Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Amy's 3rd blood test

Just got that awaited phone call from my daughter in law Amy. She had her 3rd Beta test since the In-vitro. Her HCG level is now 38,577!!! The receptionist told her those numbers are really, really good.

So now we wait for the ultrasound TOMORROW!!
I will be waiting in the parking lot along with Amy's Mom.

Take a look at this. I found it on my friend Amy's website.
I've been saving it, and this feels like the right day to show it.


Ammy said...

That is great! I remember drawing blood on a gal that had in-vitro. Every other day she would come in to have her levels checked and even though I didn't always draw her blood, I had to check and make sure they were in the range they should be at. Just because I had hope for even people I don't know, just like Amy. It is fun to read your blog. Every day I anticipate reading something about Amy. What a blessing!

The Gage Cage said...

What good news! I'll be checking your blog tomorrow for sure!!!

That was a very touching video too. I have some friends that are mothers through adoptions. Adoption is such a beautiful thing!

Jill said...

I so agree that adoption can be a tremendous blessing. I've heard it said that 3 in the morning you don't remember how the baby got here, only that it's YOURS. However, because of Amy's children from her first marriage, Logan and Amy's only option was In-vitro.

grandmapeg said...

Great News for Amy and Logan!! And what a great video and I agree, adoption is great and in our own extended family we have been blessed a few times by this! Thanks for this entry.

Dad and Susan said...

We enjoyed this great news. We'll be awaiting tomorrow's blog to be sure. Is Amy's mom still in town? I thought she was going back to Utah.

Love, Dad and Susan

T said...

I thought the video was touching. I don't cry, but I cried because this is such a heartfelt message and certainly makes me appreciate the wonderful family I have.

darlene said...

A real tear-jerker! Well done.

Mary said...

What a beautiful video. I know those feelings intimately, since I was 35 before I had my first child and I had begun to believe I would never be blessed with children. Now, 18 years later, being a mom to my 3 kids is what gives my life meaning.

We'll keep praying for Amy and Logan! As they already know, it's worth every challenge to bring these babies to our families.

kelly said...

Then you go right home and blog it so we all know too! I'll be checking your blog tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

ooooooooh. I can't wait for tomorrow! What time is the utrasound? You are planning on coming home to blog right away, aren't you? I am excited for tomorrow!

Joan said...

Hello, I am leaving a message because you asked if we read leave a message.

As a mother, that was a very hard video to watch, but a fantastic message... =)

Rancho Cordova, Ca