Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A stranger at the door?

Okay, so last night we were just getting ready for dinner and the door bell rang. I love drop in company, but usually this is not the time of day someone just drops in. So as usual, both Dennis and I go to the door to see who it is. I look outside and see some very unknown creature and tell Den, "Don't open the door. I think it is a salesman. I can see him holding something in his hand." Okay, yes I am paranoid about strangers at my door. So of course Den opens the door anyway, and this is what we saw:
The sun was blinding my eyes. He looked like a space creature at first.

Turns out it was LOGAN!!!

He came by to eat his sandwich on the way to work, and show us his new motor scooter:This is his answer to the gas crisis.
I had told him before that he is 30 times more likely to get in a bad accident riding a motorcycle versus a car. (I learned this from Dr. Laura.) He tells me that motor scooters are safer than motorcycles. I don't know how that would be. But we all know I am no longer in control of his life.

As he was leaving he said, "I know, I know, I'm 30% more likely to get in a bad accident." (not that I had brought that up during this visit)
I hugged him goodbye and he left.
It was after he left that I thought....No, No, not 30%...that would be just 1/3 more likely. Dr. Laura said it is 30 TIMES more likely! I will try to forget that. It's called adult children and survival of their parents.


grandmapeg said...

You're right about one thing...he does look like a space creature in that first picture. We are seeing more and more scooters around the valley here also. I only hope my boys don't decide to do this, although it would be more economical. Good luck with not worrying about him!

The Gage Cage said...

Paul was raised VERY anti motorcycle. I was raised in a family of bikers. I am actually terrified of the danger for my children so I have joined the Gage opinion. I hope he is very careful. I hope I can let go of my authority as a parent when my kids are older. I hope Logan NEVER gets in an accident and the "It won't happen to me." thought proves to be true for him!

Jill said...

I hear you Krista. I was raised very anti motorcycle too. My dad use to say that everyone he knows who has a motorcycle eventually has a bad accident.

logan heasley said...

Im excited about Logan's new motor scooter. I am so happy you posted it in your blog. I know Logan will be careful and watch out for those other people. He looks so awesome on it. I am going to be getting my motorcycle license her soon too! I can't wait to ride it!

David and Jennifer said...

Hi Jill, i'm glad I found your blog. Everyone is getting a scooter these days. My husband wants one but I would rather not, I think it's way to dangerous and it freaks me out too. Although, the other day I did see this women in dress slacks and a dress shirt and high heels riding a scooter. Imagine that high heels I wonder what kind of traction she gets from those. I don't know how you can just let your adult kids go what am I going to do when we get there I like to be in control of everything.

Lisa said...

Good for Logan! If I could SEE, I would get one too!

Anonymous said...

From my experience most motorcycle

From my experience most motorcycle {scooter} accidents are not the fault of the driver. For some unknown reason car drivers either don't see them or ignore them and make a left turn in front of them and the cycle drivers don't have a chance. Also most car accidents involving 2 cars don't involve injuries. However most accidents involving cycles have injuries.
I realize there is a thrill when the wind is blowing thru your hair but is it worth the risk?
From Fuddy Duddy Grampa

kelly said...

This is what Tyler wants to do too because of the gas thing, uggh!