Monday, June 8, 2009

A day from Heaven

...that's what it felt like.Téa Layelle
Jonas Logan
They were blessed yesterday at church by their Daddy.

Then lunch at our house afterwards.
All the foods Amy requested...right Amy?

Amy says she never feels full. Well, she is eating for THREE!
Some very special moments shared today

One of the most special of the day: The opening song just happened to be, "How Firm a Foundation." That was the very song that I turned on immediately after knowing my mom had passed away. As we sang it, I thought about her, and wondered if she were with us yesterday.

Austin literally cannot get enough of his little brother and sister.
He wants to hold and nurture them always.
We couldn't find Elora and Laurynn for a few moments.
Turns out they were in the other room "talking". Having a girl moment. The first one I have ever known them to playing, just talking!

Cami always darts straight to Great Grandpa Rozier when she sees him.
It's almost magical the way she adores him. I wish she would react to me like that.

Elora made "place mats" for everyone.
I didn't even realize what she was doing. She just found some paper and some crayons and went to work.
Brock, Cami, Erin, Elora

What a big family they have now.
Amy and Logan and their 7 children
Austin holding the full one, while Amy nurses the hungry one.
She usually nurses them at the same time, but not when there's lots of people around :)

Doesn't Jonas sound like such a man child?


Richard said...

What a beautiful family! And yes I do believe mom was there for the event yesterday...

grandmapeg said...

How cute is this!!!! Such a blessing these sweet babies are and what a wonderful addition to your family. There's so many pictures I don't want to take up space to comment on each but they are all wonderful, and I'm sure your mom was there! I loved the place mats Elora made. It looked like great food too, as always! Thanks for sharing your day!

Lisa said...

You're not kidding when you say a day in HEAVEN. I felt teary looking at all the precious moments and readint. What a beautiful heavenly filled day. That is the essence of the Gospel. It truly brings the sweetest of blessings and a heart overflowing with joy. Beautiful, beautiful family.

Eileen said...

Such a heart-warming post! I loved every picture and I loved every word.
I got to the bottom and had to start over again!
And I think I'll be going back for thirds!
You are truly Blessed!

And, of course your Mom was there! And she brought you the gift of the song too!

Such a special day. Such peace. Such joy.

I always enjoy visiting here.

Jake said...

What a sweet and tender day for all of you. Thank you for letting us see!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

These babies are too cute. What a great weekend you had.

Kris said...

Oh, what a wonderful day!!! And such a beautiful picture of the family all together. I especially love the one of Jonas sleeping on Austin. What a priceless picture. What a loving and protective older brother.

Ammy said...

Those babies are PRECIOUS. They are growing so fast...and I am only seeing pics of them.

Ammy said...

We are going to be in your ward on July 6th...I hope to be able to visit with you!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What beautiful family and lovely celebration. I love the way you record all these special moments.

tracie b said...

nurse tracie here! i had to check in and see how these babies were growing. they are both so beautiful. even more so than when they were born, who would believe it was even possible?!
i love your blogs.

Jill said...

So nice to see you here Nurse Tracie!! I just sent Amy an email to let her know!