A Violet kind of day

Violet's Grandma Lynn captured this picture without us knowing.
She and I were discussing her upcoming sleepover at my house.

I asked her to please be all packed by 4pm on Friday 
 (5 days from then)
She said "I'm already packed!"

Violet had a main focus this time...
she wanted to get a Christmas gift for her Primary teacher. 

(Den suggested Halloween instead, and she went for that!)

She spent some time choosing a card for her.
The first one she read to me and I said, "oh that's sounds good."
But she said right back, "No, I think it sounds creepy."

So she read another and this one hit the spot in her heart.

She found several things for her teacher, 
but this was my favorite...

"I want to get these little trophies for my teacher 
so she will feel like a winning person!"

Later that night...
About 2 am I lost this in my sleep:

I cannot sleep without this thing.
I need it under my arm. (it protects my shoulder). 

Den even got up to look for it. 
(It may have been my flashlight that woke him up.)
As soon as he stood up from bed, 
we both saw that he had been sleeping on top of it!

Well that was too much excitement for me in the middle of the night so I could NOT go back to sleep. 

So I got up and started doing laundry, and other chores. 

By 6am when Den's alarm went off. 
He had a breakfast date with his grandpa friends.

I was way sleepy by then.
I wanted to go back to bed!

But Violet would be waking up soon. 
I didn't want her feeling alone, but I couldn't stay awake.

So I wrote her a note 
and then looked around for somewhere to put it, 
that she would hopefully see!

It's nice when 7 year olds can read!
She told me later she saw it right away after she woke up.

While I slept she got her Primary teacher's gift bag all decorated....

And her card all written up with lots of love spilling out of it. 
That's our Violet.

She even had time to decorate her own notebook.

Amazing how kids this decade just know how to pose for pictures.
It's NOT like I told her, "Now put that notebook up by your face and smile."

***Just in case you are worried about Violet
if she hadn't seen my note I know she would have come in our bedroom looking for us. 

But that note gave me an hour of sleep.
I was up before Den even got back from breakfast. 

This is how Violet knew she had the right card!


Robin said…
It was a nice post but I was totally distracted by her DARLING hair cut!!!!
Anonymous said…
She looks so much like Elora!
Richard said…
She seems very precocious with a flair for the dramatic...reminds me of Dennis.
Grandma Honey said…
hahaha Dennis, yeah right.