Sunday, June 28, 2009

Side by side in Sacramento

We got to attend church in Sacramento today.
The above picture may look like just one of our churches.
But look again.
It's 2 of our churches side by side, sharing the same parking lot. I've never seen that before...not here in California.

So I had a hard time deciding which one to attend. We went to one, then another, and then finally back to the first one. That's where we stayed.

I would have changed back again (I love change) but I can only put my husband through so much.

I really liked this one talk today by a young woman on attitude. I think it was her father, she said, who when he read her stories he would end with:
"And they chose to live happily ever after."

No, we didn't go all the way to Sacramento just to go to church. We went up Friday for the graduation of one of Den's employees from the police academy. It was actually held in Yuba City, but we stayed, thankfully, in Sacramento, at this hotel:Looks good huh?
And it was beautifully decorated.
However, look at breakfast:This was where the yogurt was suppose to be.
Dennis was looking forward to it, but they said they were all out.
They said to come back next week, their shipment would probably be in by then.

So they think we were going to come back next week just to eat their yogurt??

When the kitchen helper told me this I must have looked at her strange because then she said,
"Or you can go to the front desk and buy some yogurt there."

Oh, so they are out of yogurt unless we want to buy it at the front desk?

Yes, they had eggs and sausage. They said they also had some homemade muffins but the "construction men staying here" came in earlier and ate all of those. (btw, breakfast was served 6-10am and it was only about 8am)

They did not even have any oatmeal. I was telling the maintenance man this when he came to fix our squeaky bathroom door a few hours later, and he said he would bring me some oatmeal from his home if we were still there next week. He said he and his wife buy oatmeal by the big boxes at Costco. Kind maintenance man.

Somehow it just did not seem right to us.

So Dennis settled for Fruit Loops.

I guess he chose to live happily ever after.


Eileen said...

Jill, you are so funny, I busted out laughing when I read some of these lines!
It's good you can keep a sense of humor at the insanity around you! And I loved your last line about your husband choosing to live happily ever after, what a nice way to tie in everything!

Well, in spite of the lack of choice in your breakfast menu, you sound like you had a nice trip!
Nice post.
I enjoyed it a lot, made me smile!

Anonymous said...

I think we need an intervention.

grandmapeg said...

LOL...I don't know which was funnier, the thought of you going to both of the churches before you decided which one to go to or the fact that you were having the squeaky bathroom door fixed. I thought you would have changed rooms :-) I say that lovingly because of our experience on the Oakland trip and changing rooms at the hotel. Anyway, you made me laugh. I absolutely love the line about choosing to live happily ever after!! That is so true! And concerning breakfast...well, it's good that you read Marie Osmond's book, Might As Well Laugh About It Now :-) I just finished that book yesterday and loved it!!! Thanks for your post about it.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Well it seems to me that Father in Heaven must have seen how disconcerting it was for ya'all to have less than stellar choices on the breakfast menu and so he kindly provided a choice of places of worship.

So glad that you "chose" to live happily ever after. I'm thinking I may have to start incorporating that line into our family life.

Glad you are home safely!

Benjamin said...

What a weird experience. I love those academy graduations. It is such a big deal to pass through one of those training courses. I love Sacramento area too. It's so beautiful. Nice that you got away for a bit, huh?

Benjamin said...

Oops. I was doing some stuff for my son Ben. I got to log out of his email. : ) Lisa

Jill said...

I agree Lisa,it is a huge deal graduating from the police academy. And the picture there is not of the 8 graduates...rather those 4 were standing there and orchestrated the flag salute. A very patriotic feeling during the ceremony. I was so impressed.

Richard said...

You could have gone to Haileys house, but you probably would have been served Fruit Loops there too. Says no one in their household can spend any money until they can afford to buy her a dog!

Rebecca said...

I can't believe they ran out of food so early. And two churches so close.........I have not seen that even here in Utah! Were they both holding meetings at the same time?

Jill said...

Oh I thought churches side by side would be common in Utah. Yes they had meetings at the same time. One building had 2 wards, and the other had 3.

Richard said...

I've seen side by side LDS Churches in Turlock, CA, St. George, and Orem...there must be other places too.
BTW, now I know why Wendy refers to your husband as "St. Dennis"

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

What an interesting weekend. That breakfast thing was very strange. Dennis is a real trooper. I think I would starve before I would eat fruit loops.
I have never seen two churches likt that before. I guess I need to get out more.

Kris said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Jill. I find such interesting things about you and Dad. I love it. So cute to see Dad eating Fruit Loops. My kids think he rocks. :)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

You're such a great story teller Jill! I too love that phrase "choosing to live happily after".

Jill said...

The question for Richard is, HOW did he know where other side by side churches are??

Sue said...

Still chuckling about this one...