Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Out takes of Christmas 1965

All of us older ones in the family remember this photo.

It was our family Christmas card from 1965.Counter clockwise: Richard holding Scott, John, me holding Heidi, Robin, Peggy

I never remember seeing these out takes, but I found them yesterday. I can see why they didn't make the card.

That wall phone (below) was still there when Dad sold the house last year, right?

When did we finally get rid of that mustard colored chair?
Mom kept duct taping it together.

I'm trying to figure out why John would not smile.


Mary said...

I've done that before--taken many pictures of my kids in various poses and various places in the hope that just one will turn out well enough to use in the Christmas card. Those are great pictures of everyone--smiling John or not!

Rebecca said...

I think we had that same rug.

Eileen said...

Maybe he was like my grandson ~ enough is enough with the picture taking! We can usually get one or two smiles but then he's had it!

I love these pictures, beautiful!!

I think it's like Mary said upthread, that you take many, many pictures hoping for just one where everyone looks decent! Thank goodness today for editing and photoshop!

I enjoyed this, thanks so much for sharing!

grandmapeg said...

Great pictures even though John wasn't smiling. Of course, you weren't smiling in the third picture either, so maybe you wanted to pose like John :-) You are just so lucky and blessed to have all of these family pictures!! I love to see all of these old family pictures to see what you were like as a child. Thanks for sharing!

Nate and Julie said...

He still has a hard time smiling in photos...I don't know what it is.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

These are cute pictures. However, you guys to have this Osmond thing going on. I think Richard looks like Alan Osmond in these pictures. Especially the first one.

Richard said...

I think Richard looks like Donny Osmond in these pictures. Especially the first one.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

You are too funny Richard.

Lisa said...

Definitely 60's and lookin' GOOD! I especially liked how Peggy had her legs crossed all lady like. I don't know why, but seeing you as an older sibling seemed odd to me. I guess I'm used to seeing you with just Dennis. You guys sure are a cute bunch!