Sunday, March 1, 2009

A shower for Amy

When Amy opened up this gift, she read outloud the saying on little onsies, "Explosive but worth it."

I had to correct her. "No, no Amy, they say,
"Expensive but worth it."
I was still laughing about that one as the next gifts were opened!I feel I really blew it yesterday. I meant to take pictures of all the guests, and certainly of Crystal and Marianne, who put on this wonderful shower. I did manage to get a picture of my very loved neighbor Dee (in the one above)

Cute little Macie still manages to find room on her Mom's very crowded lap.
Kylie, Macie, Laurynn
I think they like baby showers.
Is this sweet or what?
Marianne's creative way to give diapers!

Crystal's beautiful home with Marianne's decorations...little sweet pea flowers, with split peas on the tables.
Amy is 32 weeks today!


Dennis said...

How come I wasn't invited? Looks like fun.


grandmapeg said...

That was so nice of Amy's friends to give her this shower. I especially liked the way the diapers were packaged, although I don't know of too many people that use cloth diapers anymore, but maybe I'm wrong since I never really ask any of the moms what they use. Where are the high chairs you gave her? I wanted to see those! Amy is still looking as beautiful as ever!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hey Dennis, How come I wasn't invited? L.O.L. No, seriously, I love seeing the photos and explosive or not it's gonna be expensive raising twins. ha!ha!ha!
That girl is just gorgeous pregnant.

Mary said...

The countdown is getting more and more exciting!

Kris said...

Oh how fun! Wish I was there! LOVE those little tees.

Anonymous said...

It was a very fun shower. Oh the people having one baby that would love to look as cute as Amy. Still can't believe she's having twins.
Auntie Robin

Sarah said...

She looks great - especially at 32 weeks with twins! Looks like a great shower!

Dad and Susan said...

Dear Jill,

It WAS a delightful shower Jill! I was so impressed with the creativity in decor and in the name tags, games, invites, cards for advice, etc. Truly, these gals are talented and they were not shy in sharing that to the fullest extent.

It was also fun to have a ride in the country, so to speak. The orchards in full bloom were a treat to experience.

Okay, Amy, we're just waiting for you TO TAKE IT EASY so those little guys can stay where they'll be safe until the right time.

Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

That shower looked absolutely divine! She sure looks lovely doesn't she? All the photos are really nice and the kids sure looked cute. Food looked yummy too!

Marianne said...

Hi, this is Marianne... the one who gave the cloth diapers (and did the decorations for the shower). I don't know of anyone who uses these anymore, either, at least not in the traditional sense. These days we use them for burp cloths. Since they're not cute, it's not bothersome to use them to clean up puke. I love them. They've actually evolved in our house from burp cloths to drool/snot rags... baby's growing up :) And by the way, Jill, I'm glad you didn't get a picture of me. It was such a busy day, I didn't have time to do me up.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I have the same question as Dennis.
Anyway, it looks like fun and I am glad it went well. I think Amy is going to need more diapers than that. ha ha. That is really cute though. I have seen it before but not with cloth ones.

Amy, where did you get that top? I want one!!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Karen, I got my top from Ross for only $7. I couldn't pass that up! Thanks for everyones comments. It was a great shower and I have the best friends ever.

Kim said...

Looks like a fun shower! Amy - have you announced the names yet? :) I love the photo of you and the girls, too.