Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Questions from the past

I found some old negatives, so I got them developed recently, wondering what I would come up with. These were all taken in the 1950s and 60s.

I have some questions. Perhaps there are no answers, but I want to ask them anyway.

Why did I not have a shirt on??
We never see little girls without their shirts on now,
but back then I remember running around like this.

Jill, John, Richard

This next one must have been the first day of school. Obviously Peggy was not going with us. So why was she wearing a slip half on her shoulder?

Johnny, Peggy, Robin, Jill
Don't you just love our purses?
Our fun cousins Nonie and Kathy,
probably holding baby Peggy in 1961.
So why is Nonie wearing 2 different shoes?Or maybe you can see it better in the picture below.

So who would give the twins a whole cake on the front lawn?

What is Richard doing? Everyone else looks pretty happy.
Johnny, Richard, Jill, Mom, baby Robin
We had the best Mom!
Why is Scott wearing a dress??
Scott and Heidi

My guess this is Mom's graduation day from college, or her wedding day in 1951, since they both happened the same week. So why is this one in color when all the other 1950s pictures are in black and white??

Mom with her parents, Lella and Earl Slinkard
I have more to show you on another day...


Richard said...

Those are priceless, can't wait to see the rest of them! Please make sure Uncle Don sees that pic of his parents. As I remember the shirt policy, the kid that did his chores got to where the communal shirt that day...Jill was pretty much topless until we moved to Fairmont.

Richard said...

oops, "wear" not "where"

Nate and Julie said...

I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Those were GREAT pics! I honestly think it's called, SURVIVAL. eople just didn't worry about the silly things they do today, you know? I love those photos because it is a reflection of the GOOD OL' DAYS, right? The cake on the lawn is called: "Go ahead-make a mess & enjoy your birthday cake. I'll hose you off when you're done." : Better outside than in.

Rebecca said...

fun pictures. As for no shirt. I too remember running around with no shirt in the summer when I was little. As for the different shoes, maybe this girl had a hurt foot and couldn't wear a regular shoe? She has a flip flop on, which, in those days we called them "thongs", but now you can NOT call shoes that! My kids keep reminding me of that!!

nrozier said...

You are confused as to why you didn't have a shirt on?! Having experienced plenty of Fresno summers I already know the answer to that one.

Btw, in the picture of Scott and Heidi on the front lawn Scott looks like a spitting image of Romy.

grandmapeg said...

Fun pictures of the good old days. I love the black and white pictures! Uh...I hate to tell you this but I don't remember ever going shirtless. Maybe what Richard said about the communal shirt is true :))) I love his sense of humor!! I can hardly wait to see more pictures of you and your family.

darlene said...

There you look like Elora again in that first picture!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love all of these pictures and all of your questions. The question that stands out for me is why most all of the pictures are in black and white and then suddenly the one in color.Can't wait to see the rest.

Jill said...

So Kathy, do you remember why your sister was wearing 2 different shoes?

Anonymous said...

One more question... I have that suit of mom's and it is Navy Blue not red. What's up with the picture?

Jill said...

Must be a different suit you have Robin. Look, it matches Grandpa's tie. I was thinking it was probably the last really nice outfit she had. A year later she started having babies and then it all went to us.

Richard said...

Scott is wearing that dress because it matches his tights.

Dad and Susan said...

Your dad really enjoyed all these pictures. They brought back fond memories. I enjoyed them also, but on a different level. I just like to see all of you the way you once were. As to colored pictures, in the olden days we used to have black and whites "painted" if they were special. Graduation and/or Wedding, both special. Love, Dad and Susan

Travis LeMaster said...

By chance is that a photo of Earl & Lella Lewis (LEMASTERS) SLINKARD?

Lella would be my 1st cousin twice removed, daughter of William Clifford & Lella Edith (LEWIS) LEMASTERS.