Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tyler's Self Profile

My youngest son, Tyler, is trying to get into the advertising department at BYU. He has been attending there for coming on 2 years now, but would like to narrow it down. Part of his application, he must include a 1 minute video. And Tyler being the perfectionist that he is, I just noticed that it is exactly 1 minute long. (I'm not sure who the other guy in the video is.)

Oh, and by the way, we cannot wait for Thanksgiving. Tyler is bringing his girlfriend home so we can get to know her. They have been dating since last October, so this will be good.

Take a look at Tyler's exactly 1 minute video:


The Gage Cage said...

WOW! That boy is crazy smart! Great work on the video. It is almost as impressive as the visit to Yosemite video. J/K! I am very impressed!

I'll be looking forward to the adventures you post for Thanksgiving. Any girl that can marry into your family should consider herself BLESSED BIG TIME!

Dad and Susan said...

This is so clever. My granddaughter, Jessica Black, just did a video to get into the same advertising program at BYU. I wonder if they'll ever run into each other. Keep us posted. Love, Dad and Susan

Kim said...

I told you Jill it was awesome! When we saw some of the first drafts of that in Park City, we were all just cracking up -- we thought is was perfect!! Tyler, you are a creative genius bro. Just awesome. :)

And Karen is coming to Cali?? I want to come and play! ;) You'll all have a blast and you are going to just love her.


logan heasley said...

Just to let you know Tyler received the idea, script, and equipment for this video from me. Then I edited it for him too. Its because I love him and want to see him succeed. Thats what being a big brother is all about.


Kris said...

The video is amazing! He's brilliant and I have no doubt in my mind he's going to make it into that program at BYU!

Jill said...

Logan...Yeah right. You are too funny. But the truth is, YOU WOULD do anything for your brothers.