A surprise for Lindsay Lark

Happy Birthday to my niece Lindsay!Here she is with her niece Hailey.

Next month she graduates with a MASTERS in social work.

Brock put together a little video for her...
to sort of bring her back to 1983, the year of her birth.
It's a mixture of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas that year.

Lindsay is the baby in this video. As you can tell from the video, she is a very loved part of our family.

You will see 5 family members who are no longer with us, including the one filming the original video.


This is so sweet. Lindsay was so cute. She still is.
Lisa said…
That's the Coolest Birthday Treat I've ever seen! Loved the fast paced, upbeat nature of this woman's life! Ver cool! Happy Birthday & Congrats!!!
lindsay lark said…
Wow, what a surprise! I'm having a hard time seeing through my tears to type this- I can't think of a better birthday present. I was just getting ready to climb into bed when I decided to quickly check your blog and it was by far the best part of my day. Thank you so much, I don't know how I got so lucky to be born into such a wonderful family!
Kris said…
Wow! What a neat, neat video. Very nice Brock. I love the music and the video images are absolutely priceless. Happy birthday Lindsay!
Brock said…
Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay!! You were gorgeous even then! Hope your day was extra special.
I commented on this before you added the picture of Lindsay and Hailey. That reminded me of a whole bunch of things. Especially how kind and dedicated she was to Hailey's mom, her sister, Robin. Lindsay is truly an amazing woman.
grandmapeg said…
A fun video and Brock did a wonderful job. I'm sure your niece Lindsay enjoyed it and what a cute baby she was! I love the fact that you celebrate your family and friends' birthdays on your blog. It makes everybody feel special!! You are an awesome person!
Dennis said…
Happy Birthday, Lindsay. It's too bad I wasn't there back in 1983. I would have been your favorite uncle. ;)

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Lindsay. What a darling picture of you and Hailey. I'm not sure who is cuter!
You remind me a lot of your Aunt Laurie when your hair is long. Hope your day was great.
Auntie Robin
Richard said…
That is priceless. Thank you Brock and Jill!!!
How terrific to have all of these wonderful memories recorded! I loved seeing this.