The weekend we are together but not together

So last Saturday I wanted to see how all my sons and their families were enjoying watching World Wide Conference of our church.

The first ones arrived, came from Idaho....

Juliet and Leo

Tyler, Juliet, Leo

Karen and baby #4

Leo, Juliet and Richie.

I might be wrong, but last time wasn't Leo wearing the skeleton costume Juju has on now? Maybe it's become a conference tradition. 

Then we got this from right here in Clovis....

Elora, Cami, and Violet

Erin explains in a text the very creative way they do things on conference weekend....

Soon we got pictures from Billings, Montana....

Grandma Kelly with Scarlett

Grant looks seriously busy. 
His mind is always working on something.

McKenna and Scarlett

This is what Annie did during conference.

And then pictures from Clovis again....
Chandler had just come home from his mission the day before.

Amy and pregnant Piper.

I SO love soaking up all that conference goodness. 

And we have tons of family conference memories 
through  the years too. 

Like conference 10 years ago.

We would put on videos of Cami between conference sessions 
and she would be SO happy!


grandmapeg said…
How fun to receive these pictures and what they are doing. I really like the idea that Brock and Erin do with with the treats when the girls hear the words!
Anonymous said…
I truly enjoy seeing all these pictures! The children are adorable. And Scarlett is knitting?!?! How cool is that?
(Neat wall units, by the way....not confusing at all: inside joke)