Sunday, September 21, 2008

Church Today

A thought provoking speaker today. Edd Kennington. He talked about how we don't usually understand God's ways. His ways are not our ways. He said, "We only have a smattering of ideas" but we need to listen to the Spirit and follow the guidance of our Father in Heaven. To "keep listening to the Spirit."

Interestingly when we were all singing the opening song, Hymn #100 "Nearer My God, to Thee," Merrily, our chorister had kept on leading even after the 3 verses were over. People were closing their books, yet the song kept going on as she had us sing verses 4 and 5 at the bottom of the page.

So of course we were scrambling to open our hymn books back up so we could keep singing.

Brother Kennington ended his talk with, "Don't close the book before the song is over." To me, that means don't pass judgment on your trials before they are over.

Made me think back to trials I have had in my life. Some made absolutely NO SENSE at the time. I could see no good coming from them, and they seemed useless. Many years later, yes, I do have a different perspective. I still don't understand them, but at least now, I can grasp some things that I have learned from them. I also came to the conclusion years ago that it's the trials, the very hard times, the ones that go on and on and on, that have actually changed some of my thinking, that have given me perhaps character attributes that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

I also sat there today thinking of a quote I recently heard, and I don't even know who said it:
"I've had a wonderful life. I only wish I had realized it sooner."

The days go by, we actually lose them as they pass. Then the years fly by. Den and I were remarking yesterday on our way to our hotel adventure, as we passed by the high school. I could almost "see" McKay and Tyler walking home from school, or us picking them up after a play practice, even though they graduated from there in 2002 and 2004. Dennis helped me raise those last 2 sons being they were just 13 and 14 when we got married. We both have very fond memories of their high school/teenage years, and I said, "Didn't those years just all fly by like this?" and I snapped my fingers. Poof, they were gone.

That's how life seems to be. We are all here for just a very brief moment in time. We are here to learn, to progress, to become more like our Father in Heaven. I had never heard the analogy until today of "don't close the book till the song is finished". God sees the end from the beginning. We can only see the road we are on at the moment. To me, that's where faith comes in. A fragile concept, to be sure.

After Sacrament meeting was over, I went up to thank Brother Kennington for his talk. I told him how meaningful it was to me. He said I would love the book he just read titled, "The Lord's Way" by Dallin Oaks. I will try to order that tomorrow.

I keep thinking of Brother Kennington's words today, "we only have a smattering of ideas."

On a shelf next to this desk that I am sitting at now, is a framed scripture given to me by a very close friend of mine.
Proverbs 3:5-6
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path."


grandmapeg said...

What a great message! We do have to keep listening to the Spirit in all that we do in order to have our paths directed in the right direction. Thank you for putting so many thought provoking messages on your blog! Also, I didn't get time yesterday to thank you for showing us the pictures of 'blossoming' Amy. They are so cute!

Jennifer said...

Jill your message meant a lot to me. Through this time of trial I have been going through I know to trust the spirit because its the only way that i would know how to go. I feel bad I missed this talk because i was having a rough morning. I did get a blessing at church today and it has really helped me, I know the spirit will help and guide me through this time of trial.

Dad and Susan said...

Thanks Jill for another thought provoking message. You are so good to share your thoughts and feelings. Love, Dad and Susan

kelly said...

Amen! I can't beleive my baby, the one I JUST had is 8 months old. People keep telling me how fast it all goes and I already know, it's just flying by right in front of my face. It is so sad!

Mary said...

"Don't close the book until the song is over . . ." I like that. I will share it with Dana, who has survived the first rush of her trial but is now feeling the second, perhaps hardest part: enduring the waiting. Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

I love that scripture! I need that in my life.

The Gage Cage said...

Thanks for the recap. I also enjoyed the parts of his talk my children let me listen to. You're recap was no less (if not more) inspiring. Thanks Jill. I can always count on you for an uplift!

Lisa said...

One thing about you dearest Jill....YOU make a difference in alot of lives. Your blog has been an inspiration and it's no wonder all of us make it part of our daily lives. I love you, your thoughts, your hands on approach and everything!

By the way....5 miles on a pedometer is dang good! Thanks for plugging into my life! Keep the posts coming!