Party of 1

The day before we picked up my granddaughter Elora to spend the night with us, I had started to put a few Easter decorations out. There is something about Elora and plastic eggs. I knew she was up to something when I spotted the eggs had disappeared.

I asked her what she was doing.

She said she was having a treasure hunt. does one have a treasure hunt by themselves?
I didn't want to disturb creativity in action to ask.

I heard her talking to herself, saying things like, "I hope I don't forget where I hide the eggs." At one point she came to me looking for a pencil so she "could write the clues"
This fun went on for a good hour or more.

Right before her parents came to pick her up, I told her it was time to clean up. She put the eggs back, even made her bed from the night before.

After she was gone, I started thinking about her treasure hunt. I opened each egg...nothing inside. What did she do with the clues? I suddenly wanted to read them.

I had to wait for her to get home from school the next day, and then swimming lessons, so I could call and ask her. She said she put them in the pot in the playroom.
Of course.
Why didn't I think of that? I opened up each clue. I think you can make out some of these words.

Love the way she spelled computer, "The comepoter" and refrigerator, "figeyrater"

So apparently each clue lead to the next one. She put all the clues in the eggs, hid them, and then went and found them herself.

It all made her so happy.

Oh how I love little people.


Karen Mortensen said…
This is way too cute. What an imagination. I don't know what this means but what she did actually seems fun to me and like something I might have done. Way to go Elora.
This is so sweet. She has a creative mind. I hope she never loses that childlike imagination.
Richard said…
I think we should bring hailey over to give her a spelling lesson:)
Carly said…
Wow, she looks like a mini version of Erin in that picture. So cute!

C Dawn's bucket said…
How delightfully fun! I may have to copy her idea with my boys. I think they would really enjoy it. Your delight in being a grandma inspires me to be a better mom. Thanks!

Brock Heasley said…
Richard, I too think we should arrange a play date... spelling optional! Sadly she gets her poor spelling skills from me. Jill I was wondering what she was giving you directions to! This is so fun to read what she was up to while we were gone.
Grandma Honey said…
Well I think all 6 year olds have so called "poor" spelling. But I think most would not even attempt the harder words. Not Elora, she loves to write and so she does!
Kris said…
What a great treasure to put this story and interaction in writing! What a sweetheart.
grandmapeg said…
How cute is this!!!! Elora keeps herself entertained, doesn't she? For a 6 year old, she is doing well with the spelling. This is definitely a fun posting!
Anonymous said…
This is so so cute! We love hearing about the Exceptional Elora. Love, Dad and Susan
Lisa said…
Gotta love a girl who knows how to entertain herself! Actually, she's a very clever girl. I can't believe she's in swimming lesson now. I always thought that was a summer activity, but then what do I know? CUTE POST and what fun to be a grandma!