Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dennis' cousin

We just found out last night that Dennis' cousin in Mesa, Arizona died the day before Thanksgiving. Her funeral is today.
She was only 47, the mother of 8 children.

Shelley M. Shelley Conway with her husband and children.
Below is what her husband wrote today on his blog: shelleyshelleyconway.blogspot.com

I know you don't know her, but this is worth reading:

"I have been thinking for several weeks what I was going to write if and when this time would come. It has not helped to think about it. Shelley my best friend for over 25 years passed away peacefully with family and friends by her side at 6:15pm Wednesday November 26 2008. We met in October 1982. I must admit I was so attracted to her the first time we met. I didn't even have the courage to ask her out. I found out later that she had seen me singing in a church function and turned to the person next to her and said "I am going to marry that guy". She was in charge of a young single adult outing to the snow. At church she asked me if I would be interested in going snow skiing. I said sure what time. When I showed up at 4am that Saturday it was only me and Shelley. I have for over 25 years given her a hard time about that, but the truth is she was so embarrassed. I think it was one of those supposed to happen kind of things. We talked all the way up to Sunrise Ski Resort and I knew before we got there that I wanted to spend eternity with her. We were married 4 months later. When you know, why wait. Our life together has been one of those fantastic rides. She has been a great friend, wife, mother, teacher, money budgeter, handy women, wanting to please everyone, giver, companion, confidant and many many more. I could tell Shelley anything. It didn't mean she wouldn't get mad at me for the bone headed things that I had done but she had a way to always make me feel good afterwards. This last week has been hard to watch. Everyday she would get worse and worse. I had been wondering what it was that was keeping her here because she was in so much pain. Shelley called for me on Friday night and when I got to her side she asked me to tell her that I loved her which I promptly did. She told me that she loved me and named all of the children and said she loved them also. She then said that she would see me in 30 to 40 years. She then kissed me and would not let me go. We both just cried. The next day she told me that she thought she was going to die that night because she saw many people in our room looking ready to help her to the other side. By Sunday night she had suffered several strokes and was unable to talk. When I came in at 11pm she woke up and I let her know that everything was ready for her to go, all she could do was put up her hand in the OK sign. So here I am its 12:30 am Thursday morning can't sleep and all the kids are in bed, I wish that I knew what she was doing. For 25 years we have done everything together and have always known what the other was doing. This I see will probably be the hardest thing for me. I love and miss her already. We have not put together the dates and times of the funeral but below is what I will be putting in the paper. I am leaning toward a viewing Monday night and the funeral Tuesday morning. If any of you have a special memory of Shelley please don't hesitate to post a comment because I think that someday it will be nice for our younger children to read. Thank you all so much for the things that have been done for Shelley and our family, I have been truly humbled."

After a short but courageous battle with cancer Shelley Marie Conway was called home on November 26, 2008. Born May 15, 1961, Shelley a native to Arizona was named Shelley M. Shelley and nicknamed Shelley Squared. She graduated from LDS business college in Salt Lake City and moved back to where the weather is always warm, Arizona. After returning she married her eternal companion and started to raise a family. She raised 8 children and one husband. Even though a full time mother she always made time to help and be involved with serving others i.e. church, school, sports, politics, and scouting. She knew by serving others she was serving God which fulfilled her life in every way. Shelley is survived by her husband and best friend Michael, her first daughter Britney, sons Taylor, Gannon, Colter, Lincoln, Prescott, Briggs, and last daughter Zaida Coleen. Her father Eldon Shelley of Mesa Arizona. Brothers Robert Shelley of Gilbert Arizona and Richard Shelley of Delta, Utah, sisters Lyn Bracken of Layton, Utah and Eldona Stevens of Santa Rosa, California. She is also survived by over 100 nephew and nieces not counting the many aunts uncles and cousins. A viewing will be held at Buelers mortuary Dec 2, between ? and ?. Funeral services will be Dec 3 at ?am located at the San Tan Stake Center on Ranch House Drive inside Power Ranch


Rebecca said...

Oh this is so sad. Had she been ill long, it says a short time, I think this man wrote such a sweet tribute to his dear eternal companion! It just makes me want to be a better wife to my sweetheart after reading this. I especially liked the obituary. I think it was so well written,I feel like I know her by reading this. Please tell Dennis I am sorry for the loss of his relative.

grandmapeg said...

This is such a loving tribute from her husband. It sounds like they had a wonderful marriage and companionship. This really does encourage all who read it to make the most of their marriage and family life. Give Dennis our condolences.

Jill said...

Shelley and Dennis were 11 years apart so he knew her while growing up but he was closer with her older siblings. The way I understand it is she had cancer that wasn't diagnosed until just several weeks ago.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, this was so touching. Your dad told me to take Kleenex when I read it. I can see why. Hopefully, their large family can comfort one another. Plus, they have the Gospel which also brings peace and understanding. However, because we are all "natural man" creatures, we have to suffer these losses and it does hurt, as you well know. Our condolences to Dennis and all the family. Love, Dad and Susan

Kathy said...

Jill, please let Dennis know that we are thinking of him and praying for his family. It sounds like his cousin had a happy marriage that left behind quite a legacy.
Much love you all. Kathy

Mary said...

I will certainly pray for the Shelleys and Conways. We used to have Shelleys in our ward when we lived in Mesa. I don't recall the parents' names, but their youngest daughter's name was Myra. I remember she was something of a miracle child. She's be in about her mid-30s now, I think. I wonder if she's related to Dennis, since he has family in the Mesa area.

Lisa said...

Wow....this brought tears to my eyes.

I read the weeks events & it all looked so happy. It's weird reading about Shelley then your Thanksgiving 4 days with Tyler & Karen, etc....I'm having a million emotions all at once. As usual-you post beautifully.

The Gage Cage said...

That is one experience I hope I don't have at to young an age. Both she and her husband are obviously faithful and courageous. Stories like their make me determined to live life to the fullest and in the most positive way I know how! Thank you for sharing this story Jill.