Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 in pictures

Thanksgiving gets a little easier every year.
How could it not with all the blessings that keep pouring in?
We arrived at the Campbells (Erin's parents) to Grandpa Dale reading to Elora and her 2 little friends, Hailey and Anna.

Hailey and Elora (not to be confused with 2nd cousin Hailey :)
Obvious they have had some experience with posing.
I brought out my camera and they immediately go into form.

I took the picture below for Tyler's wife Karen so she could see what I learned from her. Good thing I took a picture of how she did this last Thanksgiving.

Cami took Grandma Lynn's phone, walked down the hallway to the mirror so she could watch herself "talking" on it! Too cute!!
Camers loved this older picture of her family. She kept looking and pointing and was so excited. I know she wanted to talk about it.

Camers was happy during dinner.
Can I say that one of the highlights for me was that Cami cried when we left today?!

Elora said she was getting ready to film a movie and was getting the ivy ready. Go figure.
Thank you Lynn and Dale for having us over. The food was outstanding, and the company and love of family, even better!

Then a few hours later we made our way to Logan and Amy's house.

Kylie with Téa, who has learned to army crawl this week.
Go Miss Téa!!
Look what Austin's grandparents made for him! A showcase of his performance in Anything Goes last week. Austin is a natural on stage. We loved watching him!!
Macie told me she was in charge of folding all the napkins

Laurynn made place cards for everyone.
Thank you Laurynn for letting me take your picture.
I know you don't like the camera.

Jonas could not get enough of his first Thanksgiving dinner. He would open his mouth for whatever was put in!
Téa loves her Daddy's head
Bye bye. We love you all!!!
13 years ago I somehow hoped I would be happy again, but I never dreamed I'd be this happy.

Waiting for Thanksgiving pictures from our Utah children...


the Rich girl said...

Jill, the vegetable tray looks beautiful!!

And what great pictures of everyone!

I have to confess though, that Tyler and I both forgot to take any pictures. We were walking up to our front door when I realized that we had totally spaced.

Tyler and I decided that we would have to go back again so we could take pictures to show you around Bob and Cindy's house (which I think you would love).

I am so sorry for forgetting about the pictures!

Sue said...

I hadn't known about the loss of your husband, which you wrote about so powerfully. I'm grateful that your life is happy again. Amazing what the Lord can bring us through, isn't it?

Your kids/grandkids, as usual, are darling. I'm glad that you had such a warm and family-oriented Thanksgiving.


darlene said...

Two Thanksgivings in one day! Yeah!

grandmapeg said...

What a beautiful family you have! Everybody looks like they had a wonderful dinner. Your grandchildren are all so photogenic! What a beautiful time of year this is. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Day! And time really does heal and you do have happy times now!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow, I am impressed that you have your pictures up already. Wish I could have seen you while I was there. Looks like you had a good day.

Eileen said...

Jill, I was so touched by both posts. One complete joy, and the other complete sorrow but yet such constitution and unyielding Faith.
I can not even imagine such a nightmare for myself and my young family.
You have done such a wonderful job raising your boys.
And I love your appreciation and acknowledgment of your support system.
And I also love your appreciation and your acknowledgment of all your Gifts from God.
God Bless you, Jill.
God Bless your Faith.
God Bless your family.
You are such an encouragement and inspiration.
Love and Prayers,

Mary said...

Laurynn should not be shy of the camera: she looks like a gorgeous, professional model!

Grandchildren just make everything brighter, don't they? I haven't experienced it yet, but I've seen it in others' lives and I can't wait! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Things really do have a way of turning around. I'm so glad you are so happy. Your photos are always a joy to see.

Dad and Susan said...

This is a beautiful post Jill. You are a lovely and sharing person and your sweet spirit shows through.

Absolutely LOVED all the pictures. We're so happy you have Dennis and grandchildren and that your life is so full. Love, Dad and Susan

Lynn said...

Jill, we loved having you. And, I might add...Cami was "holding-her- breath crying" for you guys!