Another shower for Amy!

We decided at the baby shower Saturday
that Amy looks like she is a month over due,
if this were a single pregnancy.

34 weeks yesterday!Interestingly to me anyway, being I've never had twins, Amy says the front of her stomach is numb. So if someone touches it or accidentally bumps into her, she can't feel it.

Susan Tanner, above, is her wonderful visiting teacher.
She and her daughter Gill hosted this shower for Amy.

I took many pictures but my camera was acting funny that day. It tends to do that around Amy for some reason. So while I took pictures of most all her gifts and guests, some just did not turn out. With my older eyes, I can't tell if a person's eyes are closed or if the picture is too dark, etc. until I come home and put them on my computer.
So here is what I could get:Susan actually made her these gorgeous blankets.
Bet you can't guess who wrapped her gift in the bag below!
Macie, Kylie, and Laurynn loved the stairway in Susan's house.
A very child friendly back yard, too.
Can you believe this gorgeous homemade food?
Some more of the guests:

Melanie and Amy

LaurynnI'm related to Barbara (below) in some way by marriage.
Something to do with my Aunt Leonie, and her grandfather.

Gill, above, just found out yesterday that her 4th baby will be a girl!

Kelly and Nicole

Bev, Linda, and NancyAmy's mom Karen, with Kylie
Gill Dockstader giving Amy some advice on nursing twins
Thank you Susan and Gill. This was such a wonderful shower and I know Amy will remember it forever. I will, too.


Yolanda said…
Barbara Knudson is the granddaughter of your Aunt Leonie's second husband. His name was Bryant Rees.
Grandma Honey said…
Oh wow, thank you Yolanda! I do remember Bryant Reese but I could never quite get where Barbara came in. Of course, now that fits together. I do remember one of Bryant's sons from years and years ago. I wonder if that is Barbara's father or uncle. I can't remember his name.
Lisa said…
I'm impressed with your tech savvy ways Jil! I'm also going to remember Amy's Twin journey and shower even though I wasn't even there! It's been so much fun and you can really SENSE the SHEER EXCITEMENT of these much awaited babies! I feel especiallye excited for the twins because they are entering a world where they are going to be SURROUNDED by LOVE, HUGs & a FOREVER FAMILY & FRIENDS. Every child who comes into the world with such anticipation would be so lucky!
Rebecca said…
I think Amy looks great. Also, this shower looked fun, especially the food!
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures...however I thought I was cuter than that:( was wonderful having you all in our home! I love Amy!!!
Grandma Honey said…
Grandmother Fairy, you are definitely way cuter than that picture :)) It's my camera. As much as I love my camera and thankful I have it, it does not capture people the way they really are.
grandmapeg said…
From the pictures it looks like everything at the shower looked great from the gifts to the food and most of all Amy. I don't see how she doesn't have a constant backache the way it looks like she is carrying those babies so low, but she sure is a trooper! Like I've said before, I don't even know her personally but I'm so excited for her and Logan!
Yolanda said…
Rick Rees is Barbara's father. He was a pediatrician in Oakhurst but has now retired and lives in SLC I think? Her uncle's name is Bill.
C Dawn's bucket said…
I love the "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" onesies. How FUN!!!!
Grandma Honey said…
I love those onsies, too Cynthia! So creative.
And Yolanda, Bill Rees was the one I knew for a short time a long time ago...the 1970s I think?
Anonymous said…
I see a familiar face in these photos! I did a community theatre production of Sound of Music with Nicole a few years ago. small, small world!
Such sweet photos, looks like Amy had a beautiful shower!
Grandma Honey said…
OH yes that's right Heidi!! I do remember that. What a great play that was.