Sunday, November 29, 2009

True Love and 7 blocks carrying a desk

I read this very early this morning. I could hardly wait for Den to wake up so I could show him. This is from my daughter-in-law, Karen's blog:

"Saturday, November 28, 2009

Look at what my husband got for me!

That's right, folks. I've been desk-less this whole semester. And while I don't typically do homework at a desk, I have been pretty disorganized this semester. I didn't even know that Tyler was planning on getting me one until last night! He found it on Craig's List for $10--and it's exactly what I've been needing.

When Tyler went to go pick this desk up (this morning) he realized that it wouldn't entirely fit inside our car. . . so he carried it for seven blocks! (What a stud!)

Then he ran back to pick up the car (and the desk drawers).

So, I got to have the fun today of organizing my new space. Check this out. This is my "old technology" drawer and my "most frequently used" drawer.

Note that you can see my old laptop, old iPod, a CD, matches, thumb tacks, rubber bands. . . all old technologies that have somehow been improved on or changed. (Ok, so-- I'm not sure how the tacks and rubber bands fit into the old technology category, but they do fit into this drawer, so there they shall be.)

In the drawer to the right, you can see my writing utensils, my moleskine notebook that keeps me on top of life, chapstick, charging cords. . . things that I will be reaching in my drawer to most frequently use.

It's perfect!!

Soon, we may be adding a little desk lamp to the picture, but until then, I'll keep using the candle that Tyler's Aunt Heidi gave us at our wedding (which smells delicious!!).

Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thank you to my sweet husband for the thoughtful surprise!"

Thanks Karen for letting me share this here.


Dennis said...

What a thoughtful husband and what a wonderful wife to be so appreciative of a used desk. I can just picture Tyler carrying it 7 blocks. He's a good man.


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I was impressed when I read it on Karen's blog and I am impressed here. That was so nice of Tyler. I like what Dennis said too.

Anonymous said...

Well I bought Amy a 3 seat couch 16blocks away then carried it home on my back because it wouldn't fit on my bike. Top that Tyler!


Eileen said...

True love!
This was a very sweet story. And I like Logan trying to one-up Tyler!
I think your daughters-in-law will be in for quite a few treats if competition ensues!

Thanks for sharing this, Jill, it is so endearing.
All the best,

grandmapeg said...

How very sweet and thoughtful of Tyler to do this for Karen. I'm sure she was excited to get this desk!! It looks very organized too. On a side note, I like this new background!

tyler said...

"Hmm...I've got a minute. I should check out Mom's blog..."

This is what I thought to myself moments ago, and I gotta say I was pretty surprised that I not only am featured here but that I also have a whole post on Karen's blog about me, which I didn't know about! Um...thanks, everyone! I don't know why I didn't think to look for a desk earlier.

Logan, uh...I think the first problem was that you thought you could carry it on your bike. I at least was reasonable in thinking the car could fit the desk.

Jill said...

Good come back Tyler. Logan's comment has had me laughing off and on all day. We just got back from Trader Joes and Den and I were laughing about it right there in the aisles.

Jill said...

I'm thankful I have sons who entertain me.

The Gage Cage said...

I think that's my sis in law, Jennifer, in the top pic right next to Amy's mom.

The Gage Cage said...

Sorry that comment was meant for the above post.