Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss Jessica!

This picture did something to me over 10 years ago.
Before Den and I even met, he emailed this to me.
These are his 2 very first grandchildren,
Jessica and her cousin Emily.

He also sent me these 2 pictures.
This little baby made Den into a Grandpa.Any man who is this proud of his grandchildren...
Well I was falling for him before I even laid eyes on him, and I really think these pictures had something to do with it.

If he was using his first granddaughter to win my heart, well it was working!

Good job Grandpa!

Love this one of Jess and her Daddy.
Every little girl should have a Dad like Mike.
Doesn't she look like a little baby model?
One of my favorite stories about Jessica happened the year I met her, when she was only 2.
Her dad's birthday was coming up so Kris took Jessica with her to buy Mike a watch for his present. She told her several times "don't tell Daddy we got him a watch for his birthday"

So soon after they got home Jessica fell asleep on the couch. In walks Mike and I guess he got near the couch...while Jess was asleep, she sort of rolled over...and as soon as she saw her dad she said, "We got a watch for your birthday." She wasn't even completely awake when she told him! Den and I still laugh about that.

Her Mom decorated the front door for Jessica the day she got braces.

Jessica is so mature, kind, and tries so hard ALWAYS to do what is right. She mothers those around her. While she was here with us last summer I noticed several times her putting others' needs before her own. Most females do not really learn this until they have actually become mothers. She just wants everybody to be happy and safe. Jessica is thoughtful and considerate.

Happy 12th Jessica!
We love you, and can't wait to see you again hopefully soon!

Now a little message from Grandpa:

"Jessica...when you were just a baby, I thought I loved you more than was possible. But now, almost 12 years later, I love you so many more times than I could describe."


Lisa said...

That is about one of the LOVELIEST things I've ever read. I would have fell for Den too! Jessica sounds like the DELIGHT of every body's heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Richard said...

Your grandkids are lucky to have such an involved and giving grandmother. I can't help but believe that our mother would have done much the same had the technology existed 25 years ago! Keep up the great work. You are binding the generations together through your love and diligence!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Happy Birthday Jessica!! It was so great to meet you last summer. We can't wait to see you again. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Kris said...

Thank you so much Jill for posting this today! What a special day it is in our home. We sure love this girl to pieces. She's growing up way too fast. Dad, your message to her made me cry. Thank you so much for the wonderful example you are in her life.

grandmapeg said...

What a beautiful young lady and now in YW's!! As any parent and grandparent knows, the years go by too fast. I'm sure Jessica must have inherited the 'mothering' instinct from Kris. Another great posting!!!

Brock said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jessica, you are the best! I have thought so since the first time that I met you. I won't get all old on you and tell you how long ago that was, and how cute you were then.. okay well I won't pinch your cheeks or anything! I hope that my girls grow up to be a lovely young woman just like you! Have a great day.

Dad and Susan said...

This is so beautiful Jill. Dennis was a looker then and is still one now! Your granddaughters are lovely. We echo Richard's comments that you are a great historian and are doing a valuable service with your superior blogging/preserving family history skills. Love, Dad and Susan

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What a sweet grandpa! Jessica is a little beauty. I loved how her mom decorated the door when she got braces. How clever. I agree with Richard too. Your mother was the glue in your family and she has passed the torch to you. I'm proud to be your cousin!

Ronnell said...

You guys have beautiful grandchildren Jill.

Kim said...

Jessica is beautiful inside and out. I'm grateful to live so close to her. She is a good example to Em, too.