Friday, April 24, 2009

Encore of Elora and Hailey

My granddaughter Elora, and her 2nd cousin Hailey are the best of friends. They really do enjoy being together, which is not often enough. So we have to savor the fun times. Here is another one of their dances from last Friday. Notice the rhythm Hailey has right at the beginning, right after they clap the first time. They both really get into it.

Please come back soon Hailey.

Her mom would have loved this.


Dad and Susan said...

It's so fun to watch the girls dance again. As before, one is amazed at their boundless energy. We love these blogs of yours. Love, Dad and Susan

Kris said...

Oh, they are so cute together!!

Lisa said...

Don't you wish you could be little again-just to be totally in thier little world? IWhat a blast to be them! I'm impressed that Grandma Honey has COOL music at her house!

Eileen said...

I couldn't get the video last time I was here, this time it worked! I'm glad I got to see them, they are so cute! And they really seem to be enjoying themselves, and I guess you are getting lots of joy too!