Thursday, April 23, 2009

McKay, the graduate!

My 3rd son, McKay, with his sistas, Kim and Kris

Oh what I would have given to be there today!

I tried to focus on how grateful I am that McKay got to attend BYU. How grateful I am that he is now a graduate. Still, I have to admit how frustrated and sad I felt that I did not get to be there with him today.

Thankfully, I got to watch it on TV. Not the same by any means, but still, I got to feel the spirit of BYU. The spirit of joy in his graduation. The spirit of joy in being his mother.

Thank you Den, Kim, Kris, Tyler, Karen, Jacob, Robbie, and Rachel for being there today!! Thank you Kim and Kris for all these priceless-to-me pictures!!

I have often asked both McKay and Tyler what they like most about attending BYU. They have told me they love the dress code, the honor code, and prayers in the classrooms.

Some interesting facts about this particular BYU graduating class:

More than 6200 received degrees today.
187 received doctorate degrees.
690 received master degrees.
The rest received bachelor degrees.

This graduating class is 53% male, and 47% female.
Average age of these graduates: 25 years old (McKay's age!)
Today's youngest grad: 17 years old (how can that be??)
Today's oldest grad: 75

54% of the graduates are married

Average grade point average of today's graduates: B+

The college awarding the highest number of graduates:
Family Home & Social Sciences (24% of graduates)
Marriott School of Management (13% of graduates)
College of Humanities (11% of graduates)

The graduates today represent 49 states, and 74 foreign countries.
32% of graduates are from Utah.
13% from California
5% from Washington


grandmapeg said...

Congratulations to McKay!!! Jill, I'm sorry you couldn't be there but it was nice that he had some family there to share this day with him. After the wedding you'll have to have a "graduation" dinner/party for him so you can share in this special occasion!!!

Jill said...

Good idea Peggy. We will do this!!

Lisa said...

WhoooHOO for McKAY!!!! AWESOME! I cannot BELIEVE he's reached this landmark in his life! It seems like yesterday when I met him in the waiting room while we both were awaiting interviews with the Stake President!

What a wonderful moment. i'm sorry too for you that you couldn't attend, but do understand the implications to you.

What incredible photos. McKay looks incredibly HANDSOME & the twins look as lovely as ever! Dennis is the MAN. He's there for everyone & looks just as happy as the celebrated. LOVED your statistical report too. 6200 graduates??? AMAZING that any college holds more than that to begin with! That implies that we are amongst some very focused, self-motivated & wonderful people. I like the oldest graduate age. Maybe that'lll be me someday! Thanks for sharing! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Dad and Susan said...

What a glorious occassion! Way to go McKay! We are thrilled for and impressed with him. Jill, we know how hard it was for you to have to miss this, and we acknowledge your sacrifice. Your positive spin and attitude are exemplary. Love, Dad and Susan

Brock said...

CONGRATULATIONS MCKAY!!!!! What an accomplishment! There is no greater feeling than being done with college... that is until you go back!! We want to party with you when you get here!

Rebecca said...

Way to go Mckay.

Jennifer said...

How exciting congratulations!!! Graduation is so exciting. Your statistics were very interesting as well 25 is the median age, it seems to look as though I'm heading more for that oldest aged graduate. Oh well, as long as it gets done. Congratulations again.

Dennis said...

Those photos were not exactly shots of my good side...or maybe they were.


Kris said...

What a great day! So much excitement was in the air and McKay looked handsome as ever.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Congratulations McKay. I wish I could have seen all of you there. I was there, where were all you guys?

Nate and Julie said...

Congratulations McKay!!!