Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random happenings

Here are some random things going on in our life.
Dad and Susan went to a...what is this?...a 60s dance? Looks more like a 70s dance.
Do they look cool or what?

Cami always wants to go right to Great Grandpa Rozier

Don' t you just love Elora's natural highlights.

I picked up Elora from school today. As the kids go out the door their teacher shows them a word and they have to read it. So I heard one word from each child....net, set, let,
But when Elora came out she had her read, "better", since she is in a reading group by herself :)
What I thought was interesting too is this little boy in the red. He stood by the door until Elora came out and then gave her a big long hug, and then walked away. I asked her who he was and she said, "Oh he stands there every day and gives me a hug." I asked if he hugs anyone else and she said, no. I asked if he hugged her on the playground. She said very matter of fact, "No, just at the end of each day."

Elora loves to play Bingo.
Today she wanted to play it again.
I was tired so as I dozed on the couch, she took charge of both our cards, plus did the spinner.
I sent the game home with her. With any luck, she'll lose it.

When I picked Cami up from school I got to meet her little classmate, Faith.

As I had Cami in the stroller on the way back to the car the sun was shining on her hair and it just glistened with red highlights. They don't show up here like they did in the sun, but I had to take this picture. Gorgeous hair on this sweet little girl.

Elora stopped by one evening just so she could take a bath in my large bathtub.

Macie and Laurynn were eating chocolate chip cookies made by Logan that did not look all the way done. (the cookies, not the girls)

And last but certainly, positively, not least....Karen Mortensen turned 49 today!
She is the sister in law of my sister Robin, and a REAL SWEETHEART.
You can visit her blog at tkdmortensen.blogspot.com

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!!!!!!!!! You deserve the BEST!!!!!
Doesn't she look so pretty?


Anonymous said...

I love this post. And not just because I am in it. I loved all the tings you said and your great sense of humor. I see you have been on my blog and stealing pictures too. Seriously, I do feel very honored to have made your blog.
I love the pictures of your dad and Susan. You know they are one of my favorite people. I do have a very special place in my heart for your dad. And also Cami is another one of my favorite people to. She is awesome. Thanks for doing such a great job on your blog. It gives me something to aim for. Lastly, but not least, you are one of my favorite people too.

Dad and Susan said...

We certainly enjoyed your "random sampling." It was a 60s and 70s dance that we went to. Loved all the pictures of the girls. What fun. Karen looks great for 59! Haha. What is her blog address? Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

Susan, I thought you were my friend??? I guess being 59 wouldn't be so bad if I would look this good. ha ha
My blog address is
Come on by!!!

Lisa said...

Life is full isn't it? All these wonderful tidbits of joy creating something I can't put my brain around, but love anyways. Nice post

Jill said...

LISA...I guess this was a bit much for one post. Sometimes I get on a roll... :)

grandmapeg said...

I love those pictures of Elora and Cami!! They are darling girls! Still waiting to see a video clip or picture of Erin!

nrozier said...

Grandpa and Susan look like they are having so much fun! It looks like they have enough material to start their own blog (hint, hint Susan).

The Gage Cage said...

Busy. Busy. Busy. I can hardly tell how much you love being a grandma. ;-) They are beautiful girls. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that enjoys the detail like the high lites in young hair.

kelly said...

The girls are all so adorable. I love the part about bingo!

Susan said...

Jill, I went to Karen site and tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn't let me. I need help and/or instructions. It didn't like my password or something. Help! I said my daughter-in-law from Alpine, Utah was in the choir for the RS General Broadcast and she said it was the most spiritual experience she had ever had. There were 8 rehersals and each one was better than the last. Is "nrozier" who comments on your site Nicole Rozier? How do I let her know I do have a blog, it's just seldom added to. Thanks, Susan

Anonymous said...

Jill/Susan I fixed my blog so anyone can comment on it. Sorry about that. I am new at this.

Brock said...

I adore this post!! Life is exactly like this, little tidbits of joy, or silliness admist all the mundane.


Anonymous said...

Well put Erin.