Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nine people on the road?

Don't tell me.
I don't even want to know how Logan and Amy and the 7 kids went on a trip this week to the beach in an 8 passenger car.

I don't want to know how Logan must have ridden his motorcycle while Amy must have driven the van.

So I didn't ask. What we don't know, can't hurt us, right?

But I can very happily show you pictures of their trip.

The exciting thing is they stayed at Natalie's home...Logan's cousin. OH she must have felt invaded, but I'm sure it was a very nice invasion. And I can tell they all LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Did we think they could not find room to sleep? Well they did.

4 kids on the floor and 1 on the couch.
Logan and Amy slept in the bedroom with the babies.
Natalie slept at a friend's house.
Austin, Chandler, Laurynn, Natalie, Macie, Kylie

Amy was telling me how incredible it is that Natalie has all the kids personalities pegged. She knows how different each one is, and reads them like a book.

The Cousins, Logan and Natalie...born just 2 1/2 months apart.

5 in a row.
Such good kids they are.

Is this not a great picture! Only too bad Logan was not in it.

The worried looking travelers below.
Jonas and Téa...or as Natalie refers to them, "Logan and Loganette"

"No Téa, not like that. Watch me. Punch like this!"
Practicing karate

Jonas still has that charming Lollipop Kid look
I wish I had pulled some pictures off of Amy's camera showing Natalie's apt. I meant to but gave back her camera before I did. Her home is so cute! I love what I saw.

Thank you Natalie for calling me yesterday with all the details.
I wish I could have been there just to watch it all!

Natalie said Amy and Logan are raising wonderful children who will in turn raise wonderful children. Then she added, "What a legacy."

Kylie sums up her feelings by writing in the sand.


Anonymous said...

For the record, its a scooter not a motorcycle.

The trip was good. Not too stressfull, lots of laughs and the kids did pretty good too. Most of the pictures you put up are during the few hours I was not there. I had to leave early to make it for work. But I was there most of the trip.


Mary said...

We spent many nights of our childhood crashed on relatives' floors and couches when we traveled. Ahhh, good memories!

I don't miss California all that often--the lakes and pines of the mountains are my happily adoptive home. Still, I do sometimes fondly think about and miss the ocean...

Eileen said...

Oh, what fun!
It looks like a great trip! The pictures were beautiful.
It brings back family trip memories for me (from my own childhood, and also of my husband and I trekking five kids around), those were great times!
They are building wonderful memories.
Thanks for sharing!
(I can't believe how fast the twins are growing! Both so adorable!)

Kris said...

Oh, those are such cute, cute pictures!! Looks like they had a really good time. Good for them for making the trip!

Jill said...

Logan...I wish I had more pictures of when you were there, but I think I put up all I had. What memories you all made this week. Natalie was telling me how the kids were all so disappointed when you had to leave to go to work.

Rebecca said...

What fun! Where was this beach?

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

pismo and grover

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Cute pictures. Looks like a fun vacation. Nat rocks. That is cool that she let everyone stay there and she left.
I love the pictures of the twins and also the writing in the sand. That was really cool.
Question- Why does Amy look so good after having twins? What is her secret? Please share!!!

grandmapeg said...

I wondered how they all traveled anywhere together now that they have the twins, so thanks for unknowingly answering that question :-) It looks like they had a fun time, and that was so nice of Natalie to put them up. What memories they will have of this trip! Thanks for sharing their trip.

Richard said...

I admire all of them for their energy and adventuresome attitudes...Natalie too!!

Lisa said...

Looks like FUN! Beautiful posts & pics.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What great photos. I can't believe how much Nathalie looks like her mother.

Sue said...

What a darling family! I love the sand writing at the end.