Sunday, September 28, 2008

While I was gone...

I just left him alone for 5 hours.

I went out to dinner with my daughter in law Amy and her mom Karen.
We wanted Erin to go with us but she was working at the temple.
After dinner we all sat together for our annual Relief Society Broadcast at the stake center.

Then I called Dennis and asked if he would like to go grocery shopping with me. He said no, his leg was hurting and he better not go this time. He always goes with me when I ask, so I thought that was a bit odd. Oh well. So I went by myself.

I came home to this:
What did that mean??

Then he showed me his leg:
He accidentally fell in the pool, scraping his leg on the edge as he went in.
His back was sore from working at the grape vineyard earlier that morning...which caused him to lose his balance while fixing something out by the pool...causing him to fall in.

His cell phone was in his pocket at the time, so that is a goner.
Luckily he was able to save his watch by keeping his arm straight up when he fell in.
Must be his cop thinking.

He's just not use to being home without me.

BTW...It took till now for Dennis to give in and let me put this on here.
Good sport, honey.


Lisa said...

Ouch! That looks painful. Hope he's ok! Really nice shot of AmY & Mom. Poor Dennis. Give him our "Well Wishes!"

Anonymous said...

Poor Dennis. I hope he is okay. What do they say? Husbands, don't leave home without them!!!
This reminded me that Robin has a picture of Ashley when she was little after my brother had dressed her. It is pretty funny. Ask her to show it to you.
I love your blog and you too. Keep up the great work.

Dad and Susan said...

Dennis IS a good sport. He has sexy legs too. Love, Susan and Dad

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

Poor Dennis! That looks like a pretty good scrape. I hope your feeling better today.

Jan said...

Ouch. I thought he had cut himself trying to shave his legs. :)

That must have really hurt. Sorry about the phone too.

Mom of 3 Boys said...


You can try to save the cell phone by submerging it in a glass of rubbing alcohol. It will force out any water that is inside and replace it with the alcohol that evaporates at a quick rate. It may take a day or two to finish drying out but it may work. (had a similar experience with a 2 year old and a toilet bowl)

I know it has been a couple of days but it won't hurt to try.

Cynthia (LDSMoms)

Lisa said...

Cynthia's idea reminded me of my sister in law who dropped her cell in the toilet. She put it in a bowl of rice for hours and it worked!

Rebecca said...

OH NO! That's terrible. I feel very sorry for Dennis, but I am also sorry to admit, this made me laugh. Not laugh that he got hurt, but in a good way mostly because he is such a good sport to let you put his hurt leg picture on here!

Kris said...

Wow, Dad. That looks painful. Sorry about your accident. I'm glad that overall, you're OK.

Brock said... could you?

Jill said...

Brock... How could I what? Dennis said it was fine or I never would have. He called me from jury duty today and asked why I already posted something above his story. He said he wanted his day in the sun. :) Of course he was kidding, but he really doesn't care.

R & R Connection said...

Just an FYI, as long as after he fell in the pool he did not turn on the phone, he can put it in a ziploc full of uncooked rice and it should fix it. ReAnna's went through the washing machine and the rice in the ziploc trick worked. Just make sure you separate the battery from the phone before you toss both in the bag of rice.

Kim said...

Ouch Dad! I hope that is all bandaged up and healing. I know Jill will take good care of that!