alone she's having twins! If I could look that good, my husband would be doing back flips!

I've grown to LOVE your family through these posts. Hope they don't mind! Honestly...what an amazing, amazing experience you share with them. I've always told you that you are ONE LUCKY woman!

Hard to believe the babies are coming soon and Amy looks so fit & the picture of health! You GO GIRL!!!!

grandmapeg said...

Amy looks so radiant in all of these pictures! I'd say that the pregnancy makes her look so pretty but she is always pretty and has the prettiest smile! Does she ever have a bad day? She and Logan are so cute together!!! And what a treat for you that you got to see your new grandchildren swimming around! Tell Amy thanks for letting us share her pregnancy!

Luke and Nat said...

So, so exciting...I am so happy for her and can honestly say I know exactly how she feels! To be so elated coming out of the dr's office...finally, it's about time, their healthy and many things racing thru the mind of a pregnant gal who has waited so long...can't wait to hear more special, thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

how exciting that you saw your grandbabies! Do they have any names yet?

tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful family. I always wanted twins. How fun life will be for your family!

the Rich girl said...

Yay Amy! I'm glad everything is going well with the twins! I am really excited to meet them in the next few months.

Kathy said...

Congratulations! I was in San Francisco all weekend and just read this post. How exciting. I'm so thrilled for you. Kathy