Thursday, June 18, 2009

No pictures of the patient, but...

Dennis' daughter, Kris, is home from the hospital and is much better, but still has to stay in bed.

Her sister Kim, sent us this note along with pictures today.
Sort of shows the new normal around there.

Hi Dad and Jill,
Here are some photos from around here. Crazy, crazy days for sure. :) The Lego towers on the dresser are things the kids made for Kris. :) And of course, the line of medications, gloves, Clorox wipes, etc. and part of the ritual around here.
Kim :)

Rachel doesn't look too happy having to wear a mask to see her Mommy.

Jessica, Katelyn, and Jacob

I also wanted to show the pillows up close that Kim made for the twins. I stopped by Amy and Logan's today to get pictures of them.If you would like to make a pillow like these, you can check out Kim's website at and put "personalized name pillows" in the search, and they will come up.


Eileen said...

Poor Rachel! How do you make a little one understand something like this?

Kim did a beautiful job on the pillows! So personal and so personally decorated with the colors and patterns of each crib bedding. She's extremely talented.

Loved all the pictures, and love the lego tower! Thanks for sharing!
Praying for a full and QUICK recovery,

Rebecca said...

Oh I am so glad she is home from the hospital! And those pillows............I am not sure I could do them, but they are darling.

Lisa said...

Kim should be a photographer. Those pillows are so dang sweet. The first thing you think of is..."OH...I gotta make one for uh...uh..." You know..just make one for ME! I'm glad you gave us her link! COOL. T

grandmapeg said...

The kids look like they are ready for surgery :-) I'm sure the legos have cheered their mom up! I'm glad Kris is feeling better and is at least home. I hope she has a speedy recovery. I love those pillows that Kim made! They are so cute!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mary said...

So glad to hear Kris is on the mend. I just hope the mutated viruses that hit in the fall won't be a horrible as predicted. We'd all better get used to the clorox wipes, etc...

Jill said...

I hear you Mary. I've been reading about the pandemic of 1918, and it's not good.

Dennis said...

It looks like three are getting ready for the medical profession. But one is not too excited about it. I'm sure it's not fun to not be able to hug and kiss your Mom.


Kim said...

Hi Jill! You're so sweet to post about this -- Kris really appreciates everyones thoughts and prayers. I think (hope!) everyone is getting better. Kris has been sleeping most of the day so that is good. It's hard for her to not be able to get up and do things like she would like to. Thanks for posting those pillow photos, too! It's fun to see what they look like in their room. That made me smile. :)

Love you,

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Those pillows are so cute. Good job you guys.

Sorry to hear that Kris is sick. I hope you are feeling better soon.