4 questions to get your kids to talk

I read somewhere a few months ago, that if we would 
like to know what our children are about
we should regularly ask these questions:

1)  What are you most excited about in life right now?
2)  What are you most worried about?

So I thought I would start with the first question last week 
while Elora was here for a few days. 

She's 12…but she has always had lots to say since she was 2 ….
so I was anxious to try my question out on her. 

Instead of asking her what she was excited about, I upped it one 
and asked, "What are you most passionate about lately?"
She asked back, "Like how do you mean?"

"Well," I said, "what do you think about the most? 

"What do you get most excited about?"

"What are you obsessed with?"
"What do you wish you could do every day?"

"I finally paused, waiting for her answer."
She looked up from her Youtube tutorial 
and gave me her quick one word answer:


Why didn't I see that answer coming?

There were actually two more questions on the list 
if you want to try them with your kids:

3. "Who have you noticed that may need your help?" 

4. "Is there anything that has happened that has made you feel uncomfortable lately?" 

Look what she did for Violet!

Not bad for just a 2 week passion.

Elora has always been a passionate child….like in this video when 
she was 7…she was SO worried about the people in Haiti 

her very last line gets me every time! :)


Karen Mortensen said…
She did a good job. Hope she stays with it.
Grandma Honey said…
I just added a video, Karen….take a look at it okay?
Anonymous said…
I've seen this before and I'm glad you posted it again because it is so darn cute and impressive coming from a 7 year old. But, I always saw Elora as especially articulate and expressive and passionate, and this is the perfect example of that. Thanks! Is she still like this at 12?
Grandma Honey said…
She is more reserved now, but still very articulate. She feels very comfortable being around all ages of people…it's very interesting.
Rebecca said…
So fun that you have this She sounds so little and now she is such a grown up girl!