Monday, June 8, 2009

My story that does not make me very happy

It started very late Sunday evening. Earlier that day the twins were blessed at church, and we then had lunch together here. But you all know that.

About 11pm right before we went to bed, I decided I needed to have a little bowl of cereal. So I did. Mighty Bites are what they are called. Trader Joes version of Cheerios, I think.

While eating, I suddenly felt something in my mouth that shouldn't have been there. Oh no, my tooth chipped off, or so I thought. Okay, so I'm thinking there goes my day tomorrow. I have to call the dentist first thing in the morning and see if I can get in.

I try to go to sleep but my heart is beating really fast because I so do not like to go to the dentist. And I had many things planned for my Monday, which did not include dental work.

So this morning, I find my purse, pull out my Daytimer that has the dentist's phone number, and every other number of my life, and call the dentist at 8am, as soon as they are open. I was told to come right in, as soon as I could get there. The drive is 30 minutes from my house, so I said I would be there by 9:00.

I hurry, eat, brush my teeth, grab my purse and get in the car.

I listen to music on the way there, reflect back on the twins' blessing, and wonder if my mother was indeed with us yesterday. Plus, my tooth, I keep thinking about my tooth. What all are they going to have to do to me this time?? In other words, I'm distracted.

I find one parking place open, like it had my name on it. I pull in, get out of the car and walk towards the door.

Suddenly I see a woman going ahead of me. She looks normal and all, so I'm thinking...yes, I will hurry and follow her in so we can ride the elevator together being I don't like to get into one of those alone. I walk even faster. Turns out she took the stairs. Oh well, so I get into the elevator anyway and go up to floor 3.

When I get to Dr. Starr's office I'm told they are working me in, so just take a seat and wait. So I open my purse and reach for my Daytimer. I thought I would use the time to go over my appts for the find out where I am suppose to be each day, and with who.

There is no Daytimer. I don't panic thinking I must have forgotten to put it back into my purse after I used it to get Dr. Starr's # this morning at home.

Turns out it was not actually my tooth that chipped, but an old crown. Dr Starr says I need to have it replaced, and they have an opening tomorrow for that. Should be a lovely 2 hours with him.

I make the appt, stop off to get my glasses fixed on the way home, and then a short trip to Target. Come home expecting to find my Daytimer but it is NOWHERE.

I call Dennis at work and ask if he would mind going to my dentist's office and look around for it in the parking lot. He does that, and also checks the elevator, and all the other places I walked by while there. He comes up with nothing.

I open every drawer and cupboard I can think of. I even check all the garbage cans in our home. I check behind every cushion, every flat surface, both bathrooms....nothing. I check my purse and the car and the garage, numerous times. Numerous times.

I wish I had my pedometer on today. It would have clocked mileS, just looking around our house.

I've had this Daytimer for well over a decade. It holds all my addresses and phone numbers from family, friends, and businesses from the past 30 plus years. Also much of my very private important information that would mean nothing to anyone else. But it means tons to me.

Where can it be? My only guess is that it must have fallen out of purse as I got out of the car to hurry into the dentist's office. When I suddenly walked really fast to catch up with that normal looking lady, maybe that is when it fell out.

My only hope is that whoever has it will call me. My phone number is in it, with a plea to contact me if they find it. I always have worried about losing it so I put that little message inside just in case. I think it also says I would give a reward for it's return. I hope it says that.

It is a very unsettling feeling knowing it is out there somewhere.

I found out the names and phone #s of every doctor in that 3 story office building. Surprisingly there were only 4 other doctor's offices, but I called them all. No one claims to have had a Daytimer returned to them.

I know there are much worse things that could have happened to me or my family today. I realize that we live day to day with such tremendous blessings. I realize this. But still, I want and need my Daytimer back. I don't like the thought of someone who is not filled with good thoughts, having my "life on paper" in their hands right now.

So I keep praying for its return. That whoever has it right now, will take it out of their car, or their briefcase where they tossed it this morning, open it up and notice my phone number.

I believe there are far more good people in this world than bad. I just hope one of them has it, and they will get around to calling me soon.


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I am sorry you lost that. I hope it is found or returned to you soon.

Richard said...

I'll bet it is back at the house.

Mary said...

Grrrrr! I know exactly how you feel! Unsettling is the right word for it. Just keep praying for a miracle, and hopefully it will end up in the right hands!

Eileen said...

I'm praying for you to find your Daytimer. I know exactly how you feel, your life is inside that little gadget!
No good thing right now is going to off-set that nagging feeling you have inside about this loss. It's not that you can't acknowledge your Blessings, it's just that you really need this one more Gift right now, and I'm praying that you receive it.

Richard said...

Check between the front passenger seat of your car and the door...that's where I find things that slide off the seat. Your other option is to fly Wendy out there:) She can find anything that is lost.

Grandmotherfairy said...

I am so sorry...there is nothing worse than going to the dentist...except maybe losing your day planner...I am sure someone will call you!!!

Kris said...

Oh, how awful!!! I hate that feeling- it is a very unsettling one. Keep us posted- it's going to be found!

Jill said...

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!

Kris...Just like Jessica's phone, right? I knew it would show up and it did.

Richard...We have found so many things too between the door of the car and the seat. I have looked there several times. Do you have any other ideas?

Enoch said...

Haha- so glad nothing really bad happened, I was worried for a sec! I'm sure it will turn up somewhere.


grandmapeg said...

I'm praying that you get your daytimer back. True, there are much worse things that could have happened but that doesn't take away the importance of it to you. I feel that way about my cell phone. Let's pray that you will have it back very soon.

Lisa said...

In the Ensign once I read about a lady who lost her keys. When she prayed she could see in her minds eye that it had fallen into a hard to reach spot, but it was there when she went to look. It seems so weird ot lose a book in such a short amount of time doesn't it? How strange. I feel like it will turn up.

Rebecca said...

Oh no! I hate it when things like that happen. So much I can relate to your story. I NEED my planner. I think the people at the grocery store know it's mine by the outside of it, I have left it with them many times. Also, I left it at church one time and there it was, right on the lost and found rack. Sheesh! I hope you find it soon. Have you checked under the seats of the car, in the cracks between them? Hopefully someone will call with it. Or it will turn up in your house somewhere.

Richard said...

I'd check the drawers and cupboards in the bath and kitchen. Also the garbage and wherever you keep the tv remote!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Did you look between the couch cushions? That's where I always loose stuff....What about in the pockets of a jacket?

I hope you find it soon!

Jill said...

Yes we tore apart all the couches. And I didn't wear a jacket that day. I know I had it in my hands at 8am when I made that call to the dentist. I also remembering zipping up my purse just as I was stepping into the elevator about 9am. So I figured it must have fallen out of my purse just before that in the parking lot. Yesterday we put up 3 posters in the lobby and elevator of that building. Surely someone must have picked it up, but I can't figure out why they have not called us yet.

It's not like this is a big tragedy, but I would have rather lost my purse or my car than my Daytimer.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I know that feeling and it is very unsettling. I will say a pray that you will come across it soon. With so many people praying for it's safe return to you it just has to show up!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I know that feeling and it is very unsettling. I will say a pray that you will come across it soon. With so many people praying for it's safe return to you it just has to show up!