Tuesday, September 23, 2008

With General Conference coming soon

...I thought you might be interested in what Tyler's girlfriend had to say on her blog this week.
I love her writing style.

First, here's a picture of Tyler and Karen, in case you have forgotten what they look like.
(Who are both coming home to us for Thanksgiving!! Yeah!!!)
Sorry, McKay, we will have to wait till Christmas to see you.
And when will we get to be with Kim and Kris again? We miss you :((

Kim, Tyler, Karen, Kris, McKay

Okay, now on to her blog from yesterday:
(And by the way, she gave me permission to share this)

"I really have the best job ever.

But it is SO much work.

But worth it.

Last week, I was working the BYU football game in the Presidential Loge, and had a really fun experience.

Elder L. Tom Perry came up and talked to me!!!

Now, the rule in Catering, is that we cannot talk to the customers. Especially the high profile ones. We are there for service, not to bug the guests. So, often, we get to work with higher profile guests, but we cannot initiate a conversation. If we do, we risk losing our jobs.

Lynne, the assistant manager of Dining Services, assures us that we will be instantly terminated.

BUT... if they come talk to us... no prob~!

So during half-time last week, my friend Ruth and I were serving ice cream to the guests in the loge. And guess who came through the line? President Perry! Ruth served him ice cream, and he moved on to talk to other guests.

But he came back later, and stood next to me. He asked, "How is the ice cream coming along." I smiled, and said something dumb, like.. "It's great! Can I get you another scoop?" He declined my offer, and told me he was on a diet. I laughed. (He had a piece of cobbler with ice cream on top in his hand.) "Whatever for?" I asked. He then proceeded to tell me that every year, before Conference, he has to lose ten lbs. Otherwise, when he sits down, the button on his coat will pop off and his coat will fly open. "And sure enough," he said, "the camera catches it every time!"

To which I laughed very much, and he moved on.

Yesterday, there were four apostles at the BYU game.
1- Elder Worthlin-- he comes to every game, but he just takes his seat and watches the game. He sends whoever is with him to get him food.

2- Elder Nelson-- He was so kind. He got to the game a little early, and came right up to us catering kids. We were all clumped together, and he made small talk about the food that was on the table. I didn't say anything. Instead, I tried to step out of his way...

3- Elder Scott-- He was a fun apostle to get to see. He was so very friendly to everyone. I couldn't help but smile at him as he walked by me. But instead of walking by, he stopped, put his hand on my arm and said, "Keep that beautiful smile." It made me feel so good! He didn't have to stop and say anything, but he did!

4- President Uchtdorf-- He was pretty busy throughout the game. But, he did smile at me! And possibly winked. That made me feel good, too.... And I think his family was with him in the box seats next to the loge. I know that his wife was there. She made sure that the event staff (who couldn't see the game) were updated on the happenings of the game. Every touch down and major happening, she'd peak out the door and update the event staff, and any caterer who happened to be in the hall, as to what was going on.

So, I'm really enjoying my time at Catering... and there are rumors of another potential promotion coming my way. But... with how busy my schedule has been, and will be... I just don't think that it would be a good idea. It is nice that they like me though.

Anyway, cool stories, huh?"


Lisa said...

I love this post! Karen brings us all in with her story and I love that she respects the rules. I'd hire her anyday! Beautiful photo too. Lucky you Jill....all these beautiful people in your life.

Dad and Susan said...

This was so interesting. Thanks for sharing. There are probably hundreds of stories like this one and because of blogging, we get to hear a few of them. She sounds like a super person. Love, Dad and Susan

The Gage Cage said...

How cool! I want a job there too!

Kris said...

These kinds of experiences are so great! Thank you for sharing. You all are going to love Karen when you meet at Thanksgiving. She's a keeper! ;)

darlene said...

I love this picture of your collective kids!