Another Dr. Laura call

While I have said I don't agree with everything Dr. Laura says and does, I do find some of her calls entertaining such as this one on a previous post.

And I do like much of her advice...such as this call:


grandmapeg said…
I am impressed how Dr. Laura sticks up for the LDS Church on this call!! She does give lots of good advice and at times she doesn't, but least she has high values and is not afraid to express them. I like that about her!
Dr. laura was a -5 on a scale of one to ten in my book. After that call she has moved all the way up to a 1.

I love great radio and I love bad radio. Anything in the middle is a waste of my time. I love listening to Dr. Laura because she is very bad radio. Its so bad that its very entertaining.....kinda like watching California Gold with Huell Howser.

Good for Dr. Laura. That mother really needs to educate herself.
Rebecca said…
Yes Dr. Laura! One thing I do say about her, she respects the LDS church!
It's really sad when a person makes judgements about people out of ignorance. I'm not that crazy about Dr. Laura most of the time, because I find her very abrasive, but she hit the nail on the head with this one!
Amy Nielson said…
Thats awesome! Dr. Laura really put that lady in her place. :) Thanks for sharing that.
darlene said…
Chalk another one up for Dr.Laura!
Dad and Susan said…
Good for Dr. Laura on this one. I wonder if the woman will heed her advice. Thanks for sharing this interesting out-take. Love, Dad and Susan
Lisa said…
I've only heard Dr. Laura twice in my life & they're from your blog! WHat an funny call. The mom sounded like her daughter was pregnant, on drugs, etc. when she said she threw out all of the values she was raised with. How funny. There is no shortage of people with warped perspectives in our world. Funny call.
Lisa said…
PS: Gotta LOVE Logan. He's funny too.
Eileen said…
Well, good for Dr. Laura in this instance!
It's really sad how some people are so ignorant though!
Here a woman's daughter finds a nice, upstanding, moral young man and she finds it a problem?? She thinks his Mormon faith is a cult?
Great post!
Richard said…
A preference for Dr. Laura must be generational...I've always like her and usually find her show entertaining and uplifting! I know she received much of her professional training from Dr. Carlfred Broderick at USC, a former LDS Stake President. That may account for some of her favorable treatment of LDS people and beliefs. I've even heard her call Dr. Broderick a mentor. He used to be on The Tonight Show occasionally when Johnny Carson was host back in the day. He died some years ago, but as recently as last year I read an article on marriage where he was quoted extensively.