Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike, and Keith

Dennis' youngest son, Keith, lives in Houston with his wife, Gioconda. They did not have forced evacuations there so they decided to ride it out. Take a look at back side of his house the night before the storm, with the windows all boarded up.
Then the next morning, what a different story. The eye of the storm hit them about 3am Saturday morning.

Even their meter was pulled out. Guess it doesn't matter this week since they have been without power since Friday night about 10pm. The next morning Keith and Gioconda drove around to look at the neighborhood. He said it looked like a ghost town and a war zone, combined. The gas stations were closed with signs that said the pumps were empty. Basically everything is closed.

My niece Carly who now lives in Panama with her husband and 3 small children, wrote the following on her blog Friday evening:

"Our boat is still there in Clear Lake right off the Galveston Bay, but what about all our friends in the area? Have they all made it out to safety? Will their homes survive? What will happen to that community we called home for 4 years? Please pray for the victims of this hurricane, for their homes and jobs and safety."


Anonymous said...

I am very thankful that Keith and his family survived the beating by Ike. You must have been anxious until hearing from him. The pictures show the seriousness of the wind power...imagine, the power meter pulled from the house, too. Wow! Hopefully, power can be restored soon. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.


Kris said...

What a scary thing a natural disaster can be. I saw a lot of the pictures he took and it really was a horrible storm. I am grateful that he and Giaconda are OK. They are still without power. All the lines went down in their backyard. I hope they can get that restored soon.

Dad and Susan said...

Mother Nature is very powerful, no doubt about it. Amazing photos. What do people do when the power is out? Play Monopoly by candlelight? Do people in neighborhoods get together to share food from their freezers? Do they use their propane barbeques? How does one recover financially from the time off work. I assume with the power out, businesses are out of commission also. So many "inconveniences" that spell financial disaster for so many. We'd be interested in more details. They are in our prayers. Dad and Susan

Jill said...

I would like more details too Susan. Maybe Keith will let us know in a comment? I have been told all my life to be prepared for scenarios such as when it comes right down to do people really cope? I too think of all that spoiling food in the freezers!

Jill said...

What am I thinking? Of course Keith can't comment....he has no power!

grandmapeg said...

Keith and his wife are fortunate that there wasn't more damage but being without power is still serious. They are in my prayers.

Carly and Enoch said...

Wow, I feel like a celebrity or something, being quoted and all.

We evacuated during Rita and Enoch was part of the relief effort for Katrina so I think I have a pretty good idea of the mayhem going on there right now.

Our old neighborhood is right on the water and is one of the areas hit the hardest. We hear that some homes have completely washed away to sea. I will post all about it in a few days when we get more information.


Lisa said...

Leaves you sick inside for those afflicted.