Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is THE day

I am tired, overwhelmed, excited, happy, somewhat crazy, reflective, absent minded at times, and a little bit sad. A little sad only because I know life will never be the same again.

People are saying things to me and I'm not really hearing them.

Tomorrow morning my youngest son is getting married.

I've been telling him what to do today. Tomorrow he will belong to Karen. I could not have chosen anyone sweeter, kinder, smarter, more righteous, and just perfect for him than her.

I will have pictures and highlights as soon as I recover enough to post.

This one was taken last night.
Look who came with them from Provo, of course.
And wait, that's not all.
Den's daughters, Kris and Kim and
our grandgirls, Katie, Jessica and Emily are here!
Pictures to come of Karen's mom Stacy, and her sister Marilyn. They have been with us since Tuesday and already feel like family. Officially they will be family tomorrow!


Rebecca said...

I hope you all have a really wonderful day tomorrow!

Eileen said...

Congratulations! What a happy time for all of you!
And bittersweet for any mother, one of those goodbye/hello moments in life. 'Just like remembering their first steps in life, now he'll be taking THE STEP in life.
'Wishing the happy couple all the best!
I'll be offering good thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

grandmapeg said...

A happy day for sure!!! It's great that Kim and Kris and their girls could come for the wedding. Hopefully everyone is feeling well and ready for the big day. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pictures!

James and Kresta said...

Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly.

kelly said...

Wow! How exciting, and bittersweet. Life goes by much to quickly, I'm afraid of how soon all that will come for my little family. Cute people, the brunettes in the bottom pic are twins right?

Mary said...

I love wedding photos. I can't wait to see Logan and Karen's!

Jennifer said...

This is so exciting and congratulations. I saw your son, I think McKay in the parking lot playing with the kids yesterday at the church when I was driving home from work. I was going to stop and see if you needed help but it looked like you had lots of people there. By the way that is a really cute picture of Tyler and Karen, they look so in love, awww.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of all of you with love, best wishes, and many blessings on this most special day. Wish I could be there. I look forward to seeing the pictures and reading (in detail!) your journal.

Congratulations Tyler and Karen!!