Thursday, December 25, 2008

A recap of our Christmas

I am still feeling in awe over some of the sweetest, most thoughtful,
incredible gifts our children have given to us this Christmas.
One is at the end of this post, with other blogs to follow soon.
I know I will be dreaming about our children tonight.

We began the morning with Tyler organizing the gifts under the tree.
Isn't he cute?

It's a running joke in our family trying to figure
out just what McKay is doing for his internship.
All we understand is "He is doing math research."
So this plaque is perfect for him.
He says he is going to hang it in the math lab.
Den loves old, old has beens.
and I'm not talking about me
Like old abandoned buildings, barns, cars.
He looks at all has beens and wonders what the history was behind it.
So this book is his cup of tea.
"Ghosts in the Wilderness, Abandoned America"
NO, this is not my kitchen.
It's a picture from his book...a has been kitchen.

Elora likes her Dora doll.Camers is still not feeling well but we were happy we got to see her.

I love the Christmas mess.
Erin's friend Rachel from Kansas joined us also this afternoon.

Susan's brother made these darling name frames for the girls.
He also made some for Amy's girls
but we forgot to the get a picture of them. :(

Tyler trying out the new microphone.
Who got that, I'm not sure...or why.Cam Cam perked up a little after her all afternoon nap.

I am nearly shocked at how fast the twins are growing.
I just saw her last week!
22 weeks, 4 days

Amy was having quite a conversation with her brother Ryan.
I told them to just keep talking and ignore me.
Handsome Chandler with his new glasses!
A really nice dinner with Amy, Logan and their family.

Logan really does love his mother in law Karen.
Laurynn was feeling sick all day.
Couldn't eat anything. Poor baby.

So right during dinner Logan said,
"Okay, she's suffering. I'm taking her to the store to get her something she can drink. "
And off they went. He's such a good Dad.

Beautiful Kylie

Macie got a nail kit.
She's already too cute.

Laurynn wanted to show us that Logan now looks like
one her favorite authors, Shel Silverstone.

Look what they gave us for Christmas!!!
A photo blanket. We love it!!!
Isn't it incredible?


Mary said...

A Christmas surrounded by family--that's the very best kind! Merry Christmas to you all!

Luke and Nat said...

Jill, is McKay doing the math thing at BYU??? I thought maybe he might cousin, Jeremy West is completing his master's at BYU and is in the math dept and does a lot with research and students??? I don't know exactly what he does but I wonder if they know each other?? He might recognize him if they are in the same dept because he was injured and paralyzed for a short time in a paragliding accident so he was in a wheelchair in the dept for several good to hear your family had a good xmas...Merry Christmas!

Jill said...

Natalie...I think McKay probably knows your cousin because I remember him telling me about that accident! I will ask him when he gets back this afternoon. So that is your cousin? I had no idea. Your mom or dad's side?

Kim said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the Christmas mess too. And I cracked up seeing McKay at the kid's table -- love the kid's table. :) And that blanket is beautiful! What a great idea!!


grandmapeg said...

I loved seeing all of the pictures! It's too bad you had some sick grandkids, but at least Cami perked up a little after her nap...poor thing. Logan is a lot more handsome than Shel Siverstone and the blanket is WONDERFUL!! They'll just have to do an updated one next year with those twins! I didn't see a picture of you so you'd better put one on soon!

tammy said...

Love all the pics. You really have a beautiful family. Christmas is best when surrounded by those you love. And I love old stuff too, just like your hubby.

Susan Rozier said...

This was such a fun blog to read with all the pictures and varied subjects. The blanket is awesome! I can't wait to see it in person.! You have a fun family and your recording of it is such a talent. Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

WOW! What a Christmas you all had! Looks like loads of fun and LOVE that photo blanket! You have such a beautiful family Jill!